Producer of Interactive Chessboard Is Looking for Investors on Merar


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The idea of this investment project is to build electronic chessboard with real figures and programmed support. ROI and payback expectations are listed in the proposal and the attached business presentation.

In order to get financing we are searching for investors on the Merar website

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Producer of Interactive Chessboard Is Looking for Investors on Merar

  1. 1. Business presentation developed forMerar Investment NetworkVisit us on
  2. 2. Introduction Chess playing helps developping analytical thinking and also :  assiduity  attention  independance  creativity
  3. 3. Relevance In the last years, children and teenagers almost lost interest in chess. This could have a negative effect on society as chess enables children to developp logical and analytical thinking.
  4. 4.  Electronic chessboards Chess computers
  5. 5. Market more than 150 millions of chess fans worldwide The internet portal has more than 1000000 users > 10 millions people playing chess in online clubs all around the world, more than 500000 of them are in Russia > 50000 chess clubs in Europe and North America Alone in the United States 2 millions of chess kits are sold yearly
  6. 6. Problems Electronic chessboards- not mobile (attached to computer) - need separate chess clock - expensive Chess computers - has unchangeable difficulty level - not suitable for games in internet - expensive
  7. 7. Product description« E-CHESS » is a wireless electronic chessboard with real figuresBluetooth technology enables connection and information exchange with mobile phones computers laptopsEnables chess games with alive opponent computer internet opponentExecutes savings and analyses of matches, controls time of match
  8. 8. «E-CHESS» Outside appearance
  9. 9. «E-CHESS» Outside appearance 2
  10. 10. «E-CHESS» Outside appearance 3
  11. 11. «E-CHESS» Outside appearance 4
  12. 12. «E-CHESS» Outside appearance 5
  13. 13. Advantages of «E-CHESS» over similarproducts Totally wireless chessboard does not need electricity Case highlighting Used to show opponents moves and also for learning Separate chess clock not needed anymore as it is in-built into system Original design by means of new modern meterials
  14. 14. Business modelProfit made through selling - of electronic chessboards - of softwares containing  programms to analyse matches  library of grandmasters matches  library of chess exercisesAnd also through organisation of semi-professional andamateur tournaments
  15. 15. Advertising campaign internet advertising mass media advertising organisation of tournaments social projects (organisation of tournaments in orphanages, chess classes in schools etc.) Aleksadra Kosteniuk — Russian chess player , grandmaster (2004), 12th Womans World Chess Champion
  16. 16. RealisationIn Russian Federation Dealer network Official shop in St. Petersburg State order from the Ministery of EducationWorldwide Internet shop In the future possible development of distribution networks
  17. 17. Cash flow Денежный поток и накопленный денежный поток 3 500 000 3 000 000 2 500 000 2 000 000 1 500 000$ 1 000 000 500 000 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 -500 000 денежный поток проекта денежный поток проекта накопленным итогом
  18. 18. Financial planKey financial indicators of the project:Return on investment (10 years) RI – 16,10Internal rate of return IRR – 79 %Simple payback period of investment costs – 3 yearsTotal amount of investment expenses – $200 000 USDThe high rate of return obtained under conservative estimations allows to speak about the solidity of the project.
  19. 19. Team CEO Visualiser, manager Candidate for a Masters degree at the Faculty of Physics of St Petersburg State University Research project manager of Research and Development Center «TATA» Engineers
  20. 20. Partners Research and Development Center “TATA”  Bayer Material Science
  21. 21. Current state Russian patent for utility model obtained Design is developpedCurrent stage Development of an experimental model Obtainment of international patents Necessary investments - 1 million of roubles