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Merit Event - The Business Expansion Imperative - To grow or consolidate – do we have a choice?
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Merit Event - The Business Expansion Imperative - To grow or consolidate – do we have a choice?


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Hear From Professor David Hall – a businessman who’s done it all, sold it all and done it all over again. …

Hear From Professor David Hall – a businessman who’s done it all, sold it all and done it all over again.

David will argue that entrepreneurs don’t have a choice – business expansion is in their blood.

But what are the issues and obstacles to growth – are they real or imaginary?

David will outline his unique 7 step approach for achieving growth based on what the best entrepreneurs actually do and what any business can follow.

Issues abound around people, finance, company structure and the increasing importance of IT in enabling smooth scalable business expansion.

We’ll look at real companies and how they have overcome obstacles to achieve lasting success.

Supplier, customer acquisition and retention issues all need to be addressed. David will focus on companies he has personally helped to address these, and the other ‘pain points’ of business growth.

Infusing our IT and Business Infrastructure
- A Success Story from Oracle

Can modern day companies grow successfully without a solid IT strategy which is integrated into their business strategy?

Hear from an Oracle partner who will argue its becoming increasingly difficult.

He will focus on a real live business example where IT formed the backbone to business expansion.

All areas of a modern business are impacted by IT and the key is to integrate these areas in a seamless way.

How this company did this, the hurdles they faced along the way, the costs, issues and business benefits will all be laid bare.

You will leave this event with the inspiration and a little more know how of how to tackle your own business expansion issues.

Published in: Business, Education

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  • 1.  
  • 2. Chris White – CEO, merit Welcome to today’s event
  • 3. House Keeping
  • 4. Professor David Hall To grow or consolidate – do we have a choice? David Murray – Managing Director of Kirona Successful integration of IT and business strategy Today’s Presenters
  • 5. TO GROW OR CONSOLIDATE - Do we have a choice? David Hall December 2006 In Association with
  • 6. Why Growth?
    • “ Fundamentally the purpose of business is to create wealth. This is achieved by growing the business”
    • Richard Branson, Virgin
  • 7.  
  • 8. Growth Opportunities
    • ’ 95% of all the innovations in products and services world-wide over the last one hundred years have come from firms employing less than 20 people’.
    • Source: New Venture Creation, J A Timmons
  • 9. The Growth Challenge
    • Entrepreneurial Firms achievement culture
      • Informal
      • Trust
      • Intuition
      • Synthesis
      • Ownership
      • Autonomy
      • Risk Taking
      • Breaking the rules
    • Corporate Business power and control culture
      • Order
      • Formality
      • Planning
      • Analysis
      • Systems
      • Bureaucracy
      • Politics
      • Rule Compliance
  • 10. The Seven Step Approach to Successful Business Growth
    • Get the right people on the bus.
    • Develop a compelling vision.
    • Get in shape.
    • Create superior opportunities.
    • Work on the business.
    • Invest in your systems.
    • Enjoy success!
  • 11. 1. Get the right people on the bus
    • Test Questions
    • How often do your key people produce results beyond your expectations?
    • 2. If you had a clean sheet of paper how many of your current teams name’s would be on the team sheet?
  • 12.
    • Headship
    • Management
    • Leadership
  • 13. People: Action
    • Pick the right people.
    • “ Investment in selection beats training 1000 times over”
    • Wyatt Woodsmall, Coach to USA Olympic Team
  • 14. 2. Develop a compelling vision
    • Test Question
    • Does your vision inspire you and your people to produce outstanding results?
  • 15. Vision: Action
    • If you don’t have a vision describe the future of your business in ‘X’ years time as you want it to be.
    • Make sure everyone in your business understands your vision and how they can add value to it.
  • 16. 3. Get in Shape
    • Test Question
    • How do you know you are as lean and mean as possible?
      • Efficient
      • Low cost
      • Productive
  • 17. Shape: Actions
    • Conduct a ‘fixing system slippage’ project.
    • Monitor and control the six key financial indicators.
  • 18.
    • ‘ When I see a thick manual I know I am looking at a slow company that is struggling under excess baggage’
    • Tom Peters
  • 19. 4. Create Superior Opportunities
    • Test Question
    • Do you have any superior opportunities?
      • High growth margin
      • Defensible competitive edge
      • Media and investor interest
      • Very positive future profit potential
  • 20. Opportunities: Action
    • Use the PS/PS process to create superior opportunities.
  • 21. Problem Seeking – Problem Solving
    • Find a lead customer.
    • Appoint a project champion.
    • Select the entrepreneurs within.
    • Create an achievement culture.
    • Go problem seeking.
    • Turn problems into solutions.
    • Sell the solutions to other customers.
  • 22. 5. Work on the business
    • Test Question
    • Do you have an effective process for working on your business?
  • 23. Work: Action
    • Ensure your business team focuses efforts
    • on actions that will deliver your vision.
    • ‘ Working on the business normally produces
    • results six times expectations’.
    • David Hall
  • 24. 6. Investment in your systems
    • Test Question
    • Do your systems and processes provide competitive advantage to your business?
  • 25. Systems: Action
    • Share your business strategy with your IT resource and ask them to help you to use technology to gain and maintain competitive edge.
  • 26. 7. Enjoying success
    • Do you really need me to
    • tell you how to do this….
  • 27. To grow or consolidate – do we have a choice….
  • 28.
    • Good luck in growing
    • your business!