Action meningitis: Meningitis Research Foundation healthcare and awareness initiative in Malawi


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Action meningitis: Meningitis Research Foundation healthcare and awareness initiative in Malawi

  1. 1. MRF’s healthcare andawareness initiative in Malawi MRF Meningitis Symposium Bristol 3 October 2012
  2. 2. Barriers to TreatmentMRF funded research into barriers of recognition and action in treating ABM in MalawiRecognition barriers:• Misdiagnosis of malaria or other illness• Low recognition of severity of illness and need for social validation in community
  3. 3. Barriers to TreatmentAction barriers:• Priority focus on maternal health• Negative perceptions of health services (wait time, attention by health workers)• Financial constraints in community• Gender and age-based decision making in community
  4. 4. Situation Analysis• Patients queue and wait for hours at primary clinics- first come, first served• Limited number of health workers, equipment and supplies• Patients have to wait hours/days for ambulance transport• Some die while waiting for assistance or transport
  5. 5. Action Meningitis• Targeting health workers to break down barriers to treatment, improve treatment rates and healthcare delivery in Malawi and improve outcomes in children• Public awareness messages of meningitis signs & symptoms to raise awareness amongst public and prevent misdiagnosis
  6. 6. Primary Health Clinics• Priority: Improve identification of severe illness in children for treatment & referral to hospital using WHO triage system• Urban and peri-urban clinics with varying catchment populations
  7. 7. Primary Health Clinics• Training frontline health workers• Evaluating effectiveness and feasibility of triage system
  8. 8. mHealth & ETATUsing mobiletechnology toimprove health Emergency(mHealth)to establish WHO PriorityEmergency TriageAssessment and QueueTreatment (ETAT)system in clinics
  9. 9. mHealth & ETAT • Developing phone application of ETAT for health workers to screen children upon arrival/ in queue • Using phone data to track ETAT classification and hospital referrals
  10. 10. Community Awareness• Health Talk weekly radio programme on MBC- national radio• Health research news to Radio Listening Clubs and public• 8 episodes focusing on meningitis to improve recognition in communities
  11. 11. Community Awareness• Ambi-bikes at villages/ clinics for medical transport
  12. 12. Partners• Partnering with Malawi-Liverpool- Wellcome Trust, Malawi Ministry of Health, hospital and primary clinics in Blantyre• Working with D-tree International for mHealth component• Assessing feasibility and expansion across Malawi
  13. 13. Project Outcomes• Prioritise ill children and reduce wait times at clinics• Track referrals to hospital for severe illness in children• Increase knowledge and awareness of meningitis amongst public• Provide ambi-bikes for medical emergency transport