Digital Marketing Workshop 2014 at VIT University Vellore.
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Digital Marketing Workshop 2014 at VIT University Vellore.



It is the network of networks. ...

It is the network of networks.
It’s a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) to connect with billions of users
In simple words it’s a information resource



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Digital Marketing Workshop 2014 at VIT University Vellore. Digital Marketing Workshop 2014 at VIT University Vellore. Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Marketing Workshop 2014 VIT University, Vellore
  • +91 9566738366 m @mensagam
  • Event Purpose
  •  Internet industry  Digital Marketing  Web Analytics  Networking Discussion
  • How many of you want to achieve something?
  • Why Do you want to Achieve
  • Because of Happiness
  • Digital Marketing
  • What is Internet?
  • Internet It is the network of networks.  It’s a global system of interconnected computer networks that uses Internet Protocol(TCP/IP) to connect with billions of users  In simple words it’s a information resource 
  • Things happen in 60 seconds
  • Marketing In layman’s term it is the promotion of a product for sales  The commercial functions involved in transferring goods from producer to consumer. 
  • Digital Marketing     In other words Internet marketing Make use of electronic devices like computer/ smart phone/ tablet to sell/buy products The term was first used in 1990. In last few years it became effective way to relate with customers.
  • Types of Digital Marketing Pull Marketing – Customers actively seek marketing content via web searches, websites, email etc  Push Marketing – The content is made to display for customers by means of ads, display banners etc 
  • Push Vs Pull Marketing Comparison between Push Vs Pull marketing
  • 4Ps of Digital Marketing Product  Price  Placement  Promotion 
  • Solutions of Digital Marketing
  •  SEO – Search Engine Optimization  SEM – Search Engine Marketing  SMO – Social Media Optimization Solutions of Digital Marketing
  • Back end of Digital Marketing  Web Analytics – The relationship between the user and the website  Web Masters – The relationship between the website and the search engine
  • SEO Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engines What is a Search Engine?
  • Search Engine It’s a software system that is used to search for information in internet.  The words or phrases used to retrieve information is the search queries.  The Search engine displays results in line of information is Search Engine Results Pages 
  • Major Search Engines Google  Bing  Yahoo  Baidu  Yandex  Topsy  Answers  About 
  • Yandex Baidu Search Engines
  • How a Search Engine works  How a Search Engine Works?
  • Working of Search Engine Robots crawls the website  Index the information in search engine database  Display the information when searched 
  • Types of Search  How many types of search?
  • Types of Search Organic/natural search  Paid search  Site search 
  • SEO  Why SEO?
  • SEO  It’s the method to improve the visiblity of the website in search engines while searched.
  • On Page Off Page
  • Strategies to Drive Natural Traffic Keyword Identification Do research & base strategy on what customers actually look for Off-Page Link Building Internal – links from within Site to your page External – quality links from external sites to your page On-Page Optimization Add targeted keywords & phrases everywhere, especially: Titles & Meta Description Headers Body Content Alt Text URLs & Filenames
  • On page  1. Keyword Usage  2. Fresh Content  3. Fast loading pages
  • On Page Title Tag  URL/file name  Image Optimization  H1 Tag  Meta keywords  Meta description 
  • Off Page  Lots of quality inbound links from ontopic blocks of text
  • Off Page Directory Submission  Article submission  Back links  Link building 
  • Pillars of SEO Content  Architecture  Popularity 
  • Pillars of SEO Architecture the bones Content the meat Keywords & phrases to be indexed These are matched up to search queries Should be unique to a page All text in source code may be read(e.g. filenames, tags, alt text) Crawl able text(e.g. key messages should not buried in Flash, AJAX, JavaScript, modal windows) Navigation URLs & directories Sitemaps Server speed Popularity referring links Search Engines judge how important a page is & how relevant to a search query by the quantity & type of inbound links Internal: links from top pages to deeper ones as well as across categories External: links thirdparty sites or sub domains
  • Content Titles Header s Body Content Emphasized text Images Videos
  • How Humans see How search engine robots see But Understand this
  • Keyword Utility
  • Architecture Architecture
  • Main Things in Architecture
  • Directory Structure suggested by Google
  • Directory structure google standard • Google suggests a “3 Click Rule”: All pages should be within 3 clicks of the home page • To rank better, files like images & PDFs should have URLs that match the pages were these are displayed, not on special subdomains
  • Popularity Populari ty
  • Internal Link Building  Internally, the most authoritative links are usually: ◦ Home Pages ◦ Main Category Landing Pages ◦ Popular blogs  Interlink pages to flow link equity from category pages down to child pages and back up Highest SEO value of links are: Within blocks of text, not relying on navigation (masthead, ANAV, footers) At top of page’s main content  Contextually placed links are better than… …lists of links that have lower SEO value   No need to unnecessarily repeat Links on Same Page
  • External Link Building   An external link is a link that points at an external domain. In layman's terms, if another website links to you, this is considered an external link to your site. Similarly, if you link out to another website, this is also considered an external link.
  • Link Building Stragies
  • SEM  What is Search Engine Marketing
  • SE M  Search Engine Marketing is to make use of search engines to promote your product/ site in the form of advertisements when searched.
  • SEM Types Of SEM  Google Ad words  Bing Ads  Yahoo Ads  Face book Ads 
  • How SEM  How SEM is done?
  • SEM Process Account  Campaign  Ad groups  Ad copies  Keywords 
  • SEM process
  • SMO  For what SMO is used?
  • SMO  Social Media Optimization  Make use of social media to promote the product by sharing website
  • Types of social media  Can some one share the social media types used so far?
  • Types of Social Media Facebook  Twitter  Google plus  Linked in  Tumblr  Stumble upon 
  • How Social media works Facebook – leading social media where the posts are being shared with number of likes are leading to no of conversions  Twitter – The message is conveyed within 140 characters with #hash tag denoting the keyword for the business  Linked in – Professional network connecting people. 
  • Web Analytics  Why Web Analytics required?
  • Web Analytics  It’s a business intelligence tool to keep track of user interaction with the web site.
  • Types of Metrics 8 Basic metrics  Visits  Visitors  Unique Visitors  New Visitors  Bounce Rate  Exit rate  Time on Site  Conversion Rate
  • Paradigms of Web Analytics      The What – Clickstream The How Much – Multiple Outcome Analysis The Why – Experimentation & Testing What Else - Voice of Customer Insights- Final Outcome
  • Information Tracking  What kind of information can be tracked?
  • Information Tracking  Analytics working
  • Analytics Tracking Apart from the basic metrics with Analytics the following tracked. Video  Flash content  Mobile devices  demographics 
  • Types of Web Analytics Google Analytics  Adobe Omniture Site Catalyst  Unica 
  • Webmasters  Why Webmasters?
  • Webmasters How your website is crawled by search engine robots  Any missing links  Details about the backlinks that takes to the site. 
  • Future Trends  What are the future expectations?
  • Future Trends Use of smart phones/ tablets  Wearable computing  Cloud computing 
  • Growth of industry  Growth of industry in past few years
  • Thanks for participating Ask Question any Time 9566738366 m