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A unique investment opportunity on MERAR.COM for healthy energy drink for sports lovers & health conscious people is ready to be launched by well-known group of people in South Africa. All ground work is completed, market testing, product development, design, flavours, packaging, bottling etc. Now groups needs marketing and launch budget. World renowned apparel is on board.

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  1. 1. BeveragesInvestment Opportunity
  2. 2. Index• Background.• Corporate Identity & Brand Icon.• Product Offering.• Trade Mark Protection.• Brand Strategy.• Marketing• Communications Strategy.• Launch Strategy.• Market Information.• Quiksilver/Kelly Slater Relationship.• Operations & Shareholders.• Financial Requirement & Offering.• Conclusion.
  3. 3. Background• The shareholders also own Eve Bubbly.• Spare production capacity available.• To enter the beverage landscape an affiliation with a big brand is required.• The existing Quiksilver and Kelly Slater relationships made sense.• All parties were approached and deals were concluded.
  4. 4. Corporate Identity & Brand Icon
  5. 5. 3D Application 1D Application
  6. 6. Product Offering • Rush (energy drink) • Coffee (iced coffee)• Fuel (isotonic sports drink)
  7. 7. Rush• Flavours: Acai-Berry, Citrus- and Endless Energy.• Natural sources of caffeine and guarana.• Naturally sweetened (Stevia).• No artificial colours or flavours.• Only 60 calories per serving.• Added B Vitamins for energy.• Healthier alternative to other leading energy drinks.• Does not contain Taurine.
  8. 8. Coffee• Flavours: Coffee (Original), Mocha (Dark Chocolate) & Macadamia.• Made with real milk.• Made with real coffee.• Contains natural caffeine.• Natural Sugar.• No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives.• Mocha / Dark Chocolate: Made with real cocoa powder.
  9. 9. Fuel• Flavours: Orange, Lemon-Lime, Dragonfruit, Fruit Punch, Strawberry-Citrus, Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate.• All Natural Sports drink.• No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.• No preservatives.• Contains Vitamin C.• B Vitamins for energy.• Natural Sea Salt.• Only 50 calories per serving.
  10. 10. • Designs to follow once Bottleworx agreement icomcluded.
  11. 11. Bottleworx Overview
  12. 12. Trade Mark ProtectionAll Trade Marks Belong to Q Beverages (Pty)Ltd and are registered in:• Australia.• Brazil.• CTM.• South Africa.• USA.
  13. 13. Q Beverages Marketing• Q Beverage Brand will be promoted before the Individual Product offerings.• Each product will be marketed separately with its own Product offerings.• The message and catch phrases will differ due to the nature of the individual products.• The common thread will be the brand icon with the product name as point of difference.• The launch campaign will focus on Rush and Fuel with the Coffee to follow.• Launch will take place in SA with Australia next and then the rest of the globe.
  14. 14. Campaign Rationale and Catch PhrasesQ Fuel• The catch phrase for Q Fuel: “Fuel the Mission”.• Lifestyle is the drive behind the campaign.• It will showcase more conventional location for board sport activities.• These will be locations accessible to the consumer.
  15. 15. Q Rush• The catch phrase for Q Rush: “Feel the Rush”.• The campaign will feature extreme board sports.• These locations will not necessary be accessible to the consumer but will be aspirational nature.
  16. 16. Q RUSH Billboard
  17. 17. Q Coffee• The catch phrase for Q Coffee: “REFLECT”.• Consumers will be asked to reflect on their experiences.• Brand Interaction will be the result of the campaign.
  18. 18. Brand Strategy DevelopmentBrand AnalysisBrand Environment• The Brand will compete in the beverage and lifestyle categories.• The Target Market is Status Driven.• Functional drinks have shown the highest growth in the Beverage category.• Consumers have become more health conscious.• Consumers are involved with brands and the products they purchase.• They are looking beyond the actual product therefore marketing has to appeal to them on a personal level.
  19. 19. Brand Consumer• Consumers are informed and want to communicate with Brands.• They develop their Status Spheres through Brands they associate with.• Our Consumer is in the 15–35 age groups.• Consumer Trends that will influence our Consumer are the following: Individualism, Holistic & Sustainable life & Consumer Connectivity.• Our target market is more mature; less gender biased and emancipated.• To cater for all these needs the Brand will have to be AUTHENTIC, CREDIBLE, ENGAGING and RELEVANT.Brand CompetitorsOur Brand will encounter a wide competitive set, the following Brands need to be considered:• Category Competitors: Red Bull, Monster, No Fear, Rockstar etc.• Sports Drinks: Powerade, Gatorade, Energade etc.• Coffee: Star Bucks and a range of samller players.• Lifestyle Competitors: Billabong, Rip Curl, Volcom, Element, Hurley, Oakly etc.• Competitor focus: Energy inducing properties and Extreme Lifestyles associated with it.• Our Focus: Healthy, Holistic and Effective product range with an added Lifestyle offering that wishes to explore and understand.
  20. 20. Key Insights• Brand Environment Insight: The Brand will be active in the Beverageand Lifestyle categories, needs to be Relevant in the Bigger Picture andbe a Brand that goes beyond being just a Beverage Brand.• Consumer Insight: Consumers are influenced by trends, competingofferings, consumer centrism, individualism, brand aspirations andconnectivity. Our Brand will need to be consumer focused, add value tothe consumers life and needs to be trend relevant.• Competitor Insight: Our Brand will need to compete on a Brand andProduct offering level with a wide range of direct and indirectCompetitors. It needs to be more than just a Product..
  21. 21. Brand Strategy• The Brand will need an engaging Brand Proposition and Personality.• It needs to be both relevant and credible.• A Healthy Effective Alternative to the beverage category complete with a Lifestyle offering that is Holistic and real.Brand Heritage: Build the Brand heritage through an engaging Brand storyand History. Our brand ambassodor and strategic partener will assit inachieving this.Brand Credibility: More than the Product; The Brand will be marketed as aLifestyle that adds Brand and Status Sphere values whilst fulfilling thebeverage expectations of the consumer.Brand Icon: The Icon will be the main driver of the Brand whilst its products(Q Fuel/ Q Rush/ Q Coffee) are the secondary focus. The Icon has been givenan Engaging and Differentiated Personality that will serve as a platform tobring the Brand to life.
  22. 22. Brand Positioning: The Key Product differentiator is a Healthy Beverage Offering inthe Functional and Lifestyle Category. This is communicated and brought to life in anengaging and relevant Brand Identity.Brand Identity• Unique Brand Identity is communicated in our Brand DNA, with the letter Q as thecommon denominator in all our product names.• Our Font Design and lettering orientation communicates the holistic approach (ZenFeel) whilst still being bold and effective.• The Icon is a Dynamic symbol that can be interpreted in various ways such as Joy,Exhilaration and Success.Brand Personality• Our Brand and Icon personality are clearly and uniquely positioned between theEXPLORER and SAGE personalities.• All of our beverage competitors are either positioned in the Hero or Rebelarchetypes.• The unique positioning in itself is an exciting point of difference.
  23. 23. The Brand being an EXPLORER/SAGE Personality, givesus the following Brand Facets to work with:Explorer Brand: A Brand with a passion to think outsidethe box, the need to see what lies beyond the nextHorizon and a Brand that strives to understand the worldthrough exploration.Sage Brand: A Brand that believes that through analyticalthought the Truth will be discovered and it is a Brandthat strives to understand the world through experience.
  24. 24. Brand Blue PrintThe Promise: “There is nothing more real, important and authenticthan experiencing life; our product range delivers a Healthy, Holisticand Real beverage solution.”The Brand Essence: “Live Beyond”Core Brand ID: Adventurous / Authentic / Becoming the Best you canbe/ Brave/ Confident/ Functional / Health Focused/ Holistic /Individual / Intelligent/ Natural/ No Compromise / Original / SuccessfulThe Brand Symbiology: Authenticity / Contemplative / Discovery /Experience Life / Far and Away / Fun / Kelly Slater / Water / Snow /Sunshine / Success / Swirl / Thinking
  25. 25. Brand ValueFunctional Benefit: Contemporary Health Focused offering that is awelcome Alternative to the “Energy at all costs” Competitor Offerings.Emotional Benefit: The Brand assists you in your quest to experiencelife.Self-Expressive Benefit: Be brave enough to “Live Beyond”.Brand Relationship• Through a unique Brand Positioning and Identity, we have created atruly unique and engaging Beverage Partner that is much more thanjust another FMCG Brand.• The unique Brand Positioning also makes this a lifestyle Brand thatstands for something relevant.• Every Complete Lifestyle Junkie and Aspiring Lifestyle• can now relate to the Brand.
  26. 26. The Brand• Q Brand offering consist of Q Fuel, Q Rush & Q Coffee.Brand and Sub-Brand Hierarchy: Build the Icon before we build the product range; get the consumers tobuy into a lifestyle and not just a product Brand.Brand Offering / Unique Selling Points:• Combination of a lifestyle and product offering with 100% natural ingredients.• No artificial colorants, flavorings or sweeteners used in formulations.• Contains no preservatives and is totally natural.• A healthy alternative to the multitude of Energy and Sports Drink currently on offer.• A powerful USP that can be strategically used to build the Brand as an innovative lifestyle Brand.The Brand Hierarchy Discussion• All Sub Brands will be strategically used to target Specific Target Markets.• The Brand personalities of the product Brands will reflect and tap into the Master Brand driven by the Icon. Icon Key Message: “Live Beyond”
  27. 27. • Q RushQ Rush• 100% EXPOLRER Brand Personality.• All about the “Energy” and all about the “RUSH” of exploring.• Marketed towards the consumer segment that actually “Experience the Lifestyle.”• Key Message: “Feel the RUSH”Q Fuel• Closest to the Brand Personality of the Master Brand, i.e. the perfect Balance and combination of an EXPLORER / SAGE Brand.• Marketed towards the more mainstream target markets.• This Brand will be used to lure Mainstream and Aspirational Target Markets.• Accessible to a wider range of consumers.• Key Message: “FUEL your Mission”Q Coffee• Pure SAGE Brand Personality and• Appeals to the complete spectrum of Target Markets.• Offers everyone an opportunity to chill out and reflect.• Key Message: “REFLECTION” “Fuel/Rush/Reflect”
  28. 28. MarketingAbove the Line MarketingQ Beverages Exposure on Boardriders TV• Classic Commercials• Show Promotions• Squeeze Backs• Opening and Closing Billboards• Stings•Stings•
  29. 29. Radio Campaign• Four regional radio campaigns will be launched.• Listeners will embark on a hunt for Q Beverage images across their city.• Our Hit Squads will project the images with clothing and product hampers offered as reward.• To qualify for the prize the first 20 listeners need to present their favourite Q Beverage.• All winners will go into a regional draw for signed memorabilia.• Regional winners will go into a draw for a VIP visit to Jay Bay.
  30. 30. Guerrilla Advertising
  31. 31. Magazine Advertisement
  32. 32. Below the Line MarketingPoint of Sale• In-store displays will mainly depend on fridges.• Attractive packaging will ensure the product sits well on shelves.• Later displays will be added with visuals and sound to add to the experience.• Pallet displays will be used in bigger wholesale outlets.• Window displays will be used in Boardriders’ & Roxy stores.
  33. 33. Fridge Presentation
  34. 34. Hit Squads• Hit squads travelling in branded vehicles will be formed. (VW Transporters Vans)• They will visit surf, snow and skate events and distribute sample stock.• They will also be accompanied by some of the younger athlete’s• Some vehicles will be fitted with projectors to facilitate radio campaign.• Later a rig will be acquired to be used as a stage at events.
  35. 35. Rig for Road Shows
  36. 36. Q Beverages Website•
  37. 37. Q Beverages Communications Strategy• We need to engage with the Target Market, we need to create opportunities for them to engage back to us;• We need to be very tactical and always break the clutter with the Brand Touch Points;• We constantly need to aim to be as a relevant and innovative as possible.• We have a very emotive Brand Essence that can be backed up with a Unique Product Offering.
  38. 38. Target Markets• TM1 - The Complete Lifers – They are living the Complete Lifestyle that others aspire to.• TM2 - The Aspirationals – Individuals who are aspiring to break into the Complete Lifestyle category• TM3 - The Want to be’s or Main Streamers – Individuals who “like” the lifestyle, the drink. The apparel and accessories are their gateway and touch point to the Lifestyle.Target Market Focus:• The Complete Lifers = 50% - they will drive Brand Credibility.• The Aspirationals = 40% - They will follow the Hard Core Lifers Anywhere.• Main Streamers = 10% - if the Brand is cool, they will use it.
  39. 39. Communication Objectives• To bring this Brand to life, we need to achieve the following Communication Objectives:• Successful Launch the Brand to the Hard Core Target Market;• Successfully achieve Mainstream and Hard Core Top of Mind Awareness;• Successfully Build Brand Equity through Communicating a emotive and rational Brand offering that is both engaging and relevant;• To First build the Brand and Icon before we build the Product Range;• To engage with the Target Market and ensure that the Brand is seen as an Authentic and Credible Brand Offering.Key Brand Drivers• Brand Athlete Endorsements.• Event Sponsorship.• Online and Social Networking.• Guerilla Activations.
  40. 40. Brand Contact Point Model
  41. 41. Brand Activation Platform
  42. 42. Brand Communications Plan
  43. 43. Q Beverages Distribution StrategyLaunch Criteria• Factors to consider due to the product placement of the Q Brand, competingwith both beverages and other lifestyle brands .• Demographic of the specific country.• Retail landscape and accessibility to retail space.• Overview of the Functional drinks market taking into consideration the size,growth, volume per retail channel and trends.• Accessibility to reliable route to market.• The strength of our strategic partner (Quiksilver) in the specific market.• Originally the following markets were identified: South Africa, Australia,France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Japan, Spain, Brazil,Germany, Indonesia, Belgium and Italy.• After careful consideration of above mentioned factors, the most suitablemarkets to launch into, will be selected.
  44. 44. Phase 1:South Africa• The South African market is the perfect launch platform for the Q BeverageBrand:• Q Beverage team based in SA, familiar with the South African market.• Production can take place at the Q Beverage facility or at any of the othercontract packers in the area.• Entire range can be locally produced to reduce import duties.Australia• Is a very strong region for Quiksilver as this is where the brand originated.• The energy drink market is huge and Australia will be the first hard currencymarket where the products are launched.• Countries to follow: United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, United States, Belgium,Brazil, France, Germany and Italy.New Opportunities: Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka,Lebanon & Jordan. (due to potential new partners)
  45. 45. Beverage Off Trade Sales Projections* *expressed in million rand, assumes 5 % annual category growth rateSouth Africa 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015Sports Drink 3,769 3,957 4,155 4,363 4,581Category SalesQ Fuel 3 % Share 113 119 125 131 137Q Fuel 5 % Share 188 198 208 218 229Energy Drink 915 960 1008 1,059 1,111Category SalesQ Rush 5 % Share 46 48 50 53 56Q Rush 8 % Share 73 77 81 85 89Total Q Beverage Sales 159 167 175 184 193Low Share ScenarioTotal Q Beverage Sales 261 275 289 303 318High Share Scenario
  46. 46. Quiksilver/Kelly Slater Relationship• Quiksilver is a 40 year old brand with sales targets for 2011 set above 3bil USD.• Alignment with any brand of this size is worth millions.• Access to over 1600 concept stores globally, in prime locations.• Endorsement contract with 11 times world champion, Kelly Slater.• Kelly has won more world titles than any other athlete in any other sport or discipline.• He has been voted the most accomplished athlete of all time, by other Athlete’s like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Michael Schumacher etc.
  47. 47. • Kelly renewed a 5 year contract with Quiksilver and as a partner in Q Beverages will add to the synergy between the two brands.• Co-sponsor to over 50 local and international events.• These events are all televised and distributed globally through board riders TV.• Our brand exposure at these events offers a marketing platform worth millions of USD.• Branding and advertising rights on• Over 200,000 hits per day, about 80 million hits per year.• Branding and advertising rights on Quiksilver social platforms.• 200,000 face book members, 2mill You Tube hits per year.• My space and twitter now launched with aim to reach 900 million people by 2012.
  48. 48. Quiksilver Events
  49. 49. Tony Hawk Show
  50. 50. Production• All SA production to be done locally due to import duty on finished goods. (Chill Beverages, Eve Bubbly & Gateway Canning)• Europe to be serviced from SA / EU trade agreement.• Australasia to be serviced from Korea (Lote Chilsung).
  51. 51. Distribution• Initial focus on Forecourts and Grocery channels.• All distribution by 3rd party.• RGBC and M&L Vinters have shown interest.• All other countries on the same model.• Export Solutions as consultant.
  52. 52. Management• International office in DBN.• Brandon Kerzner & SP Muller to run international operation.• SA Brand Manager to be appointed.• Export import manager to be appointed.• Accounted to be appointed.• Brand ambassadors to be appointed.• Internationally to be duplicated.
  53. 53. Shareholders• Kelly Slater 10%. (Brand Ambassador)• Arthur Limbouris 20%. (Quiksilver Africa)• Brandon Kerzner 15%. (Kelly Connection)• SP Muller 25%. (Beverage Company)• Marc Buhrer 10%. (Kelly Connection)• Phillip Gouws 20%. (Quiksilver Retail)
  54. 54. Company Structures • Beverages (Pty) Ltd SA- Holds trademarks.• Beverages (Pty) Ltd Cyprus – Holds marketing agreement with Quiksilver International. • Mazars – Accountants. • ENS – Lawyers.
  55. 55. Financial Requirement & Offering•The Investor will initially pay $3 000 000.00 for 26% of QBeverages International.• A further $5 000 000 will be made available for growthfunding and expansion into other regions like Australia,Spain, Brazil, France et.• Each of these countries will be discussed prior to launchregarding finance, shareholding and who will be runningthe project.• The Countries you would like to launch: India, UAE,Pakistan, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia we will reverse theshareholding to 74% for your group and 26% for ours.
  56. 56. Conclusion• A unique product offering.• Great trade marks.• Quiksilver relationship.• Kelly Slater Endorsement.• Awesome Opportunity.