Groove control promotional presentation (final)


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Groove control promotional presentation (final)

  1. 1. Groove Control The best mobile disco in town Our promise: You bring the people and we’ll get them grooving…
  2. 2. Groove Control provides a top class, highly affordable mobile disco service for a range of events including...
  3. 3. ...birthday, anniversary, engagement, children’s, leaving and Christmas parties, weddings, christenings and corporate functions
  4. 4. Professionalism and fun are the two words that best describe our approach, because…
  5. 5. … your musical pleasure is our business
  6. 6. We always aim to be more creative than the average mobile disco to ensure everyone in your party has a great time
  7. 7. All our packages include the latest professional audio and lighting equipment, and...
  8. 8. experienced DJ with access to a vast music library to meet your needs
  9. 9. Over the years we have provided entertainment for corporate parties, wedding, anniversary and birthday celebrations from Paddington to Porto, Portugal
  10. 10. So, if you're planning the entertainment for that very special, once in a lifetime occasion...
  11. 11. ...we can provide expert advice on picking your playlist to ensure background and celebration music is just right...
  12. 12. … from the first dance...
  13. 13. … to the very last.
  14. 14. Get in touch by email to: [email_address]
  15. 15. Or if need to book a mobile DJ to guarantee a lively party night remember...
  16. 16. … our promise to all our clients is: You bring the people and we'll get them grooving with...
  17. 17. ...a perfectly blended selection of party classics from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & 2000s
  18. 18. We can also add a bit of extra festive fun and Christmas cheer to your yuletide celebrations…
  19. 19. … help to put smiles on little faces at your children’s party, and…
  20. 20. … create the right spirit for your themed soiree
  21. 21. But don’t just take our word for it…
  22. 22. “ Someone said they had never seen so many people dancing at a wedding before!! I know we certainly enjoyed all the great music too and really appreciated you playing so many of our favourites” Siobhan and John
  23. 23. “ We had a great time - I think Iain may have been slightly surprised that the dance floor was always completely full when the 80's/cheese was on  - including the younger trendy people!  The DJ read the whole thing very well.  The kit was great too, and we had lots of comments about your funky lights!” Maria and Iain
  24. 24. “ I can't recommend highly enough...My birthday party just wouldn't have been the same without the Groove Control DJ on the decks. The electic mix of live music and sounds across five decades was skillfully pulled together, ensuring a great vibe and a packed dancefloor from start to finish. Also very helpful in the planning stages and happy to liaise with the venue direct . ” TM
  25. 25. “ All our staff and clients loved this year’s Christmas party and there is no question about the main reason for this – the DJ’s attitude and performance was flawless. Thank you Groove Control . ” Peirre
  26. 26. For more information visit our website at:
  27. 27. Or give us a call now on 0800 118 2292 or 07947 881 442 .
  28. 28. Groove Control The best mobile disco in town W: E: T: 0800 118 2292 or 07947 881442
  29. 29. Groove Control The best mobile disco in town W: E: T: 0800 118 2292 or 07947 881442
  30. 30. Groove Control The best mobile disco in town W: E: T: 0800 118 2292 or 07947 881442