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Introduction to Merit-China

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Brochure 2012

  1. 1. √ MERIT TECHNOLOGIES & EQUIPMENT (HONGKONG) LIMITED CHINA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, MARKET ENTRY, SOURCE & SUPPLY INTRODUCTION YOUR CHINA CONNECTION 迈特环保技术设备(香港) 迈特环保技术设备(香港)有限公司 Business and consumer demand in China is growing constantly and rapidly. Permanent growth offers a great challenge for and many interesting opportunities for European businesses. MERIT helps companies to enter the vast and rapidly growing Chinese market and to build profitable business relations.Market entry We offer practical “hands-on” services to achieve targets relating to all aspects of your China businessStrategic alliances plans. Merit Technologies & Equipment works as consulting,Representative offices researching & negotiating partner and assists in setting up representative offices, organizing technology and patent transfers, establishing jointTechnology & patent transfer ventures and other business transactions. We act as dedicated purchasing agents and organize theJoint ventures sourcing of products from China for worldwide export.Source & Supply In our approach we will assess your demands, the viability for the Chinese market, research and report on market conditions and offer hands on assistance in building a profitable market entry strategyCommunication Our approach is practical and “down to earth”. MERIT has offices in China, with our operationalQuality Control office in Shenzhen, (close to Hong Kong and Guangzhou) and associate offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Established in 2003, Merit Technologies & Equipment is the exponent of a business-to-business market-, sales- and product development company. We assist our clients and execute functions relating to Source & supply, procurement Setting up permanent basis of operation in China Search and find of strategic alliances Development and execution of market entry plans Our mission is: Development of sales, marketing and TO TURN KNOW-HOW distribution strategies IN HOW-TO AND ACTION
  2. 2. √ MERIT TECHNOLOGIES & EQUIPMENT (HONGKONG) LIMITED CHINA BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, MARKET ENTRY, SOURCE & SUPPLYGO THERE MARKET SELECTION All China success stories Selecting and addressing the right market, both start with one simple step: geographically, quantitative and qualitative is a Go there! logical and important step in introducing your Don’t just go to the major product in a 1.4 billion people market. We have cities, but travel and see access to an extensive market intelligence portfolio the country. Get to know and select and propose the most promising markets people and learn about to our customers. If required we can set up test their attitudes, culture and markets and analyze the results before final their ways of doing commitments are Once you get a feel of the country, startthinking about business. If you want to set up your PEOPLEown company: think long term! If you intend to set up your own business, inThe three major issues for success are: whatever form, people are the most valuable assetcommunication, solid agreements and control. Larger and key to the success of your operation.companies have the resources and manpower to Communication; speaking the “same language” iscover these areas. For many smaller companies this vital. We help you set a profile for the type of peopleis a mater of concern, but also the area where Merit you need; recruit and match them with your “homeTechnologies & Equipment is your partner. office staff”. We will inform you about legalities,If you think “you are too small” let’s discuss. Merit remuneration, sales tools required and execute theTechnologies & Equipment works with a cluster actual search, pre select and pre qualify them,program; combining interested companies in their present them to you and if necessary train them onendeavors to enter the Chinese market. The cluster your behalf.will provide management, location, legal, fiscal andfinancial support, while sharing overhead expenses. MERIT RESOURCES Being a Dutch Chinese company weSETTING UP YOUR OWN ENTITY have developed an extensiveSetting up a representative office, joint venture or a network. We can fall back on acomplete company; either for sales, procurement, selection of engineers, lawyers,marketing or production demands extensive and accountants, tax- & HRM consultants. We have acareful preparation. Your own entity brings many history with many factories and are an establishedquestions about permits, legalities, finance, tax, business partner. Guanxi still works in China.profit, management and control. Merit offers provenservices in these areas and helps you in your SOURCE & SUPPLYdecision-making process. We search for the best MERIT is your dedicated source and supply company.locations; local, regional and governmental support; We (independently) source, buy and export industrialpotential partners and companies. We assist with all goods, consumer goods, electronics, technologieslegal, accounting and tax aspects. We engage and equipment on behalf of customers,external, local services for some of these aspects, manufacturers, distributors, purchasing combinationspeople that thoroughly know the finer details of & wholesalers around the world. Our expertise issetting up business in China. found in supplies, products, components, equipment, machinery, materials and parts.HOW TO PLACE YOUR PRODUCT IN THE We supply “ready-made - off the shelf” products;MARKET? custom-made products, engineered & designedProjecting your product in the Chinese market and products and generally speaking execute youranalyzing its viability, feasibility, market unique wishes.features and selling points, pricing and potential inthe selected market is part of the primary research CONTACTwe execute. Often these preliminary surveys are Please feel free to contact us:sponsored by the government.Depending on the type of product this might entail T | +31.314.640965extensive competitive analysis and test markets. It M | +31.618.948861might lead to slight product modifications. We check E | sales@merit-china.comyour product against national and local legislation W | www.merit-china.comand applicable mandatory standards.