A Trip To Remember Lauren & Kaila


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A Trip To Remember Lauren & Kaila

  1. 1. A Trip to Remember By Lauren Gilmore and Kaila Manca
  2. 2. Los Angeles, California Our first stop on our trip across America was one of the most famous cities in the world: Los Angeles. Here we visited the Hollywood sign, hung out in Laguna Beach, and hit the red carpet with our hubbies, Brad and Orlando. Spent: $1,094.26
  3. 3. Salt Lake City, Utah In Salt Lake City, we decided to head to the olympics and compete. Surprise surprise! We won! Who would have thought? When we were done, we met Ryan Sheckler and Michael Phelps, who were there for the celebration. Ryan invited us to be on his show: Life of Ryan, as guest stars. How could we refuse? Spent:$ 631.86
  4. 4. Stars Hollow, Connecticut On our way across the country, we decided to make a stop at Stars Hollow, the hometown of Rory and Lorelai from Gilmore Girls. Lauren and Jess really hit it off, and Kaila and Dean too. We didn’t want to leave, but we had to continue on our journey across America. Spent: $1, 147.54
  5. 5. Washington D.C After hanging out with the cast of Gilmore Girls, we headed out to Washington D.C. There we decided to get a personal tour of the White House. Our tour didn’t last long, instead we got a tour of the Department of Homeland Security. Both were equally exciting! Spent: $1,162. 87
  6. 6. Orlando, Florida For our final stop on our road trip, we headed to Orlando, Florida. First we went to Sea World, and grabbed a ride on twin dolphins. We were the hit of the show! Afterward, we went to Walt Disney World, and had a blast on the rides. We stayed for fireworks, then decided to play dress up at the disney store. Kaila was Minnie, and Lauren was Daisy. The resemblance to the actual characters was amazing. Decked out in our costumes, we took pictures with our famous counterparts, before heading home. Spent: $1,962. 78
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