Brochure BTP 2012
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Brochure BTP 2012

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  • 1. Ba Ria Thermal Power Joint Stock Company Add : Long Huong ward, Ba Ria town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, S.R Viet Nam Tel : 064. 2212811 Fax : 064.3825985 Web : Email:
  • 2. About Us:Baria Thermal Power Company was established in 1992 according to theDecision of Ministry of Energy.Since 1st, November 2007, the company has changed its form to a joint stockcompany.The company has: + 2 gas turbines F5 + 6 gas turbines F6 + 2 steam turbine (combined cycles)Total power output: 388.9 MWAuthorized capital: VND 604 Billion
  • 3. Company Organization Chart: Board of DirectorsSupervisory Board DirectorDeputy Technical Director Deputy Sales DirectorOffice Operation DepartmentSales Department Electrical & Automotive Maint DeptTechnical Department Mechanical Maint DeptPlanning Department LaboratoryAccounting DepartmentPersonnel DepartmentMaterials Department
  • 4. Business Fields: Products: Power generation, producing andsupplying distilled water, producing and supplyingdrinking bottled water, fabricating metal productsand supplying mechanical services related to themetal fabrication; Managing, operating, maintaining, repairing,testing, calibrating all electrical equipments,electrical projects, power plant structures; Power plant on-the-job training for management,operation and maintenance skills; Trading in materials and equipment; Trading in real estate, restaurants and hotels; Supplying services of equipment, ports and offices for lease; Developing civil investment projects, managing civil investment projects; Processing and trading in farming and sea products;
  • 5. Business Fields: CI, HGPI, MO all types of gas turbine F5, F6,steam turbine : the mechanical and thermalworks, electrical and C&I works; Steel structures fabrication; Managing and assembling equipments for civiland industrial construction; Maintaining thermal and mechanicalequipments; Fabricating metal products and supplyingservices related to the metal fabrication works; Supplying services of machineries andequipments for lease; 30 ton truck crane, 3 ton truck crane, forklifts,cars and buses from 4 to 45 seats for lease;
  • 6. Business Fields: MO generators and exciters: + Cleaning generators and exciters; + Disassembling and assembling retaining ring, rotor. Repairing and maintaining 380V-220KV transformers; Repairing and maintaining air-conditioning systems; MO auxiliary motors up to 6.6KV; Testing switchgears electrical equipments up to 220KV; Testing control boards, generator protection relays,switchgears, motors. Testing, calibrating automatic equipments as:pressure and temperature transmitters, pressuregauges, thermometers, voltage and current metersand transducers, ...etc. Testing, calibrating control valves, positioners, Testing, calibrating pH, Conductivity, Oxygen…transmitters
  • 7. Works performed: Major Overhaul of Gas Turbine F5, F6
  • 8. Works performed: Mechanical fabricating Manufacturing & assembling Stone Grinder
  • 9. Maintaining Flender gear box Installating F6 Gasturbinefor Tuong An Oil Manufacture Fogging system
  • 10. Maintaining High Pressure Feed Water Pump
  • 11. Major overhaul of motors Assembling Speedtronic Assembling new digital MK VI Control System relays panel
  • 12.  Assembling new  Drawing out the rotor  Maintenance SteamAutomatic Voltage of 23.4MW generator turbine 58MW generatorRegulator EX2100 for maintenance
  • 13.  Disassembling  Repairing 160KVA  Repairing 50MVA -Generator Retaining Ring Transformer 220KV Transformer
  • 14.  Replacing diaphragm  Replacing alkaline  Repairing 380V circuit of auxiliary oil drum of battery breaker50MVA-20KV transformer
  • 15. Maintaining 11KV SF6  Rewiring Motors  Maintaining HV Motor circuit breaker (6.6kv)
  • 16.  Replacing new digital relays for substation and switchgears
  • 17.  Supplying technical co-operation service for Phu My Fertilizer Plant Testing and calibrating thermal relays and digital relays for Phu My Fertilizer Plant
  • 18.  Maintaining generator and gas turbine for Phu My Fertilizer Plant
  • 19.  Maintaining and repairing transformers for Ba Ria Vung Tau & Ninh Thuan Distribution Power Company
  • 20.  Maintaining and testing electrical equipment for FPSO (MV9–MODEC) Thai binh – Cuulong JSC.
  • 21.  Testing and calibrating electrical 6.6kv switchgear equipments for Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant Testing and calibrating electrical 6.6kv switchgear equipments for Binh duong VINA-KRAFT Paper Plant
  • 22. Maintaining and testing electrical equipment : Diesel,motor, transformer and switchgear 6.6KV and HVAC Phu My 3 BOT Power Company, Ltd
  • 23.  Filtering transformer oil for Phu My 3 BOT Power Company, Ltd. Maintaining transformer and 22KV switch-yard equipments for Cat Lo – Vung Tau Seaport
  • 24. Maintaining 6.6KV motor for Tiger Beer Manufacture
  • 25. Major Overhault Generator for Thai binh FPSO 2011-2012
  • 26. Testing and calibrating : pressure, temperaturetransmitters, switches, positioners, AUMA motor valve, pH, Conductivity..
  • 27. Producing bottled drinking water Filter systems RO system Ozone – UV systemAuto washing system Auto filling system Auto label marker
  • 28. Machineries and Equipments: Shaft Alignment  Video Scope  Portable Data Collector/ Analyzer Model: LASER – D525 Model: IV8C6 - 35 serial 6 Model: Microlog CMXA 70- GX-S-K-SL
  • 29.  Radial Drilling  Hydraulic Press  Hydraulic Shearing Machines Model: KMR-1600DH Model: Compass 250 Model: NES 25-16 Air Plasma Cutting  On Site Heat Treatment  Tig Welding MachinesModel: SPECTRUM 1250 Model: P2003 - 6NC
  • 30.  Automatic Tube Bender  Hydraulic Puncher  Hydraulic Torque Wrench Model: KRANZLE 125 Model: AIRLESS 8000 Model: WX - 4 High Precision Surface Grinders  Shaping Machines  Vertical Milling Machines Model: MG4080AHD Model: Comas 250 Model: VH1151
  • 31.  Hydraulic Truck Crane  Video Scope  Mobile hydrostatic tester Model: TL – 300 Model: IV8C6 - 35 serial 6 Model: P-30O PR SERIES  LATHES Model: Protec – 6E Model: P/S 200 Model: Compass 250
  • 32. Chemical Equipments: 794 Basic Titrino Titrator  Mettler Dl 37 KF  Aquatrin Automatic coulometer water stills A4000D  HM – 30V pH METER  Istek Model 430C  ELTRA CS 500 carbon Conductivity meter sulfur determinator
  • 33.  Electric muffle furnace  Hach Dr - 4000v  Viscosimeter Spectrophotometer  Jatester  Cleveland Open Cup  Parr 1356 Bomb Flash Point Tester Calorimeter
  • 34. Electrical Equipments: Megomet 5KV AVO  Megomet 5KV - 15KV  AC/DC Hipot tester Model: 210400-47 Model: 210415-47 Model: 230425-1 Tanδ DELTA 2000  Low Resistance Ohmmeter High Voltage test set Model: 672001-47 Model: DUCTER D007 Model: AC-100
  • 35.  Protective Relay test set  Megger Insulation Tester  Power Factor Meter Model: SVERKER 750 Model: 3122 Model: 203902  Frequency meter  Protective Relay test set  DC Micro-ohmmeter Model: 203831 Model: RFD-200 Model: DMOM-100-2
  • 36.  Circuit Breaker  High Current test set  Protective Relay Analyzer test setModel: TM1600/61 Model: ODENAT/3H Model: CMC256 Protective Relay  Protective Relay  Current transformer test set test set test setModel: MTM 3U&3I Model: FREJA-300 Model: EZCT
  • 37.  Three phase Transformer  Time Domain  Cable Fault Locator turns ratio meter Reflectometer Model: ATR-03 Model: TDR 1150-A Model: CF30-8-B-PT High Voltage couples  Field Dry well  Winding Resistance  Deadweight pressure calibrator meter calibrator Model: 9141 Model: WRM-40 Model: T-150
  • 38.  Aerial Work Platform  Trailer mounted  Vacuum Interrupter tester access platform Model: VIDAR  Automatic oil test set Model: AWP-40S Model: 210TM Model: OTS100AF/2
  • 39.  Infrared camera  Process calibrators  Field Communicator Model: E320 Model: FLUKE-744B Model: 375  Hydraulic lift 2768 Precision  2786 Decade table Wheatstone Bridge Resistance Box Model: LT-E-1020