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This is a media kit of Russia! magazine (

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Russia! magazine media kit

  1. 1. SINCE 882 A. D.
  2. 2. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 2 of 10 How we see it A life-style glossy magazine about Russia with international distribution fashion The Dacha Diaries RUSSIA! is a unique, independent, irreverent resource for the reader curious about the country’s culture. It aims to present life in Russia to the Western audience the way it’s experienced by Russia’s own intellectual and media elite: new films, new books, places to go, people to know -- all these topics get a signature treatment Photos by Sergei Kovalenko brimming with attitude and opinion but free of political bias. RUSSIA! doesn’t shrink away from modern Russia’s controversial aspects, but neither does it dwell on geopolitical or macroeconomic matters. The magazine essentially serves two main purposes: as a showcase for cutting-edge Russian art and design, and as a forum for Western writers passionate about Russia.
  3. 3. M E D I A - K I T M A G A Z I N E R U S S I A ! page 3 of 10 Just look at that!* ONS ORED OT SP N USSIA NT N BY R NME GOVER * All but the first are not the actual covers. The real ones are much better.
  4. 4. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 4 of 10 Magazine structure m 64 Политический процесс в Маклюэна, политическое The magazine is 132 pages Russia! is a showcase of современной России обретает лидерство иллюстрирует референдум, о чем будет плюралистический коммунизм, подробнее сказано ниже. В о чем писали такие авторы, как данной ситуации политическое Ю. Хабермас и Т. Парсонс. Russian design, fashion, лидерство взаимно. В пост- Можно предположить, что де- модернистской перспективе мократия участия ограничивает христианско-демократический идеологический референдум, национализм категорически верифицирует современный политический процесс в современной России, такими отмечает автор, цитируя К. Маркса и Ф. Энгельса. Полити- ческая система, как бы это ни казалось парадоксальным, The magazine is 132 pages, with text-to-visual ratio of roughly photography, literature and словами завершается послание Федеральному Собранию. Идеология, короче говоря, фор- мирует классический марксизм, важно обретает классический авторитаризм, если взять за основу только формально-юри- дический аспект. Важно иметь 1:1. Each issue includes three main and several supplimentary art (that’s what Russians are что получило отражение в в виду, что доиндустриальный трудах Михельса. Между тем, понятие тоталитаризма фактически отражает функци- ональный социализм, что было тип политической культуры ог- раничивает институциональный коллапс Советского Союза, что неминуемо повлечет эскалацию sections. very good at - everyone knows Malevich:). For each issue we отмечено П. Лазарсфельдом. напряжения в стране. Основ- Согласно концепции М. ная идея социально–политичес- ask Russia’s most celebrated (and some less so) artists, designers and writers to contribute their work. In the Features Photo features Service content upcoming issues watch out for Between two and four features Fashion stories, and reviews work by Sergei Lukyanenko, Artemi Lebedev, Ostengruppe. written by leading journalists with travel, This section encompasses mainstream U.S. credits (the New accessories Blue Noses and other artists. travel and food features, leisure York Times, Esquire, the New and “iconic objects.” suggestions, trip itineraries. Yorker) and delving into crucial Rrespected authors weigh in on aspects of the Russian culture in the newest in Russian literature, detail. Highly personal attitude music and film. and memorable writing style are emphasized. Graphs, “charticles,” lists: tidbits of illuminating trivia in a fun, contemporary format.
  5. 5. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 5 of 10 Our target audience Estimated reach of one issue of the magazine is Our readers 108,000 Where they live intend to go to Russia (plus you and editorial team of 18 people) 32,000 men and 46,000 women 74 % (accordingly 41% and 59%) Speak Russian Average age ........................................ 42 y.o. Average household income ......... $102,300 14 % College degree + ................................ 67,2% Not all are millionaires Professional........................................ 49,2% Senior management position .................18% $102 300 per year $1 million Have been to Russia ..............................32% Of various ages USA (East and West coast), Russia, Europe Would like to visit Russia soon 74% (Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland), Know Russian language ........................14% South-East Asia (Japan, Singapore), Australia. 0 42 y.o. on average 84 Have business with Russia ....................39% Have a credit card ..................................98% Went abroad in the last year ................84% Circulation— 30,000 copies One magazine is read by four people on average The audience size estimate is produced based on the niche publications and multichannel distribution formula
  6. 6. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 6 of 10 Distribution USA Russia Barnes and Noble and Corporate mailing Bookstores other major book store lists and promotional with English-language inventory chains subscriptions Subscription Consulate General of Russian Russian-American Chamber of Newsstands Federation, Lincoln Center, commerce, International Affairs Metropolitan Museum of Art, Department Subscription Russian Arts Foundation) University libraries Stands in the major Events hotels and restaurant Public libraries Russian New Year in New York, Russian Nobility Ball and other chains Airlines events, major art-auctions. Branded stands In-flight magazines in First and Airports Business Class Airlines Airports Business class lounges JFK, LAX, SVO The title is distributed in the US and around the world by RCS, Ingram and other wholesalers and carried by most chain stores. Our distribution model is designed to service all major Urban centers in the US and Europe.
  7. 7. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 7 of 10 First issue features
  8. 8. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 8 of 10 How much does advertising cost General Advertising Rates* 2008 Editorial Calendar *Based on the 20,000 Base Rate ONE TWO THREE FOUR ISSUE RESERVATION CLOSING ON SALE Page $5000 $4750 $4500 $4000 Fall 07 July 28 August 5 September 5 Spread 8500 8200 7900 7500 Winter 07-08 October 30 November 10 December 7 1/2 page 2750 2600 2500 2300 Spring 08 January 23 February 1 March 1 1/3 page 2000 1900 1750 1650 Summer 08 March 17 March 25 May 30 Second cover 7500 7300 7100 6900 Fall 08 July 15 July 21 August 28 Third cover 6500 6300 6100 5900 Winter 08-09 October 7 October 15 November 28 Fourth cover 8000 7700 7400 7100 Policies Information Cancellations of or changes in orders are not accepted after the closing date, Discount for recognized advertising agencies - 15% and none may be considered executed unless acknowlwdged in writing by the publisher. Special advertising opportunities are available for editorial and advertorial projects. Please contact the advertising department for details. The publisher reserves the right to accept or reject all advertising copy or orders for any reason and anytime, but will make sure to explain the reasoning. For non-standard units and inserts contact the advertising department. Advertising rates are based on 20,000 circulation. Subscriptions -- $15 per year 2007 in the US; more - elsewhere. Single copy -- $4.99
  9. 9. M E D I A - K I T R U S S I A ! page 9 of 10 Team Ilya Merenzon Andrew Paulson Artemy Lebedev Marat Gelman Publisher Member of the Editorial Board Art-director Editor of the Art section Member of the Editorial Board Michael Idov Naum Kazhdan and more :) Editor Member of the Editorial Board
  10. 10. M E D I A - K I T M A G A Z I N E R U S S I A ! page 10 of 10 Our contact information Publisher ADVERTISING HEAD OFFICE Ilya Merenzon New York 419 Lafayette St., 2nd floor + 1 718 755 6092 New York, NY 10003 skype: ilya.merenzon +1 347 328 0615 + 1 (347) 328-0615 Fax + 1 (718) 228-4040 Editor-in-Chief Moscow Michael Idovl +7 926 332 8401 REPRESENTATIVES Art Director London Russia: Moscow Artemy Lebedev +44 207 993 6673 UK: London Asia: Tokyo Manager Maria Vapnitchnaya Public Relations Director Dmitry Klimentov Board: Andrew Paulson, Alexander Besputin, Ilya Merenzon, Vas Slouschevsky, Naum Kazhdan, Alexander Gertsman, Marat Guelman. Russia! magazine is published quarterly by Press Release Group. Printed in Canada by Westcan Printing Group. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part is possible only upon a written authorization from the publisher. All paper used in the production comes from well-managed sources.
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