Merger Law Associates And Frankfurt Listings
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  • 1. Merger Law Associates and Frankfurt Listings<br />Frankfurt Listings: We will assist taking your company public on Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE) in two ways, through a Direct Public Listing (DPL), subject to qualification or through one of the company’s fully qualified listed shells (SPAC) used for quick listings doing a Reverse Merger (RTO) or Share Exchange Agreement (SEA)of your existing company. Either way Frankfurt Listings can have your company public in less than 5 days if need be.<br />Why list on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange<br />Listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange locates your company in one of Europe´s most important financial centers Frankfurt Stock Exchange operates one of the most efficient stock markets in the world. By holding your IPO at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange you can develop into a truly global company and bolster your equity base for long-term projects. You can improve your competitive positioning and your growth strategies more efficiently by a full listing on one of Frankfurt Stock Exchange primary market segments.<br />Benefits of a listing on Frankfurt Stock Exchange<br />•  Access to national and international investors.•  Balanced regulation and high market credibility.•  Saving time and money with a simple and cost- efficient listing process.•  Fastest admission listing process worldwide.•  Predicable time schedule for DPL.•  Great attention especially for high-tech and “green” companies.•  Strong peer groups and internationally established indices e.g. Cleantech, Renewable Energies, High Tech Engineering.<br />Overview of Frankfurt Stock Exchange market segments and transparency levels<br />Variety of market segments and transparency standards<br />The Frankfurt Stock Exchange provides companies with two market segments that consist of different transparency standards. These segments and standards are designed to meet the different capital needs of companies and their investors from around the world. Prime Standard has the highest level of transparency in Europe and is the first choice for companies planning a major and sustainable IPO. General Standard is based on minimum EU-regulation. Entry Standard offers low costs and flexible access.<br />An inclusion in First or Second Quotation Board means even less stringent formal requirements.<br />Main market Prime Standard<br />The Prime Standard is tailored to the needs of companies seeking to attract global investors and to enhance substantial future growth at comparably low cost of capital.<br />Overview of admission requirements for Open Market<br />ProspectusRequiredIssuerMust be capitalized at €500,000 Eruo and have a par value of € 0.10 Euro or have a prospectus filed.Accounting standardsEU-issuers: IAS/IFRSNon-EU issuers: IAS/IFRS or standards equivalent.Reporting history3 years Exemptions possible (e.g. SPACs).Minimum issuing volumeN/AMinimum market capitalization€500,000Initial free floatN/AFree transferability of securitiesRequiredApplicantIssuer together with a bank or a financial services institution. Either the issuer or the bank / financial services institution must be admitted to participate in stock exchange trading on a German securities exchange.<br />Most competitive fees:<br />Frankfurt Stock Exchange offers the most competitive admission and annual listing fees compared with its peers, e.g. NYSE, Euronext, LSE, HKSE (Prime Standard: €3.000 admission fee, €2.500 introduction fee, €10.000 annual listing fee) Open Market is even less.<br />Key factors for a successful DPL:<br />The main tasks to bring a company into shape for going public are as follows:<br />Preparation of a well constructed, attractive equity story, supporting the central statements by reliable data and information.<br />Establishing high quality corporate governance standards underpinned by robust management information and management reporting systems.<br />Composition of the historical financial track record, if necessary conversion to IFRS.<br />Assessment of the existing capital, organizational and tax structure.<br />Implementation of legally compliant processes, to be able to fulfil ongoing reporting requirements and to establish an efficient capital market communication process.<br />Management and employee incentive arrangements.<br />How Frankfurt Listings can support You<br />DPL Project Management<br />DPL Readiness Analysis.<br />Preparing detailed timetable and  milestones.<br />Coordination of all DPL activities.<br />Financial Information<br />Early involvement in the GAAP conversion process.<br />Audit of IFRS / Chinese GAAP financial statements for the past 3 years.<br />Advise on Integration of internal and external reporting processes.<br />Business planning & valuation<br />Analysis of financial and  strategic profile.<br />Assistance in the development of an equity story.<br />Business enterprise valuation based on the business plan and on market data.<br />Legal & Tax<br />Assist in implementation of a tax beneficial group structure.<br />Assistance in conversion to a German AG.<br />Corporate Governance<br />Assist with Implementation of German Corporate Governance Codex.<br />Assist with Implementation of a Risk management system.<br />Assistance in connection with the German enforcement process.<br />Compliance<br />Advise with respect to all publicity Requirements.<br />Assist with implementation of an Investor relations function.<br />Assist with implementation of a Compliance Office and compliance reporting.<br />Timeline for an DPL:<br />With all the proper documents prepared and submitted by us ,we can have you company listed and trading within 3-6 weeks.<br />SPAC’s<br />The company also has listed shells available for immediate sale and quick listing . You can be public in 5 days and trading.<br />