Yucatán Study Abroad 2011


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This slideshow is intended for NC State students only. However, the study abroad is available to any participants, especially those from North Carolina State University's College of Education (NC State), Peace College, and the University of Northern Colorado.

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Yucatán Study Abroad 2011

  1. 1. NC State University’s College of Education Peace College The University of Northern Colorado Presents …
  2. 2. Summer Session II Yucatán Study Abroad 2011!
  3. 3. ►About the Program Taking Courses Abroad!! ► 3 credits - School and Society – ELP 344 ► 3 credits - Mexican Culture and Civilization ED 496 (Special Topics) ►Service-Learning Experience Pictures from http://www.clker.com/clipart-7148.html and http://olivermbarham.com/index.html
  4. 4. Service-Learning Part One Kid’s Camp – Village of Yunku ►English, Computer Literacy, Art, Mesoamerican Prehistory, Recreational Activities ►1-2 hours daily Workshops for village adults ►English, Computer Literacy
  5. 5. “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” … and More!
  6. 6. Getting to interact one-on-one with the children!
  7. 7. Service-Learning Part Two Children’s Book Project ►Trilingual, with pictures  A Day in the Life …  Children’s favorite stories  You will decide … ►Advertisements for book
  8. 8. Service-Learning Brochures promoting women’s crafts
  9. 9. Where? Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas
  10. 10. July 1-July 28, 2011 When?
  11. 11. A Comfortable “Home” in beautiful Merida!...
  12. 12. Another “Home” in a Centuries-Old Hacienda Excursions and Stays – Yucatan Peninsula and Chiapas
  13. 13. What is it like? Just imagine … ►Living in a large contemporary Mexican city … ►Visiting ancient cities guided by experts … ►Exploring jungle settings, coastal reefs … ►Meeting people from a different culture and learning what it is really like to live there … ►Making your own discoveries ….! ► You can be a part of the adventure!
  14. 14. Now … jump into the adventure!
  15. 15. Celestun
  16. 16. Cenote Tour
  17. 17. Enjoying the beach Progreso, Yucatan
  18. 18. Learning about the habits of flamingos Crystal clear “ojo de agua” – ready for swimming! Gliding through the mangrove swamp, as you learn about the ecosystem Enjoying the beach
  19. 19. Exploring ancient cities
  20. 20. Inside the Palace at Palenque
  21. 21. Five story palace at Edzna
  22. 22. Atop Ake – Early Classic Site
  23. 23. Always asking the question, what does it mean? Warrior at Mayapan “Ahau glyph “at Kabah
  24. 24. Exploring sites under excavation – not yet open to the public Sites still hidden deep in the jungle (Kiuic, Yucatan)
  25. 25. Above the next hill, around the corner …. a new adventure (Pyramid of the Magicican, Uxmal, Yucatan)
  26. 26. Pyramid of Kukulkan, Chichen Itza
  27. 27. and come with us …! In front of Temple of the Inscriptions, Palenque, Chiapas
  28. 28. And another …. Exploring the crafts and performances during Merida Domingo!
  29. 29. (Atop cliff overlooking Caribbean, Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico)
  30. 30. Trying a hand at hammock making in Tixkokob!
  31. 31. And, finally, leaving …. but with memories and images to last a lifetime. Cooking tortillas with Doña María, in her cooking hut
  32. 32. Spider monkeys overlooking the trails in Punta Laguna
  33. 33. From past to present …
  34. 34. Children at Punta Laguna Sisters at Yunku
  35. 35. Having adventures with new and old friends Punta Laguna , Palenque
  36. 36. And, finally, a time just to “chill” with your friends (portico of Hacienda Yunku, a private hacienda south of Merida)
  37. 37. Who may apply: Any students, faculty, alumnae, etc. Cost: $4500 (INCLUDES AIRFARE and MEALS). Special need-based and merit scholarships are also available. Ability to speak Spanish is not required. •ELP 344 (School and Society) •EDP 496 (special topics) •Service Learning