Perach, a mentoring project, a success story. Amos Carmeli. June 2013.


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Perach International, a mentoring program for university students

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Perach, a mentoring project, a success story. Amos Carmeli. June 2013.

  1. 1. INTERNATIONALINTERNATIONAL A Mentoring Project - a Success Story
  2. 2. INTERNATIONAL ??Who are weWho are we Few people in Israel haven’t heard of it Every student knows about it About 25,000 students take part annually 574,000 students had participated Over one million children benefitted from it About 1/6 of Israel’s population had been exposed to it.
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL Following the WiseFollowing the Wise…… “Tutor a child in the way he should go: and even when he is old, he will not depart from it” King Solomon “Everyone according to his/her ability to each one according to his/her needs”. Matching needs with abilities - Karl Max “There is no free Lunch”. Just the giver - receives Milton Friedman Believing makes things happen The Pygmalion Effect
  4. 4. INTERNATIONALINTERNATIONAL Main “IngredientsMain “Ingredients”” Serving the neediest Working with the best Involving all parties Ongoing support Using external incentives Maximum support hours
  5. 5. INTERNATIONAL The ChildrenThe Children All come from a disadvantaged background 20% come from single-parent families 22% are new immigrants 25% are from minority groups Every child needs a friend Most children don’t like school All children love to play Anything can be played - And learned!
  6. 6. INTERNATIONAL The MentorsThe Mentors All are university and college students The largest and most powerful force for a social change: Young (but not too); Bright; Energetic; Intelligent; Capable; Resourceful; (still) Have some free time; Not too Cynical (yet); Even though not professionals - with the right incentive and guidance- They can work out miracles
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL Civic ValuesCivic Values “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country” JFK inauguration speech, 1961
  8. 8. INTERNATIONAL Ivory towersIvory towers Universities should not be considered as ivory towers But rather as lighthouses for entire communities
  9. 9. INTERNATIONAL Enrichment Centers Science CentersCommunication Centers One on One 82% Activity profileActivity profile Health Sciences The Young Entrepreneur The Wise ConsumerLaw & Order Arts Music & Drama Nature & Environment Sports & Excellence Nature of Chemistry Aim high (to Matriculation) 18% One (or two) with a group And many others…
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL Requirements & RewardsRequirements & Rewards Twice a week Two hours each session Entire academic year (34 weeks) ScholarshipScholarship (50% of tuition fee)(50% of tuition fee) and/ or Academic CreditsAcademic Credits and Travel ExpensesTravel Expenses
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL Contribution to the ChildrenContribution to the Children According to Schools – A Scale of 1-5* (inAccording to Schools – A Scale of 1-5* (in%)%) *Based on a questionnaire circulated among a large number of schools Academic Achievements 41 8 51 3 4-5 1-2 Social Status 76 22 2 Learning Motivation 35 60 5 Self Esteem 16 82 2
  12. 12. INTERNATIONALINTERNATIONAL Drop-out from collegeDrop-out from college Based on survey conducted by a large college
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL ((Not Only) MoneyNot Only) Money In most cases, money is not THE problem ! - There is almost no need for “new” money. - Overhead is quite low. - Donors love the idea (each $ works few times). - There is social justice in the system (those who have-pay). Making the DECISION is !
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL AwardsAwards Selected for House of Nations at EXPO 2000 in Germany Elected “Knight of Governing Quality” The Israel PrizeThe Israel PrizeThe Israel PrizeThe Israel Prize Elected one of four leading institutes for excellence (First!) National Prize for Quality in the Public Sector
  15. 15. INTERNATIONAL T & M Around the GlobT & M Around the Glob “The need to replicate the Perach Project cannot be overemphasized. The introduction of Perach will go a long way in alleviating some of the current problems we face both in the Educational and Social spheres.” (Foreign delegation to Perach) Children Students Are almost the same Problems T & M project can flourish anywhere in the world
  16. 16. INTERNATIONAL Perach in the worldPerach in the world South Korea Germany Brazil Argentina England Mexico Peru Chile USA Uruguay Iceland Sweden Ireland Hungary PA Philippines Singapore New Zealand Bulgaria Australia
  17. 17. INTERNATIONAL A Win-Win SituationA Win-Win Situation All are Winners !All are Winners ! - Children & Families - Schools & Teachers - University Students - Universities & Colleges - Local Municipalities - Government
  18. 18. INTERNATIONAL DreamingDreaming…… “I have a dream today” Martin Luther King August 1963
  20. 20. INTERNATIONAL ContactsContacts Amos Carmeli Tel: 972547736000
  21. 21. INTERNATIONAL GuidanceGuidance COORDINATORS (COORDINATORS ( students. All past tutors)students. All past tutors) • 3 days seminar before year starts. • Weekly group meetings with educational counselor & group leaders. • Monthly meetings with educational counselor individually or in groups of 3-4 coordinators. TUTORSTUTORS (minimum required)(minimum required) • Beginning of the year - a school day. • Once a month - individually with coordinator. • 5 times a year - group meeting with coordinator. • Twice a year - meeting with teachers. • Counseling from educational counselor - optional. • Written material.
  22. 22. INTERNATIONAL EducationEducation Education = Acquiring of basic knowledge, thinking methods and learning abilities for today’s world. Higher Education = Acquiring a profession H.E. students are young ,healthy, usually come from well- off background-they are subsidized by the public while paving their way up the social ladder.
  23. 23. INTERNATIONAL Utopia A utopian state will be able to provide its citizens, free of charge, with: health, nutrition, education and housing. In RealityIn Reality No country in today’s world can supply all of them, or even most of them free of charge Everyone has to pay for these servicesEveryone has to pay for these services
  24. 24. INTERNATIONAL And at School……And at School…… improvement in:improvement in: Academic achievements Social function A sense of belonging to school Learning habits and interest in learning Matriculation grades and bigger interest in Studying Relationship with siblings and parents (children of prisoners) More interest in Chemistry and Science (in Chemistry and Science education projects)
  25. 25. INTERNATIONAL It only takes one personIt only takes one person…… Who listens Who understands Who believes To make it happen !
  26. 26. INTERNATIONAL Perach makesPerach makes…… Better learners Better students Better teachers Better leaders Better human beings !