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Gumiimpex GRP
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Gumiimpex GRP



Description of Gumiimpex - GRP, Croatian company for trading and production of different rubber products.

Description of Gumiimpex - GRP, Croatian company for trading and production of different rubber products.



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Gumiimpex GRP Presentation Transcript

  • 1.
  • 2.
  • 3. History
    1970 Rudolf Kirić established company Gumiimpex
    1990 moving to new location of 25.000 m²
    2000 GAR – Goodyear authorised retreader
    2002 first 100 employees
    2002 new production and office area located in the
    building of approx 12.000 m²
    2004 ISO 9001; ISO 14001
    2004-5 building up tyre recycling plant – GRP on 70.000 m²
    2006 control laboratory established
    2007 new production line for rubber granulate product
    2008 purchasing of new 1600 and 200 tons compression
    2009 continue investments in production equipment
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6. TRADE
    • Tyres
    • 7. oil and grease
     V – belt / transmission
     bearings
    • cars spare parts
    • 8. oil seals
    • 9. filters / water, oil, air
    • 10. pipes
    • 11. polyamid
    • 12. teflon
     rubber moulded products
    • Tyre retreading
    • 13. Rubber granulate
    • 14. SEAL JET
    • 15. GASKET JET
    • 16. rubber coating
    • 17. rollers covering
    • 18. conveyor belts
    • 19. polyurethanes
    • 20. profiles
  • 21. Employees 1970 – 2010
  • 22. More than 4500 diferent technical products:
    Couplings and seals for concrete, PVC and iron pipes for drinking water and waste-water
    Labyrinth sealing for sewage systems
    Shock pads for oil platforms and drilling
    Bumpers, 60 dimensions, 5 different shapes
    Elastic clutch couplings, star-shaped
    Rubber reinforced membranes
    Elastic rubber couplings ("periphlex")
    Rubber vacuum pumps
    Rubber rotors for free-flowing pumps
  • 23. Rubber materials
    EPDM Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber
    CR Chloroprene rubber (polychloroprene)
    BR Butadiene rubber
    NR Natural rubber
    SBR Syrene-butadiene rubber
    NBR Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber
    HNBR Hydrogenated acrylonitrile rubber
    EAM Ethyl-acrylate copolymers and terpolymers
    VMQ Silicone rubber
    FPM Fluororubber
    AU / EU Polyuretan
    IIR Butyl rubber
    AEM Ethylene acrylic
    CSM Clorosulfonated polyethylene
    ECO Polyepichlorohydrin
    ACM Acrylic acid ester copolymer
  • 24. Seal Jet
    More than 150 programmed profiles
    Manufacturing seals from 5 do 440 mm in diameter for all hydraulic and pneumatic systems
    Sealing of pressures from 0 to 700 bar for all chemicals in hydraulics and pneumatics
    Fast production and delivery based on specified profile enable practical use for maintenance of construction machines, transportation equipment, etc
  • 25. Gasket Jet
    • Cutting of different materials whit water beam/pressureup to 3.500 bar
    • 26. Manufacture of 2000x1500 mm surface seals possible in chambers for non-metal seals
    • 27. Metal seals can be manufactured in dimensions up to1000x800 mm
    • 28. Drawings/plans of manufactured seals can be stored in computer memory for repeat production
    • 29. Fast production and delivery
  • Coating rollers
    Transport and driving rollers fordifferent industries
    Roller dimensions up to: 5000 mm length and 720 mm of diameter
    Different rubber materials selected according tocontact materials, temperature, pressure, turning speed, machine characteristic
  • 30. Rubber lining (coating)
    Rubber coating (rubberizing) of various containers (tanks) for aggressive chemicals (acids, alcalinematerials)
    Complete pipelines or their parts
    Valve housings (membrane valves)
    Vibrators for cleaning of metal hammering waste
    Anion-cation exchangers
    Various galvanization tubes, etc.
    In large vulcanization chamber, up to 6 meters maximum length and 3 meters in diameter
    In smallervulcanization chamber, up to 3 meters maximum length and up to 1.5 meters in diameter
  • 31. Conveyor belts
    Conveyor belts and straps for transport materials and products
    Advising, trading, fitting, connecting, servicing
    Mobile expert team for fitting, connecting and servicing in customer workshop
  • 32. Tyre retreading
    Retreading of truck and bus tyres from 17,5” – 22,5” whit cooperation and technology of:
    CERTIFICATE ECE R 109, issued by Ministry of Transport Luxemburg.
    HOMOLOGATION E13-109R-000015 that retreaded tyres are enable to
    use in EU roads.
  • 33. Tyre recycling
    First and onlycompany in Croatia for tyre recycling
    Mechanical granulation of al kind of tyres (solid tyres, agricultural vehicles, buses, etc.)
    Production of rubber granulates, rubber dust, rubber mulch, product from rubber granulate (plates, tiles, stable mats,…)
  • 34. Tyre recycling
  • 35. Trading and distributing
  • 36. Control Laboratory
    Control laboratory for physical and chemical testing of rubber compounds and products.
    Instruments and equipments: Rheometer, Tension meter, Spec. weight balance, Abrasion test, Shore A/D meter, IRHD meter, Hot air chamber, Profile projector
    Equipped in 2006
  • 37. Standards and certification
    ECE R109 – for retreading tyres. Certification September 2002.
    Implementing business operations in
    compliance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards
    Certification November 2004.
  • 38. Thank you for your attention
    Karlo Kučan
    Purchase & export manager
    Tel: + 385 ( 42 ) 404 – 586
    Mobile: + 385 ( 91 ) 360 – 1014
    Fax: + 385 ( 42 ) 404 - 543
    Gumiimpex- GRP, Pavle Miškina 64c, 42000 Varaždin, Croatia
  • 39. Our ideas, aspirations and possibilities keep on developing. New technologies and high market demands encourage us to invest in technology, know-how, and especially the professional development of our employees in the environment which stimulates team work.