Tumblr, bitly, Buffer: 3 tools for social media magic


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As mention's Community Manager, I go over three of the tools I use to find and share great content with our community: tumblr, bitly, and Buffer. Mixing these services and tracking the results with mention is a great way of engaging with users and finding that perfect social media "voice" that just works, no matter when you're posting.

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Tumblr, bitly, Buffer: 3 tools for social media magic

  1. 1. Tumblr, bitly, Buffer: 3 tools for social media magic
  2. 2. 1) Tumblr Yes, tumblr. You mean the one full of food porn and well, just porn, only kids and hipsters use? The one that Yahoo! - Yahoo!? - just bought? 
  3. 3. Yup. And tumblr's where the content's happening right now. 
  4. 4. Happening =  Created, shared, modified, recontextualized, made into a gif, mashed up with another gif, then shared, modified, and recontextualized all over again.
  5. 5. I love the sense of space and humor that the platform has: Gifs like these take advantage of tumblr's creative community and iconic feed UI
  6. 6. ‘Tumblrspace’ 6
  7. 7. The tumblr feed is a creative testing ground. You can tell narratives and bring a sense of context to otherwise disorganized content from other networks:
  8. 8. There’s a reason why Yahoo bought it. Tumblr's where community is finding voice right now – hence, where Yahoo wants to put its ads.
  9. 9. A few of my all-time favorite CM-related tumblrs: How Do I Put This Gently? What Should We Call Social Media Running a Startup Twitter: The Comic
  10. 10. Now it’s time to share some of this tumblr gold, which brings me to… 2) bitly
  11. 11. Bitly is one of those services where your first reaction is like: And your second reaction is: woah, wait, what…it’s free?!
  12. 12. - Like us, they have an insanely robust free plan - Their statistics are great, but for me, it’s about the innovative way you can organize and share links - Bitly has hints of an emergent social network, letting you bundle stacks, discover content from your network, and see who else has shared the same links
  13. 13. This is a great way to contact and create relationships with influencers interested in the same things. We’ve often found great advocates for our service based on the “Who Shared a bitly Link to This Content” section. 
  14. 14. And last but not least,the magic of... 3) Buffer
  15. 15. mention’s based in Paris, not a bad place to spend your weekends not worrying about posting to social networks.
  16. 16. - They've got a great Chrome extension  - Quick and easy stats (love those follow buttons too) -But it's all about scheduling posts to go exactly at the right time...
  17. 17. From the Buffer blog: Buffer is all about the weekend. 
  18. 18.  Pro tip: one of my favorite ways of discovering and directly sharing new content is through Y Combinator's Hacker News via Buffer.
  19. 19. Have any other tools you use every day? Let us know how you combine services and use mention to track the results. @xoalexo @mention alex@mention.net