Superbad Analysis


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Superbad analysis.

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Superbad Analysis

  1. 1. Introduces the characters of the film, freezes the character with a funny action, this reflects on what that character is going to be like. Unusual names, not common for someone to have e.g. Chris. Seth – t-shirt under a shirt different to what a stereotype nerd would wear, shows the character tried to be different. Light blue colour stands out. The characters have different appearances. Fogell – stereotyped as a nerd, glasses, old waistcoat and a baggy shirt. Evan - long sleeve striped top, dark colour doesn’t stand out, reflects onto the stereotype nerd, not standing out. Characters are represented as nerds. Font – Large capitals, orange, stands out to remember characters name. Mental Health Media. Film genre – comedy
  2. 2. 0.09 secs. Camera angle is a medium over shoulder shot from the other side of the car, shows the 2 characters in the car and the mother outside the car. The angle is quite low to emphasise on the mothers breasts, which builds up into a joke. 0.11 secs. The camera shot cuts to an eye-line match from the boys point of view. This shot shows the reaction on the characters face. Seth’s face is concentrating on the mothers breasts, this shot emphasises this. 0.13 secs. The camera shot cuts to a medium over shoulder shot, this is for the audience to see what Seth is looking at. This film is aimed at the teenage target market because the jokes involved, its something only teenagers will get. Seth concentrating on Evan’s mum’s breasts, this shows that this is what boys like at this age, which also includes the comedy affect.
  3. 3. 0.13 secs. Close up shot of the characters face (Evan) allows the audience to see what the person is looking at. 0.14 secs. An eye line match is carried out on what the character was looking at. The shot used is a close up shot of a young girls breasts this is because boys at this age joke about and fascinate over this, using these shots builds up into the comedy affect. 0.15 secs. The camera pans up to the young girls face, still a close up shot, because the girl is looking directly at the camera this has the element of shock and humour. The audience will get why the director has used this shot to emphasise the comedy through the use of generic conventions. 0.16 secs. The camera now cuts back to the character from the first shot (Evan). We watch him look away from the girl as she knows what he was doing. Through the use of generic conventions here, the target audience will get the joke through the series of simple shots.
  4. 4. 0.53 secs. This title shows what films the director has made, which have been big hits, here for example ‘the 40-year-old virgin’ is used. This entices the audience to watch ‘Superbad’ as ‘the 40-year-old virgin’ was such a massive hit. Through out the trailer different titles have been used to promote the film. ‘Do you want it?’ this rhetorical question influences the audience to watch ‘Superbad.’ Another example ‘How bad’ this play on pun, plays on the title of the film convincing the audience to watch the film when its released, ‘How bad’ meaning how bad to you want to watch this film. The shape of the font is in bold capitals with a dark embossed glow, this makes the writing stand out from the screen, hence to stick in the audiences mind. The colour used on the font contrasts from the background colour, the colour orange on top of the background colour dark blue with a white spotlight. The effect of the white spotlight has the connotation of importance, centre stage. Release date Film title
  5. 5. A pregnancy time line in the background shows that the film is going to be about pregnancy, relating to the title of the film. Title of the film in bold capitals. The colour red has connotations of love, romance. Relating to the film title. The two characters are waiting in a surgery reflecting on the turn out of the film. The shabby character sat in a slouched position shows that he isn’t really father material, showing that there will be a comedy affect to how he’s going to be in the film. The film could be about the stereotype blonde, being dumb and getting pregnant. But being sat up straight shows out of the two characters that she is more serious and responsible than the man. Actors/Actresses in the film, directors etc, copyright etc.