Training an integral component of effective hr practices - baishaki bapat


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Training an integral component of effective hr practices - baishaki bapat

  1. 1. TRAINING; AN INTEGRALCOMPONENT OF EFFECTIVE HRPRACTICES“Any TRAINING that does not include emotions, mind and body is incomplete;as knowledge fades without the feelings.”Baishaki BapatCoordinator - Training and Study Visits – National and InternationalThe Orchid School,Baner, Pune
  2. 2. Importance of TrainingEvery organization has a set of objectives & goals, and they can achieve iteffectively only if its ‘Human Resource’ is trained and channelized in the rightdirection, as an organization is as good as it’s people.Training is an organized activity which is undertaken to transform or upgrade anindividual according to the organization’s functional needs.
  3. 3. Outlook towards Training in my organizationMy organization, The Orchid School believes that all the teachers are alsolearners in a way. Only if a teacher keeps abreast with the latest updates inhis/her field, will he/she be able to impart this knowledge to his/her students.Hence we periodically arrange for teacher training programs in the school on awide variety of topics. We also send them for relevant training programs andworkshops which may be need based.
  4. 4. Outlook towards Training in my organizationEvery year in the yearly budget planning, a specific amount is allocated forTraining and Workshops. At the beginning of each academic session, we plan athree week orientation and training program for our teachers and staff on awide variety of topics such as: •Languages •Mathematics •Computers and Information Technology •Special Education •Quality Circle Time •Disaster Management •Sensitization to Sexual Abuse •Rational Emotive Behavior etc.
  5. 5. Staff and Leadership RetreatThe entire Teaching, Administrative and Service Staff of The Orchid Schoolgoes for a compulsory overnight ‘Staff Retreat’ every year.We also arrange a ‘Leadership Retreat’ once or twice a year for the ‘RoleHolders’ of the School who are in key positions and are responsible for thesmooth functioning of our school and the day to day work.
  6. 6. Objectives of the Retreat1. Connect - Team Bonding - know each other - colleagues from differentdepartments/domains at a deeper level.It creates empathySmooth functioning to work as a teamHelps to iron out differencesTo know strengths and weaknesses which can be further utilizedUltimately identify oneself as a member of full school rather than small group2. Reflect - Aligning with institutional goals/visionForum for creating, recreating, revisiting “Shared Vision” and how to movetowards it.Know school ethos/beliefs, know your beliefs, understand whether you are onthe same page, if not what are the gaps, and work towards alignment.3. RetreatOut of daily rut/routineHaving fun/coming togetherBreaking monotonyDiscovering each other’s flavors/ talents
  7. 7. Planning for a Successful Retreat:We take good efforts to make our retreats a good blend of learning and funevery year and here are some important steps we take to plan and conclude asuccessful retreat: •Identifying a skilled facilitator •Selecting an appropriate and possibly non- repetitive venue •Team formation for interfacing with facilitator and planning •Need analysis for the objectives which needs to be achieved •Communicating this information to the facilitator for planning the program •Planning all the logistics – Transport, Stationary, •Technical and IT requirements, Food and Stay arrangements •Actual implementation of the program
  8. 8. Leadership Training
  9. 9. Staff Retreat
  10. 10. Training for a Purpose:Teaching and Non- Teaching staff are sent for training and workshops whichare domain specific: •Refresher courses to utilize educational tools •Workshop on Learning Difficulties for Counselors and Special Educators •Language workshops for Hindi/Marathi Teachers •Customer Relation and Soft Skills workshops for Admin Staff.
  11. 11. Training for Parents:The Orchid School believes that the Parents and Teachers need to work asequal partners for the overall healthy development of a child and hence severalWorkshops for Parents are also organized in areas such as: •Language •Math •How to tackle Discipline and Home Work issues? •Seminars and Panel Discussions to share parenting concerns
  12. 12. Training for Students:We conduct several workshops for the students on some burning issues,namely : •Awareness sessions on substance abuse and addiction, followed with training in poster making to campaign against it. •Sessions on Aids and HIV awareness •Comprehensive sexuality education •Mentoring sessions for school council •Career Fair for tenth graders to enable them to make the right career choice
  13. 13. International co-operation & exchange programsMOU with Donner , Higher secondary and Secondary School in SwedenTeacher and Student Exchange between Donner Gymnassiet and TOSGermany - PASCH, Initiated by Goethe Institute , MMB, India – for promoting German Language.Selected students from Std.VII / VIII visited Germany for a study tour
  14. 14. Study:To get a 360 degree perspective of a training program, feedback of theparticipants is essential. It is an important tool to evaluate the effectiveness ofthe training imparted and helps to plan a better training calendar for the year. •After every workshop/training, a feedback is taken from the participant •It is taken in the form of an interview/evaluation sheet •The data base helps to evaluate the training imparted •Based on this evaluation, future training programs are planned.
  15. 15. Analysis:Regular class room observations have helped to gauge the validity of thetraining given and significant improvement has been seen in our students’performance in both scholastic and co scholastic subjects.A recently conducted customer satisfaction survey showed the following resultsrelated to our training and development program: •96 % of Teachers agree that The Orchid School does a good job of giving people different opportunities and experiences to help them develop as professionals •45% of Teachers feel that the amount of training that they receive is just right, 40% of Teachers feel that the amount of training they receive is more than required •55% of Teachers often feel that their career goals can be met at The Orchid School, 42% of Teachers sometimes feel that their career goals can be met at The Orchid School •68% of Teachers feel that they are building skills that will help them both inside and outside The Orchid School in their career
  16. 16. Analysis:Some other pointers also indicate that a well trained staff can impact theteaching learning process positively and contribute towards our students’achievements in several areas, to name a few:: •The international exchange program with Sweden recently won a prestigious award at the World Education Summit, 2012. •The project "SAYING NO TO DRUGS AND ALCOHOL" has been nominated for Vyasanmukti Sahitya Sammelan organized by The Maharashtra Government •One of the Top finalists teams in The inter-school TCS IT Wiz Quiz •A Class VIII student was selected to represent the Cricket Federation of India Team to tour Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) from 12.09.2012 to 21.09.2012.
  17. 17. The Road AheadIt is very important to be abreast with the changing needs and technologies inthe education sector because it has a deep impact on the overall developmentof the most important of all resources - The HUMAN Resource.I conclude my sharing of thoughts with a ‘statement’ that our organizationstrongly believes in the ‘benefits of training’ and has been using this tool veryeffectively over the few years of it journey from its inception, And a ‘confidence’that we will continue to use it with continous enhancements and inputs of newknowledge till it is in existence.
  18. 18. Thank you!For more details log on to www.theorchidschool.orgTraining and Development and Collaboration