Merit Event - Customer Relationship Management - What are the benefits?

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Microsoft CRM 1.2 was launched earlier this year and is being targeted at small to medium sized businesses (from 25 to 500 users) who have a need to develop more profitable customer …

Microsoft CRM 1.2 was launched earlier this year and is being targeted at small to medium sized businesses (from 25 to 500 users) who have a need to develop more profitable customer relationships.

Microsoft say the product is innovative, easy to use and integrates well with existing software (Office, Outlook and SQL for example).

However, CRM as a business strategy is not always well understood by SME’s who may feel it is more appropriate for larger organisations.

Our event plans to explains the benefits and potential drawbacks of CRM and the features of Microsoft CRM product.

CRM technology – what is required

Microsoft CRM – they key benefits for SMEs

MS CRM – the key components

MS CRM – automated lead gathering

MS CRM – sales force automation

MS CRM – automating customer service

MS CRM – management reporting

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  • 1. Microsoft Business Solutions Customer Relationship Management A presentation to MerIT group June 16 th 2004 Peter Clements - CRMbase
  • 2. Agenda
    • Our event plans to explains the benefits and potential drawbacks of CRM and the features of Microsoft CRM product.
      • An overview of CRM technology
      • Microsoft CRM
        • they key benefits for SMEs
        • the key components
        • automated lead gathering
        • sales force automation
        • automating customer service
        • management reporting
  • 3. CRM – what is it
    • Customer Relationship Management) is an information industry term for methodologies, software, and usually Internet capabilities that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way.
    • ‘ CRM is a discipline that encompasses ‘identifying, attracting and’. retaining the most valuable customer to sustain profitable growth.
  • 4. The customer relationship
    • Target
    • Find
    • Understand
    • Attract
    • Qualify
    • Close
    • Learn from
    • Develop
    Engage Develop Attract
  • 5. What does CRM provide?
    • A single location for holding customer information
    • Structure activities around the customer
    • Provide a better framework for sales processes
    • Provide a better framework for customer service processes
    • A mechanism for better management of marketing activities
  • 6. Key areas of functionality Management reporting Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Customer Service Customers
  • 7. Does it work? Insight Technology Group found from research that the most successful CRM implementations achieved: revenue increases of 42% cost of sales decreased by 35% length of sales reduced by 25% margins were improved by 2% customer satisfaction up by 20%
  • 8. Why does it work?
    • Sales teams are better organised around customers priorities
    • Customer data is more accurate
    • Different functions have common view of customer
    • Leads are better managed
    • Pricing of product and services are managed better
  • 9. Economics of customer retention “ Winning back a lost customer can cost up to 50-100 times as much as keeping a current one satisfied.” Rob Yanker, Partner, McKinsey & Company Understanding your customer is key to retention…..
  • 10. So, what is Microsoft CRM
    • Stack of industry leading technologies
    • Built around a core set of customer data
    • Offering scale, flexibility and integration
    • Accessed through standard interfaces
    • Offering sales force automation, customer service functionality, marketing features and management reporting
  • 11. An objective view
    • “ Organizations can use Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (Microsoft CRM) to improve the performance of Sales and Customer Service Teams and to simplify the management of those teams. Because of its relatively low costs and its integration with Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft CRM will appeal to most mid-market businesses that hope to deploy an inexpensive, user-friendly solution”
            • – Nucleus Research, Inc
  • 12. Microsoft CRM 1.2 packaging Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Sales Customer Service Suite Standard Professional Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Microsoft Business Solutions CRM Customer Service Suite Sales
  • 13. Pricing
    • Per named user – from £300
    • Server module – from £1,000
    • Varies by:
      • Edition – standard or professional
      • Purchase size – 5, 10, 25, 50 …
    • Purchased on-line or through partner
  • 14. Microsoft CRM Logical Architecture Meta Data Entity Mapping Layer Database SQL Server 2000 Object Model Workflow Secure SOAP API Shims ATL Server Win2k /Win XP Active Directory Crystal Reports (Enterprise ) ASP.NET & IIS .NET Framework Win2k/XP IE 6.0 client on Win 98, WinME, Win2k or WinXP Outlook 2000 or XP Win2k or WinXP Database MSDE Metabase MSDE SQL Server Replication Presentation Layer (XML/XSL) Business Logic Object Model Meta Data Entity Mapping Layer Workflow Outlook Client Browser Client Metabase SQL Server 2000 Offline Queue Dispatch Layer Meta Data Query Processor Proxy Layer Business logic Presentation Layer (XML/XSL)
  • 15. Microsoft CRM and .NET Designed for Integration and Enhancement SharePoint Portals 3rd Party Applications Great Plains Navision Axapta Solomon Web Services Business Intelligence Embedded BizTalk Server SQL Server Core CRM Server Sales (includes Marketing) Customer Service Microsoft Outlook Microsoft IE
  • 16.  
  • 17. Key features
    • Intuitive
    • Links well with standard desktop applications
    • Web service
    • Easy to customise
    • Integrates with SQL and Exchange
    • Scales down to one server
  • 18. Demonstration
    • The Internet Explorer interface – easy to navigate
    • The Outlook Explorer interface – mobile access to customer data
    • SFA features and benefits
    • CS features and benefits
    • Marketing automation and benefits
    • Management reporting
  • 19. Internet Explorer client Key modules – one click from home page Related information on side tabs Easy access to activities Company announcements
  • 20. Sales Force Automation
    • Microsoft CRM Sales Standard
      • Lead management
      • Opportunity management
      • Correspondence / mail merge
      • Account & contact management
      • Notes & attachments
      • Activity & task management
      • Search
      • Direct email
      • Territory Management
      • User & business management
      • Calendar
      • Set of reports
      • Customization tools & utilities
    • Microsoft CRM Sales Professional all standard features plus
      • Lead Routing
      • Workflow
      • Sales process management
      • Product catalog
      • Quotes, orders, invoices
      • Quotas
      • Sales literature
      • Competitor tracking
      • ERM Integration
  • 21. Sales process
    • Lead generated
    • Qualified into account or contact
    • Opportunity identified
    • Qualified through quote
    • Order placed
    • Invoice record placed
  • 22. Customer Services automation
    • Microsoft CRM Customer Service Standard
      • Case management
      • Service request
      • Knowledgebase management
      • Direct Email
      • Search
      • Queuing
      • Account & contact management
      • Activity & task management
      • Calendar
      • Notes & Attachments
      • User & Business management
      • Set of reports
      • Customization tools & utilities
    • Microsoft CRM Customer Service Professional
      • Workflow
      • Email management
      • Product catalog
      • Routing
      • Contract management
  • 23. The challenges
    • Focussing on objectives
    • Managing the change
    • Implementing a customer centric strategy
    • Integrating other customer functions
    • Migrating existing data
    • Re-training customer facing staff
  • 24. About us
    • CRMbase is an independent technology consulting company with a high level of knowledge and skills in Microsoft CRM technology. We can help you evaluate, pilot and implement Microsoft CRM. We are cost effective and focus on meeting your objectives.
    • [email_address]
    • 01457 874864 or 0778 783 7593