Program Asseco New Banking Vision 5 konferencije
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Program Asseco New Banking Vision 5 konferencije



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Program Asseco New Banking Vision 5 konferencije Program Asseco New Banking Vision 5 konferencije Document Transcript

  • Wednesday, 26th of May - Main SessionsStarts Ends Description09:30 10:00 Opening of NBV 5 - welcome speech of ASEE CEO (Piotr Jelenski) Round table with SEE Central Banks Officials and Banking Experts. Roundtable will bring macroeconomic challenges that are now relevant in10:00 11:00 SEE region, such as recent global financial crisis impact, recession and anti recession measures from governments, Central Banks strategy and coping with capital flows while opening and integrating economies.11:00 11:15 Coffee break Next Generation of Core Banking Applications-Experience™ - (Aleksandar Milosevic) Next generation of core processing banking products in the area of11:15 12:00 distribution channels, payment systems and business intelligence for global market. It brings increased capacity for product innovation and efficient support to our clients. Modern branch insight (Nenad Subotic) Banking branch solutions in domain of latest ATM and POS technologies12:00 12:45 designed to help financial institutions become more customer-centric and optimize efficiency and reducing costs to remain competitive.12:45 13:00 Coffee break13:00 13:45 Reserved slot Calculation of capital charges according to Basel II - standardized and advanced methods (Rasa Karapandza)13:45 14:30 The goal of this lecture is to demonstrate some of the advanced methods that satisfy criteria laid out by Basel II accord for credit, operational and market risk.
  • Wednesday, 26th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description Key Issue in online transactions-Authentication (Drazen Pehar, Emir Memic, Igor Grzalja)12:00 12:45 Improvement of the trustworthiness and security of online transactions by leading edge authentication technology for on line transactions. From Call to Contact Processing-Contact Centers in banking industry (Drazen Pehar, Emir Memic, Igor Grzalja)13:00 13:45 Increasing of operational efficiency and ability to integrate multiple sites into a single contact center that delivers consistently high-quality customer service across all banking channels. Validation, back testing and stress testing of Basel II internal models (Milos Bozovic)14:00 14:30 Demonstrations on some of the methods that satisfy guidelines of the second pillar and help banks identify risks that would otherwise be missed.Wednesday, 26th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description E Banking trends (Bojan Platisa)12:00 12:45 Latest branch network models on which E-banking activities can be implemented uniformly and efficiently-banks that never close! Multidimensional General Ledger Advantages (Kostadin Slavkoski) How customer could organize the process of accounting according to13:00 13:45 financial needs? Now, with Multidimensional, booking of GL entries is much easier, different reports by combination of dimensions are extremely simple and efficient. Experience™ - Next Generation Platform ( Aleksandar Milosevic) Is Experience Platform compliant with the “de facto” standards in the14:00 14:30 modeling of banking practices? Is new wave of Microsoft’s technologies sustainable for next 10 years?
  • Thursday, 27th of May – Main SessionsStarts Ends Description Customer Centric Transformation-PBB Bank Belgrade ( PBB Bank team)10:00 10:45 PBB Bank’s path for transformation from conservative banking organizations to modern sales and customer centric bank. Managing banking product lifecycle-Product Studio (Slobodan Amidzic) Product Studio is package of application & service modules that enable11:00 11:45 Product Managers, Business Analysts, and other involved persons to efficiently develop, simulate, implement, launch, and monitor Banking Product Portfolio.11:45 12:00 Coffee break Overview of Levant regional FSI market. (Sami Saliba)12:00 12:45 Insight in Levant FSI market with special focus on challenges in Risk Management and Regulatory compliance. Mobile Banking Challenges (Drazen Pehar, Emir Memic, Igor Grzalja)13:00 13:45 Technical challenges and solutions for interoperability/inter-connectivity in Mobile Banking implementation. Retail eBanking (Bojan Platisa)13:45 14:30 How to get to mass–market banking in which individual customers use “virtual bank”? What is the real need of retail user?
  • Thursday, 27th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description Are Banks REALY ready for the Document Management? (Nenad Maric)12:00 12:45 Key issues related to document intensive business processes in banking, with overview of the technology options available to financial institutions across different areas of document management. Banking Products Pricing Solution, new flexibility! (Zoran Susnjar)13:00 13:45 Possibility to define your banking product pricing from centralized point by any criteria, according to your strategy. Universal Payment Gateway advantages (Bojan Dornik) Management of networks to multi-site operations, enabling fast and highly14:00 14:30 cost-effective card processing with the added benefit of connecting individual sites to each other and head office, allowing further services!Thursday, 27th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description EU SEPA standards with Direct Debit Solution (Zoran Susnjar)12:00 12:45 Direct Debit module implements EU financial institutions SEPA standards independently of installed core banking system.Experience™ Product IT Infrastructure of the future-Future of work (Vladan Atanasijevic, Ivan Zaklanovic)13:00 13:45 We are at the next giant ICT evolution step, various new alliances and unexpected (or expected) acquisitions are just a stepping stone to creation of: IT mega vendors. Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, why and when? (Branislav Popovic)14:00 14:30 Roadmap to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, adjustments and reasons for implementation.
  • Friday, 28th of May – Main SessionsStarts Ends Description10:00 10:45 Microsoft presentation10:45 11:30 IBM presentation11:30 12:00 Oracle presentation12:00 12:30 Closing of NBV 5 ConferenceFriday, 28th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description10:00 10:45 Cisco presentation10:45 11:30 EMC presentation11:30 12:00 NetApp PresentationFriday, 28th of May – Parallel SessionsStarts Ends Description Vasco Data Security:“Fraud Trends and Solutions in Online Banking” -10:00 10:45 Johan Vandenberghe, Manager Technical Account Management EMEA- LATAM10:45 11:30 VMware presentation11:30 12:00 Kofax presentation