Incentive, Rebate
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Save time and money with the end-to-end program that delivers a robust solution
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Incentive, Rebate and Reward Cards
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Fd Incentive rebate rewards


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Fd Incentive rebate rewards

  1. 1. Incentive, Rebate and Reward Cards Save time and money with the end-to-end program that delivers a robust solution today and paves the way for future growth. The Challenge First Data’s Incentive, Rebate and Reward Cards offer a broad range of payment solutions. All come backed by Incentive, rebate and reward payments play an our leadership in the prepaid field and with exclusive important role in the business plans of many employers access to our pipeline of technological innovation. and businesses. They can help drive consumer behavior, encourage employees to reach sales goals and build Help Your Business customer relationships. However, managing these payments can be a cumbersome process, especially if  Lower costs payments are handled by check or cash. Additionally,  Simplify processes many businesses want a greater level of administrative  Reinforce your brand control than their current program provides.  Strengthen customer relationships  Access the latest prepaid solutions The Solution Help Your Customers With First Data’s Incentive, Rebate and Reward Cards, you receive an end-to-end program that’s cost-  Get fast, paperless payments as needed efficient and easy to manage. Four open loop prepaid  Redeem your card at millions of locations nationwide card types make up the product suite: Rebate Cards,  Receive the personal touch with card design and Consumer Incentive Cards, Corporate Incentive messaging options Cards and Corporate Recurring Payment Cards.  Manage their card payments in a secure online With First Data, you can take care of your entire card environment program through a single source—from ordering and funding to card production and customer service. Our online Card Management System keeps everything simple, placing online ordering, funding and reporting tools right at your fingertips. Flexible card design options let you choose your level of customization whether you select our standard template or create a completely personalized card and carrier. You can order, fund and distribute cards as you need them. Cards can be shipped to you in bulk or delivered to individual recipients.
  2. 2. Incentive, Rebate and Reward Cards Rebate Cards Overall Program Features The easy—and customizable—alternative to checks Ordering Options and cash for rebate and reward fulfillment. Ideal for:  Online ordering that’s fast, easy and secure  Third-party rebate providers  Offline ordering through account manager  Consumer product manufacturers Card Features  Any business that issues a high volume of paper  Choice of standard, personalized or fully customized rebate checks card designs Consumer Incentive Cards  Redeemable at millions of locations nationwide Makes it easy for companies to encourage customer  100% biodegradable PVC loyalty and drive consumer behavior. Ideal for: Program Management  Merchants and organizations of all sizes  Secure online Card Management System (CMS) for Corporate Incentive Cards online ordering, file uploads and downloads, order The plug-and-play solution for employers that need searches, card funding and bulk-order activations to manage spot employee rewards and recognition.  Marketing consultation services Ideal for: Reporting Suite  Employers of all sizes  Single sign-on access and data access control Corporate Recurring Payment Cards  Easily keep track of card program and funding data The reloadable card for target-based merit programs.  Monitor cardholder participation Ideal for: Service and Support  Employers with a large or outside sales force  24/7 online cardholder support  Recurring payments to non-employees  Interactive Voice Response (IVR) cardholder  Expense reimbursement providers phone support  Per diem travel payments  Lost/stolen card support with live customer agents  Referral commissions A Global Leader in Electronic Commerce First Data powers the global economy by making it easy, fast and secure for people and businesses around the world to buy goods and services using virtually any form of payment. Serving millions of merchant locations and For more information, contact your thousands of card issuers, we have the expertise and First Data Sales Representative insight to help you accelerate your business. Put our or visit intelligence to work for you. 255-245 © 2009 First Data Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners.