Waifs' Messenger - Christmas 2011 Edition


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Waifs' Messenger - Christmas 2011 Edition

  1. 1. e as Is su Waifs’ tm T h e ris MessengerCh of Merc y hoMe for Boys & gir l s C hr is t mas 2011 • Vo lum e 112, Numb er 2 P u b l i sh e d fo r o ve r 10 0 ye a r s I n side: Work I s K e y to Succe s s • K id s M a k e a D i f fe r e nce • D i s co ve r i ng Ch r i st m a s Joy • The Powe r of B eq ue st s • Ru n n i ng to He a l
  2. 2. Kidz Korner ❄  ❅  ❆  ❄  ❅  ❆  ❄  ❅  ❆  ❄  ❅  ❆  ❄  ❅  ❆  ❄  ❅  ❆ Picturing a Merry Christmas Of all the gifts friends like you will be giving this Christmas season, the greatest one of all could be the gift you’ve given to the boys and girls of Mercy Home. With all the kindness, concern and generosity you share with our children throughout the year, you provide for them the basics of food, clothing and shelter, but you also promise them something very special — a Home for the holidays. And just like any family would do, our Mercy Home family finds great delight in the small moments: the holiday meal shared around our family table, the small gifts exchanged between friends, and the laughter, love and togetherness that this most sacred season brings. With these photographs, our family invites you into our Home this Christmas for a special glimpse of the joyous moments your friendship and generosity make possible. 2 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  3. 3. noitcefleR s ttocS rehtaF ’Father Scott’ Reflection sfamily Makeschristmas Memorieslike many, i have fond memories of sadly, for so many of the youngchristmases past. leaning forward men and women of Mercy home,to catch a glimpse of my siblings, all this isn’t too far off from howsitting atop their warmest winter christmas Day was for them. Maybecoats, and lined up in a pew for they would forget completely, orchristmas Mass. crowding in front spend the whole day alone in front ofof a twinkling tree for each year’s the TV, or worse, fearfully avoidingholiday photo as carols streamed the wrath of an abusive parent.through the radio, or bowing ourheads in prayer as we gathered so when the holiday season arrives,around our christmas dinner. and we are prompted to give thanks and reflect on our blessings, i caneach year as this season comes promise you that our Mercy home Contentsaround, i find myself reflecting family always gives thanks for you.on these wonderful moments Job Enhancesof my youth. And what strings your presence in our home and your Education 4–5all my warmest and happiest faithful assistance in our missionholiday memories together is are nothing short of life-saving — Serving thethe presence of family. and life-giving — to our kids. your Community 6–7 compassion, concern and care fori can’t tell you how much it our children offers them the chance Sharing Christmasbreaks my heart to think of the at a second childhood, one that Together 8–9christmases many of our kids had guarantees them safety, opportunitybefore coming to Mercy home. i and a family that truly loves them. Planned Giving’scan tell you that many of themnever involved a loving family. on behalf of our entire Mercy home Impact 10–11 family, thank you for all that you’vecan you even imagine waking up shared throughout the year with our Marathoningon christmas morning and going children. from our family to yours, for Mercy 12–13about your day as if there were have a truly Merry christmas, andnothing as extraordinary as the a blessed and joyful new year! Mercy Home Heroes 14birth of our savior to celebrate? nochristmas Mass, no special dinner Blessings, Double Your Gift 15to gather around a table and givethanks for the year’s blessings, no For an insider’s look aroundcarols, no exchange of gifts, no our Mercy Home, pleasefalling asleep with that little extra joy visit www.mercyhome.org.from the day’s magic and wonder. t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 3
  4. 4. eDucATion Job Experience Key to Success l ike any well-rounded kid, lindsey excels lindsey came to Mercy home just over in more than just academics. After three years ago, before entering 8th grade. securing a summer job at Mercy Beaucoup!, even though she did well in school at lindsey is now continuing to grow in that young age, she knows now that she her role there during the school year. would not have had educational success if Mercy home had not offered her Mercy Beaucoup!, in the heart of chicago’s guidance, support and encouragement in old Town neighborhood, is a resale the classroom — things we are able to give boutique dedicated to supporting the our children because of friends like you. mission of and raising funds for Mercy home, all while providing invaluable “Mercy home helped me with my job training and experience for our education,” lindsey said. “They provided youth. At Mercy home, we believe the me with opportunities that i probably experience young adults gain while wouldn’t experience living with [her holding a job or internship plays a key guardian] or attending a public school.” role in their educational success. While we stress the importance of school “[holding a job] gives our kids a purpose,” to all of our kids, lindsey, like many said liz Mulligan, vice president of the of them, really took advantage of the Academy at Mercy home. “it allows them resources we provide. Through after-school to apply their classroom knowledge to the programs, lindsey has taken many classes real world and see how all the pieces fit at Mercy home that enhance her learning. “School is together, and it gives them motivation to Through volunteer tutors, lindsey has want to do well in all areas of their lives.” been able to find the extra help she needs important to on math homework, for example. And through career resources, lindsey found me because it a job, allowing her to connect everything she’s learned together, to not only grasp the will help me to value of a good education, but to make sure be successful… she gives her best effort in order to succeed. “school is important to me because it will and I know it help me to be successful,” lindsey said. will help me “i’ve always liked school, and i know it will help me learn important life skills.” learn important lindsey graduated from 8th grade at the life skills.” private chicago elementary school where Mercy home placed her. compared to her old school, lindsey said, the students —Lindsey were more studious and focused on school, and the classes were much smaller. The now 16-year-old is almost halfway through her junior year at a premier high school on chicago’s south side. 4 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  5. 5. “I’ll get to that tomorrow…” Writing a will is one of those things that we’d prefer not to deal with. Too many details… too many decisions. But the process doesn’t have to be After learning to excel in school, Lindsey strives to earn one more “A” — at her new job. Lindsey’s overwhelming. At Mercy Home we’ve success both inside the classroom and at Mercy put together a Will Kit that will not only Beaucoup! are only made possible through the help you get started, but also provide the generosity and kindness of good friends like you. tools to guide you along the way.As a sophomore, lindsey began taking honors Already have a will? This kit can be a tremendous helpclasses, and has continued to do so during her as you review your plans.junior year. from honors Algebra 2 Trigonometry,to honors Pre-calculus, lindsey has maintained To request your free Will Kit, complete this couponsteady grades of A’s and B’s. “My favorite or call 1-800-378-8266.subject is math, because there is always a rightanswer,” she explained. “you are able to find And while you’re at it, please consider including a bequestout what you did wrong and make it right.” for the children of Mercy Home. Our legal title is: The Mission of Our Lady of Mercy, Inc.When she’s not in school or studying, lindseycheers on her high school’s varsity squad for Please send me your free Will Kit.the football and basketball teams. lindsey Please have someone contact me.also has big plans for her future — she aspiresto be a veterinarian, possibly getting her I have already included Mercy Homedegree from eastern illinois university. “i in my estate plans.love animals,” she said. “i feel like [animals]should be treated just as well as humans.” Name(s)Without the support of friends like you, Mercyhome would have never been able to fuel Addresslindsey’s zest for her education. Because ofyour generosity, we are able to provide lindsey, City/State/Zipand kids like her, with educational programsthat help them discover their full potential. PhoneWhile she keeps herself busy in many otheractivities, lindsey never loses sight of what Birthdate(s)is most important to her. “school is my mainpriority,” lindsey said. “i am determined to do Mercy Home for Boys & Girls Attn: Dan Pritchard • 1140 West Jackson Blvd.my best, and if i’m not, then i try harder.” Chicago, IL 60607-2906 mercyhome.org • 1.800.378.8266 t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 5
  6. 6. c o M M u n i T y s e rV i c e ‘One Person Doing One e Small Thing’ Makes a Difference ver an energetic, active young girl, Kim is always busy. she takes part in numerous Mercy home activities, including tutoring, art therapy and a running club, and she recently landed a part-time job serving coffee at a local cafe. But no matter how busy she gets, Kim always makes time — together with the girls she lives with at Mercy home — to volunteer and give back to her community. This christmas season, she is particularly excited to spend time helping at a local food bank, packing cans of vegetables, boxes of rice and other necessities to share with needy families for their holiday meals. Many of our kids enjoy volunteering, but for Kim, this act of giving back has a special meaning. “When you’re the one Kim was raised by her elderly grandmother. her mother and father left her early on, and getting the help, it her grandmother was the only parent she ever knew. Kim’s grandmother was unable to work makes all the difference and struggled to feed the growing child. in the world. Those “We probably would have gone hungry,” Kim said, “but there was this group of people from volunteers who helped our church, and they would gather food during christmas and even after, to bring to me and me and my grandma my grandma. And they would even come over and help us cook, or shovel snow for us, all changed my whole life.” for free. Just because they wanted to help.” one day, about two years ago, Kim’s —Kim grandmother fell and broke her hip. she never fully regained her strength after that, and she was moved into a nursing home. it was during this time that one of the church volunteers, a caring woman named Diana, told Kim about Mercy home. After Kim moved to Mercy home, Diana and some of the other volunteers began to visit Kim here or take her to visit her grandmother. it is in appreciation of their kindness that Kim has taken so enthusiastically to helping others. Volunteering is now a passion for Kim. her eyes light up at the chance to take part in volunteer activities throughout the year, and to pay forward the love and generosity that provided such support 6 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  7. 7. Our kids know well how compassion can change the lives of those in need. Following your compassionate and generous example, they are eager to give back to make a difference for others. during her own childhood, whether through walking dogs at a local animal shelter, feeding the homeless or cleaning a neighborhood park. “it’s so amazing to be able to help,” Kim said. “And some people think with volunteering that one person doing one small thing doesn’t really make a difference. But it does. When you’re the one getting the help, it makes all the difference in the world. Those volunteers who helped me and my grandma changed my whole life.” These activities are incredibly meaningful for children like Kim, and they impart lasting lessons in kindness, leadership and compassion. Though so many of our kids’ young lives have been marked by pain and sadness, they have also been lifted up by the kindness of others — people like you who, out of the goodness of your hearts, reach out to those in need and lend a helping hand and a word of encouragement. That compassion is not only a source of comfort for Mercy home’s boys and girls, but of inspiration. for it is through the goodness of friends like you that our children learn the importance of helping others, and it is because of you that they, in turn, are motivated to make a lasting difference in the lives of so many more in need. t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 7
  8. 8. c h r i s T M A s s T o ry Finding Joy in Sharing Kids Have a Merry Christmas — Because of You j ust as it is in any family home, Christmas is a deeply emotional time for the children of Mercy Home. Our kids not only reflect on days past, but they create new memories that they will cherish for years to come, thanks to the compassionate support and unwavering dedication of good friends like you. See, for many of our children, their first Christmas at Mercy Home is often the first happy one in their lives. But for those who lost people they loved, it is instead a second chance at happiness, an opportunity to regain the joy they once had. That was the case for Shaun, who came to Mercy Home just over a year ago. Shaun’s life was never easy, but at least when he was little, it was usually happy. His mother had struggled all her life with mental illness and poverty, but she loved her son deeply and did everything she could to provide for him. “We hardly ever had money, and we were homeless sometimes,” Shaun said. “My mom was so sick she couldn’t work a lot of the time. But she still did stuff with me that didn’t cost money, like going to the park or the library.” Through odd jobs, soup kitchens, and occasional help from neighbors or a nearby church, Shaun and his mother made it through, day by day. Many of our children “Christmas was the hardest for my mom,” Shaun said. “She wanted experience their first joyful so bad to get me presents like other kids had. She would take Christmas in the safe, caring me by the stores when they were all lit up and hold my hand, Mercy Home family thanks to and we would pretend that we could have anything inside.” the support and dedication of our faithful friends. As Christmas neared, Shaun’s mom did everything she could, scrimping and saving to buy him a toy truck or a coat or a board game for the two of them to play together. Though times were hard, Shaun smiles a lot while remembering those early years. But gradually, his mother’s condition worsened. As her health slipped away, she could no longer take care of her young son. Finally, one day when Shaun was 10, he found out that she was going to be hospitalized — and he would be sent to live with distant relatives. “My mom, I knew she was sick, and it was getting really bad, but I loved her,” Shaun said. “And I didn’t want her to go away.” 8 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  9. 9. shaun moved in with an aunt and uncle who had threechildren of their own. his new family spent little time withhim, and his uncle once locked him outside on a winterday for not cleaning his room. he asked to visit his mother,but they never took him to the hospital where she lived.christmas was the hardest for shaun. During theholidays, his guardians paid him little attention, preferringinstead to spend the day with their “real kids.”“christmastime, that was my favorite time with mymom,” shaun said softly. “And that’s why it was so hardwith my aunt and uncle. i didn’t matter to them at all,and with my mom, i was the most important thing toher. And she was the most important thing to me.”one afternoon, shaun’s aunt pulled him aside, and,in hushed tones, gave him news that brought his wholeworld crashing down.“she said my mom died,” shaun said, his gaze falling tothe floor. “The doctors said my mom had a heart attack,and i never even got to see her before it happened.”heartbroken by his mother’s death, shaun nearly gaveup. his grades fell, he argued with his aunt and uncle,and he occasionally ran away. finally, his aunt and uncletold him that he could no longer stay, and that he wouldneed to find somewhere else to live. he was only 13.At a teacher’s advice, shaun found Mercy home. With thesafe and loving home your friendship helps to provide,he settled in quickly, bringing his grades back up andbecoming a favorite among his peers for his sense of humorand kindness. early last year, he took a particular likingto our financial literacy program and began saving hisallowance in a bank account. unlike the other kids, henever spent his money, carefully saving each dime.Then, just before a group shopping trip last christmas, shauntook a sizable portion of his money out of his account. At theend of the day though, his hands were empty. When askedwhere his purchases were, at first shaun would not say a word.Then he smiled, explaining that he had used his moneyto buy presents for the boys he lived with. “When i The faces of our boys and girls burstwas with my mom, sharing presents with each other into smiles as they unwrap theirat christmas was always our favorite thing to do. now presents and feel the loving supportthese boys are my family, so i wanted to have the of Mercy Home’s generous friends.same memories with them that i had with her.” t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 9
  10. 10. P l A n n e D g i V i n g One Hundred Years from Now “One hundred years from now, it won’t matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank, nor what my clothes looked like. But the world may be a little better because I was important in the life of a child.” one hundred years from now. Being a role model, even when the 2111. it’s safe to say that all those role isn’t freely chosen, is an awesome reading this article will be enjoying responsibility. The truth is, adults are their eternal reward by then. But still trying to figure things out as well. the impact of our lives will still be We make plenty of our own mistakes, reverberating across our world. especially with the words we use. But thankfully, our actions always speak The things we do today louder than our words. — the people we touch, the small kindnesses Use Words if we share, the hurtful You Must word that we do not utter — all make a The respect that we show difference. our choices to friend and stranger also become lessons alike sends a huge to others, especially Above all, children message to children. The to the young. They forgiveness we offer to wrestle with dozens need to know that others (and to ourselves, of choices that must as well) sends a huge be made each day. someone believes in message to children. And these lessons, The ability to laugh at once learned, can be them. That vote of ourselves sends a huge repeated generation message to children. The after generation. confidence is a gift faith we express in those we love sends a huge Where You Lead, beyond measure. message to children. I Will Follow Above all, children need We know that youth to know that someone are keen observers. believes in them. That They look to adults for answers. vote of confidence is a gift beyond measure. expressing belief with words children and grandchildren, nieces can be unconvincing. Anyone can tell and nephews, and even the boys a child, “nice job” or “way to go.” But and girls who live down the street when belief shows itself in action, by are all watching us closely. And they consistently standing side by side are taking some of our choices and with children as they struggle to find imitating them. Deep down, they their way (especially when the chips believe that adults have life figured are down), can be life-changing. out. And so they follow our example. 10 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  11. 11. Dan Pritchard is Mercy Home’s director of planned giving. If you have a question about will preparation, a gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust or other types of planned gifts, call Dan at 1-800-378-8266. He’ll be happy to help, and you’ll get a straightforward answer in plain English. you have shown belief in the boys and likely mean making an appointment girls of Mercy home. And they know it. with an attorney. for those who do, it Words have not been necessary to do this. may mean changing that document. your actions have been faithful and loyal, This may be inconvenient. generous and kind. our children know that without you, they would have no hope. But please, consider the impact such a gift would have on Mercy home’s children of Going the Extra Mile tomorrow. you will offer them the greatest of gifts: the gift of allowing them to start At this time of year, our hearts are filled over — the gift of allowing them to be a with the joy of the season. We try our best child again. your sacrifice could be the to let those we love know just how much greatest of all gifts you make this year. we do love them. But let’s face it, times are tough; the economy is a real worry. To help you get started, we are offering Many are reevaluating their gift giving. a free booklet: “Planning your Bequest.” To request your copy, either complete With this in mind, allow me to suggest and return the coupon below or call our an idea if you are thinking about making planned giving office at 1-800-378-8266. a gift to Mercy home this christmas: consider including Mercy Home for The things of this world will pass away. Boys and Girls in your will or trust. What remains, when all is said and done, is the love we have shared with others and Doing so may take some effort. for the belief we have expressed in them. those who don’t have a plan, it will most To learn more, call us at (800) 378-8266   Please send me your free booklet, Planning Your Bequest    Please have someone contact me Name Address City            State       Zip Day Phone          E-mail Mercy Home for Boys & Girls • 1140 W. Jackson Blvd. • Chicago, IL 60607 • mercyhome.org t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 11
  12. 12. T i r e l e s s s u P P o rT e r s Running to Heal — and Help o n a warm summer evening, as Mary Murphy-Smith trained alongside fellow Chicago Marathon hopefuls, fragments of a Bible passage circled in her mind: I have competed well; I have finished the race… the Lord stood by me and gave me strength… and I was rescued from the lion’s mouth. For Murphy-Smith, who ran the marathon in October in support of Mercy Home, these her, and in that instant, two pit bulls lunged at her from either side. One bore its teeth into her right arm, and the other latched onto her left leg. For 20 minutes, Murphy-Smith struggled to keep herself standing, even as the dog at her leg tore away at her calf muscle. When the dogs managed to drag her to the ground, one of them began shredding her winter scarf, unraveling it from around her words, from Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18, were neck. As the other pulled her glove from her self-defining — hand, she found herself and invitational.  thinking, “This is it. This is how I am going to die.” And In January of 2003, I have competed well; everything then went quiet. Murphy-Smith took advantage of the I have finished the race… “I looked up,” she first moments of the Lord stood by me recounted, “and I saw solitude following her my father just sitting father’s death. With and gave me strength… there. All of a sudden her house suddenly I got this tremendous emptied of out-of- and I was rescued from energy, and I felt a force town relatives, and the lion’s mouth. go down my arm. There her children returning was a stick lying on the to the activities that comprised  ground before me, and I was able to pick it up. As everyday life, Murphy-Smith bundled up the dog was coming right for my face, against the winter chill and headed out for I shoved the stick into his mouth.” a run through her local forest preserve. Murphy-Smith remembers feeling the strength Since her 20s, when Murphy-Smith took of two hands pulling her to her feet. Her right to the sport to quit smoking, running had arm slack and badly damaged, she swung the been a life preserver, sustaining her during stick at the dogs with her left arm, backing hard times — life’s ordinary stresses, the her way in between two outgrowing branches pressure of nursing school, and even every of a tree. And as she stepped through the one of her six pregnancies. “Anything could tree, she shook free of the dogs, sliding happen to me,” she said. “But as long as down the slope of the trail into a clearing. I had my run for the day, I was okay.” When she came upon a busy intersection, As she jogged along the forest preserve path she stood at the side of the street, that January morning, she spotted a figure waving for any car to stop to rescue her, at the end of the trail. She hesitated for a but no one so much as slowed down. moment, trying to make out the shape before Exhausted from tremendous blood 12 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  13. 13. loss, she laid herself down along the road’s yellow line withher stick held in the air. finally, two nurses pulled to the sideof the street and called an ambulance to come for her.it wasn’t until the ambulance had arrived, and the policehad set out to capture the dogs, that a second runner — awoman Murphy-smith had been acquainted with — wasfound in critical condition along the trail after havingbeen attacked by the same dogs. she was rushed intothe operating room but did not survive her surgery.following her own operation, Murphy-smithrecalls the first words from her surgeon: “The goodnews is that you’ll be able to run again.”Just eight months after the incident, Murphy-smith waslacing up her running shoes. she walked more than sheran, and spent long hours in the rehabilitation center at thehospital trying to regain her strength as a runner. she battledpost-traumatic stress, was forced into a career change by herinjuries, and grew more fearful of dogs on her daily runs.now, years later, Murphy-smith has found a reasonto return to running in earnest: Mercy home.“i couldn’t believe how wonderful a place Mercy home wasfor these kids who don’t have a home,” she said of her firstvisit to the Boys campus. “Participating in the marathonfor Mercy really pushed me to get back into running.”Just as she was rescued from the lion — or the pit bull’s mouth, as shehas said — Murphy-smith was eager for the opportunity to assist inthe rescue and healing of the young men and women of Mercy home.“What is so neat, is that what got me through my healing wasmy faith, my family and my friends,” said Murphy-smith. “Theysurrounded me; they embraced me. And i’ve thought to myself,Mercy home is a rescue for these young people and they becomefaith-filled members of the family, and they become friends.”When Murphy-smith took to the streets on october 9 for herfifth chicago Marathon, she was a true Mercy home hero,overcoming the greatest of obstacles to deliver healing In Mercy Home, Mary Murphy-Smithand change to kids who were once very much like her found a reason to run again after suffering— wounded and in need of being rescued. an attack by two pit bulls in 2003. t h e W a i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 13
  14. 14. Hero #82, Chicag o Marathon Te am A special thank you to our friends for Mercy Home Heroes has a the Chicago team of over their extraordinary Marathon. Co 70 runners w ming from al ho recently ra efforts on behalf to 58 years o l walk s of life, n 26.2 miles ld — and they these runner during of the children of in support of traveled from s ranged from Mercy Home the city, subu 19 Mercy Home. . For 18 week rbs and nine training, and s, they dedicat dif ferent stat they pledged ed themselve es own expectat to raise $1,0 0 s to rigorous ions. Collectiv 0 each, thoug ely, this comm h many exce itted group ra eded even th During their ised a total o eir training, they f $ 50,0 0 0 ! gathered at M became a tea ercy Home fo m in the true r Fun Runs, so st sense of th For more information dinner before cializing and e word. They their big day. even a delicio on how to become a Home at mile And when ra us pasta s 14 and 16, a ce day arrive Mercy Home Hero, crowd of thei d, and they ra drum line, ha r family and n by Mercy d a special se friends, energ please contact team celebra ction from w ized by a ted its hard-e hich to cheer Amber Cerveny at arned victory them on. Aft Thank you to with friends erward, the (312) 738-7567 or each and eve and family in ry runner wh Charity Villag ambcer@mercyhome.org. o went the e e. xtra mile for our kids!★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★  ★ Our Friends Remembered We wish to acknowledge special friends and benefactors who have remembered Mercy home for Boys & girls in their estate plans and have gone to their eternal rest. Please remember them in your prayers. † rose e. Adam, inverness, il † genevieve hilgen, † James f. Maloney, chehalis, WA † Karleen Arnsmeyer, hermann, Mo Arlington heights, il † Barbara Moyers, rockville, MD † Agnes lucille Ashton, everett, WA † Marguerite Jaquez, † evelyn naumeic, chicago, il † charles Aylstock, cincinnati, oh farmington, nM † genevieve T. o’connor, † raymond Becker, Attica,ny † Marie V. Kaiser, Michigan city, in Watchung, nJ † William Brandt, fairfax, VA † Michael and rose M. † Mary odehnal, Berwyn, il † Pasquale campana, Kearney, Batavia, il † Margaret olscese, fairlawn, nJ Williamsport, PA † Mildred Keller, lancaster, oh † John Pavcak, Whiting, in † shirley coderre, Weatogue, cT † florence King, † Dorothy Plepel, naperville, il † gregory corigliano, Brooklyn, ny strawberry Point, iA † henry f. solper, Bottineau, nD † catherine elevicz, Burbank, il † lorraine B. Kloidt, columbia, PA † Donald l. stuesse, union, Mo † Beverly fiorella, highlands † catherine A. Koness, † Dorothy f. sward, green Bay, Wi ranch, co Punta gorda, fl † Anita c. Thibeau, franconia, VA † Mildred gierlacki, norridge, il † emily Kopley, new Bern, nc † William c. Tillman, Walton, Ky † eugene hargraves, laPalma, cA † lottie Kubiak, Merrillville, in † Washington Watley, sr., † Joseph harmata, harrisburg, VA † ronald J. lue, Albany, ny Wichita falls, TX if you wish to include Mercy home for Boys & girls in your estate plans, our legal name is: The Mission of Our Lady of Mercy, Inc. 14 C h r i s t m a s 2 011
  15. 15. Make Christmas twice as bright for Mercy Home’s kids! Did you know that your company could double — or even triple — your gifts to Mercy Home’s boys and girls this holiday season, and throughout the year? Thousands of companies nationwide have corporate matching gift programs that match or exceed gifts their employees make to Mercy home. some even match gifts made by retirees, employees’ spouses or board members. There is no cost to you — all it takes is filling out a short form from your employer’s human resources Department and sending it to Mercy home. We’ll do the rest! for more information on employee matching gift programs, as well as a growing list of companies that match gifts to Mercy home, visit mercyhome.org/matchinggifts or call sarah Wilkins at (312) 738-7585. mercyhome.org/matchinggiftsBEANO revisited by Margaret Ahern first published in the December 1951 edition of The Waifs’ Messenger. t h e Wa i f s ’ m e s s e n g e r 15
  16. 16. Become a Guardian Angel to a ChildAdam’s young life was nothing short of anightmare. When he was just a baby, hismother was diagnosed with schizophrenia butrefused to treat her illness.By the time Adam found his way to Mercy Home,he had suffered years of violence, loneliness andfear at the hands of his own mother. But throughthe kindness and generous support of Mercy Home’sGuardian Angels, Adam was able to work toward apath to healing.Every day, Guardian Angels make a very real, directimpact on the youth of Mercy Home. Through a committedgiving schedule, these dedicated friends pledge to support theprograms that help our children turn their lives around.There’s no obligation to join the ranks of our Guardian Angels,and any gift amount—large or small—will be most gratefullywelcomed by our kids. Just knowing that you have committed yoursupport and prayers to our mission will be a wonderful blessing.Please consider becoming a Guardian Angel to our children today.Your pledge has the power to save lives. “Sometimes my mom would get so angry she would Call take everything away from me—my blankets, 877-Mercy55 my jacket, even my shoes—and kick me out (877-637-2955) of the house. Even when it was the middle to join of winter. She just didn’t care.” today! —Adam, 12 years oldFather Scott, I would like to be a Guardian Angel to the kids of Mercy Home!I will do my best to share a regular gift of: $___________ Monthly  Quarterly  I’m enclosing my first Guardian Angel gift of: $___________Name __________________________________________________________________Address ________________________________________________________________City ___________________________ State _____________________ Zip __________Please mail your gift to: Mercy Home for Boys & Girls • 1140 West Jackson Blvd. • Chicago, IL 60607