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Merge Controls Home Automation Information

  1. 1. “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” - Leonardo Da Vinci
  2. 2. Merge Controls Limited is a dynamic Home Automation Systems Company based in Hampshire, United Kingdom While our website is under construction please browse these pages to learn more about our services.
  3. 3. At the heart of our systems is intelligence. Using either the distributed intelligence of CBUS or the Vantage Master Controller we are able to achieve a very powerful level of integration between all systems including •Lighting •Heating and Cooling •Audio Visual •Security •CCTV •And many more...
  4. 4. Automation Systems require that all Dimmers and Relays be housed in a technical board, unlike traditional wiring systems where dimmers and switches are placed on walls. A BUS communication cable links all of the system components together to send commands throughout the network and back to the dimmers and relays. This allows us to create many different lighting Scenes which can be controlled from different types of input devices such as Keypads, Touch Panels, i-Phones, Remote Controls and Motion Sensors
  5. 5. Vantage Square Touch CBUS DLT Keypad RTI Remote Controller There are many types and styles of keypads to choose from. The Vantage Square Touch keypad requires custom engraving and has added features like 2nd, 3rd and 4th press to create multifunction buttons. This means that an AUDIO button can switch between CD, Music Server, IPOD, SKY etc. all from one button. The CBUS DLT keypad is sometimes favoured because of it’s aesthetic appeal and the ability to rename a button easily. On both types of keypad buttons can be programmed to control light switching, dimming by Press and Hold or to activate scenes. Scenes can include many different actions and are used to change moods within a room eg: from Dining to Party modes as well as ALL ON and ALL OFF
  6. 6. Touch Panels allow full control over an Automation System and can be 100% customised to reflect one’s personal style or even room decor. In this example my client chose this picture from his Mauritius Holiday as a Home Screen. In addition to controlling Lighting, Music and TV we also use Touch Panels to monitor CCTV camera’s, give feedback as to Climate, Weather, Interface with Windows Media Player to create a cost effective Music Server with album art, as well as Playlist features and more. This Vantage TPT1210 Touch Panel also enables web browsing and email. The following page has screen shots from the same Touch Panel
  7. 7. Windows Media Player Interface Lighting Scenes and Security Weekly / Daily Weather Whole House control over AV Equipment
  8. 8. As with Lighting where control is centralised back to one location, the same principle applies to Audio Visual Systems. This rack was used in a project where we installed 6 zones of AV, all of which had full control over the sources in the system such as; • DVD • CD •Tuner •Sky Boxes •Security Cameras •Free to Air TV •Music Server PC The equipment rack also houses the Multi Room AV controller, High Definition video distribution equipment, Video Matrix, Amplifiers and Security System. At the back of the rack Speaker, Video and CAT 6 cables distribute all of the Audio, Video and HD signals to the AV zones and Home Theatre .
  9. 9. Lighting Scene Examples
  10. 10. Thrill the Senses
  11. 11. Thrill the Senses
  12. 12. Thrill the Senses
  13. 13. Thrill the Senses
  14. 14. Thrill the Senses
  15. 15. Thrill the Senses
  16. 16. Thrill the Senses
  17. 17. Thrill the Senses
  18. 18. Thrill the Senses
  19. 19. Thrill the Senses
  20. 20. Merge Controls now offers Crestron Prodigy as an affordable and uniquely scalable solution! Prodigy™ is a new line of home control products from Crestron, the market leader in home entertainment and automation systems. Prodigy is a simple to install, easy to use, and exceptionally affordable solution that does not require any special wiring. Prodigy Home Automation Solutions include home theater, audio distribution, lighting and climate control. Backed by Crestron quality, expertise and support, Prodigy is inexpensive control without compromise. Crestron is installed in more homes worldwide than any other brand, and brings years of experience and success to this latest line of home technology. Prodigy is a very simple and affordable residential solution, delivering the power, flexibility and reliability of Crestron to more people and more homes than ever before. According to Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing, "Prodigy gives our dealers the opportunity to expand their market to provide home control for every lifestyle and budget. It's the most affordable and reliable home automation solution on the market today." Prodigy is scalable, so the system can easily grow at any time. Start with a simple home theater today; then add whole house audio, lighting and climate control, even remote control from laptops and mobile devices. Control interfaces include touchpanels, handheld controllers, wireless keypads, and remote access via iPhone and laptop.
  21. 21. Thrill the Senses Please call for an appointment to view our Media Room and Automation Showroom in Blashford, Hampshire