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  • 1. At the University of Texas in Austin
  • 2.   One of the classes in high school you have to take to become a nurse is the recommended high school program.  you could also take the Achievement Program instead. High School Classes
  • 3.   The first school for nursing is the University of Texas.  The second school for nursing is Prairie View A&M University Graduate School.  The third best school for nursing is the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Graduate School. The Top Three Schools for Nursing
  • 4.  There are two test to choose from to enter Texas State University. The first choice you have is the Math Aptitude test. The second choice is the Calculus Readiness test. Test Needed for College
  • 5.  Location  This is a picture of the University of Texas. Texas state university is located in Austin Texas.
  • 6.  At least four or maybe more!!! The type of degree you need for nursing takes about 4 years. That’s a reason it takes so long to be a nurse is because College.
  • 7.   The degree you need most is the Master of Science  Before you get that you have to get the Bachelor of Science – and the Bachelor of nursing The Degrees You Need for Nursing
  • 8.  The Classes Needed to be a NurseClasses  Global Health  Communication Health Care  Ethics in Health Care  Pharmacology  Under Graduate Signal Course  N 309  N 310  N 321  PHR 338  UGS 302
  • 9.  The cost to continue your education University of Texas is $11,148. The real cost to get in is $32,160. $ COST $
  • 10.  How Much Money You Will Make Becoming a NurseYEARLY AVERAGE You will make about $46,740 just for being a regular nurse not registered. MONTHLY AVERAGE your monthly paycheck is about $2,921 just for being a regular nurse not registered.