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Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010
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Imagineering Welcome 2009 2010


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Master in Imagineering programme 2009 - 2010

Master in Imagineering programme 2009 - 2010

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  • 1. MASTER in IMAGINEERING Welcome to the Master in Business Innovation from the experience perspective August 2009
  • 2. Imagineering Academy Imagineering Academy is a community of scholars and practitioners devoted to co-create knowledge on imagineering through research and practice
    • Some of our international (guest)lectures:
    • Diane Nijs
    • Alexander de Vries
    • Prof. Ton de Leeuw
    • Prof. W. Fred van Raaij
    • Prof. Koen Vandenbempt
    • dr. Robert P. Bood
    • Jan Rijkenberg
    • Dr. Kaj Morel
    • Dr. Soren Kaplan
    • Prof. Roger Leenders
    • dr. Shari Duron
    • Prof. Thijs Homan
    • Menno Jansen
    • Niels Jensen
    • dr. Martijn Staal
    • Ashraf Ramzy
    • And many more………….
  • 3. The students!
    • This year's class consists of about 21 students of different
    • backgrounds and nationalities. On September 8 (start of the
    • introduction) we will be welcoming students from Germany,
    • India, Mexico, the Netherlands, the USA  and Vietnam. They
    • received their bachelor degree form different Universities
    • and a few already have quite some working experience.
  • 4. Building blocks of the master programme
    • 1. Academic literature
      • Working together with top academic lecturers and professionals from
      • the field. In lectures and workshops they will provide you with the
      • latest academic insights and literature.
    • 2. Inspiring “new” literature
      • You will be challenged to search and read the latest inspiring and
      • innovative popular management books and literature.
    • 3. Practical research and applying theory within an application company
      • As student of the master program Imagineering you will be working
      • with an application company in order to apply the acquired theory.
    • 4. Academic research methodology
      • You will become an academic skilled researcher by using academic methodologies taught during the Research Methodology Course
    • 5. Individual competencies development
      • During the year you will be responsible for developing individual
      • imagineering competencies.
  • 5. Programme starting points
    • Entrepreneur of your own educational development
    • Competence based tuition
    • Professional practice
    • Social standards and values
    • Working in a co-creating mode
  • 6. The phases
    • The master programme consists of three phases/trimesters
    • Introduction week
    • Phase 1: Strategic Innovation
    • Block 1: Inspiration
    • Block 2: Creation
    • Phase 2: Organisation Transformation
    • Block 3: Exploration
    • Block 4: Organisation
    • Phase 3: Research/Dissertation Phase resulting in the BTR
    • Graduation week
  • 7. Application Company
    • Application Company
    • Translation of theory into a professional product for the
    • application company
    • Business Transformation Report (BTR) is the thesis of the Master
    • Output per phase relates to components BTR
    • Personal Coaching: staff of Imagineering Academy
    • Example’s Application Company last years:
    • Holland Casino, Mars Nederland, NHTV, T-mobile, BAM Infrastructuur, Bruna, Starwood Hotels, Efteling, Decorette, Bayer, Rabobank, Facilicom
  • 8. Master in Imagineering
    • What do our students have to offer a company…
    • I magineers are specialists in the creation of value in the network society and;
    • can work future oriented
    • can involve the whole system in value creation
    • know how to create value in a material and in a symbolic way
    • know how to transform a 'goods-dominant logic' into a 'service-dominant logic'
    • know how to create social capital as well as financial capital
    • “ Working with a student of the imagineering academy will give your company a lot of positive energy and a new perspective on business and management”.
  • 9. Good to know
    • Guidelines application company;
    • http:// /page/69/ regular _ master _ application _ company /
    • Sources;
      • (imagineering academy group)
      • (imagineering playlist)
  • 10. Imagineering Roadmap for Business Transformation ® Strategy in the creative economy and value driven management New value networks and new technology New HRM and new business processes Creative thinking, management of creativity and legal aspects
  • 11. Menno Jansen, Course Director [email_address] Contact