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Windows 8.1 app iii 研習營1小時- Project Siena, Unity3D & BizSpark
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Windows 8.1 app iii 研習營1小時- Project Siena, Unity3D & BizSpark


Windows Store App, Project Siena, Unity3D, 上架, BizSpark, DreamSpark, WebView, API, FlipBoard, Facebook, PayPal, 資策會

Windows Store App, Project Siena, Unity3D, 上架, BizSpark, DreamSpark, WebView, API, FlipBoard, Facebook, PayPal, 資策會

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  • A big part of our work this year was to rapidly follow Windows 8 with an update that addresses key issues with the user experience and top partner requests to provide features they want to see in the platform.An obvious fact of our industry is that device evolution is happening very rapidly. A lot of our investment in Windows 8 was to enable the next phase of hardware as both x86 and ARM architectures advance and hardware vendors provide new silicon across the range of devices such as cameras, input devices, connectivity and peripherals.But we’re also taking steps to refine the user experience. Windows 8 changed a massive number of things, and our telemetry and feedback is teaching us a number of things – both the things we did right and areas we need to improve.Attracting the best apps with differentiated experiences is exceptionally important to us. So in Windows 8.1 we’ve taken the next logical steps to enhance platform capabilities with new web features, media capabilities, enhanced graphics, browser features, connectivity capabilities, controls, tools and management features.This was a very short product cycle for something as massive as Windows, but Windows 8.1 is not just a bug fix or service pack – it is full of important features and enhancements that will benefit partners and end users. But we still consider it a logical and necessary extension of Windows 8 and Windows RT.For that reason, Windows 8.1 is offered for free to all Windows 8 users and it is available directly through the Windows Store. We expect that many customers will take advantage of this offer and update to 8.1, so we’re planning for a much larger percentage of upgrades and a more rapid upgrade pace than with previous releases.
  • End user/Customer value prop – User experience proof pointsPerformance is better across the boardMore Personal/More EfficientPersonalizationAll apps can easily access your people and calendar data to let you interact with your contacts and manage your eventsQuiet hours – all app notifications (except alarms and incoming calls) are turned off during user set “quiet hours”.TilesSmall tiles lets you get more tiles on the Start Screen (supported automatically with your current assets)Large tiles gives your apps more real estate on the Start Screen to show important information at all times (need to author large)Apps share screenMultiple apps on the screen – up to four apps on the screenApps can be sized anywhere from their minimize width to the full screenOnly the width of apps can be adjusted (standard small width is 500, apps can optionally specially support down to 320)Apps can request to share the screen when launching a file or protocol(example, Mail launches a website and leaves itself on half the screen to keep you in context)Apps don’t launch other apps directly (can open a file or protocol)Apps can specify the user be taken to a specific app in the Windows Store if no handler is present (helps with finding/installing companion apps)CloudRich SkyDrive integration with the operating systemSearchBing drives a much richer search experience“Hero” searches brings together the most important information for popular search termsSearch results are interactive (play music and video in place with one click)Local information is integrated with web information in the search resultALSODesktopSupport per-monitor DPIBetter touch supportSmoother animationResponsive“Fresh Apps” Apps load data files faster with HTTPpre-fetching to a cache, and can pop up on the screen with fresh data immediatelyApps can request that live tiles start as soon as they are installed (vs Windows 8 which is upon first launch)
  • A shy majority of your audience, in most venues, has never used Windows 8.1 and those that have often miss out on some of the great enhancements. You’ll be tempted to skip this demo, but don’t, as you’ll lose the audience in the subsequent sections at the event.Key elements to show:Start page (show with same wallpaper as desktop. Switch between start and desktop to show how much smoother this is compared to Windows)Start page with new small tiles (½ x ½) and new large (2x2) tilesShow enhanced apps like bing, mail, more. Pick your favoriteShow what an app bar isShow the primary navigation pattern (top app bar / nav bar) and back buttons (Bing news is a good app to fall back to for this)Apps launch fasterMore intelligent about what we keep in memory and for how long(also: show trick of how to kill an app. You drag down to the bottom then wait for screen to flip to splash screen before continuing drag) “You’re always in control”Integrated Bing Search experienceShow new Bing Search through charmsSearch on Washington, DC to show map and local infor (weather, etc.)Search on a band, like “Dream Theater” and show xbox music integrationSearch for Marilyn Monroe to show hero searchDesktop enhancementsShow boot to desktop option (right click task bar and choose properties. This is also where you can configure background)Show better multi-mon support for taskbarShow Windows + R to run apps (always there, just like before)Show Windows + X for power user menuShow how charms bar opens near the corner the mouse touched (when using a mouse) “It’s the little things that make such a huge difference”Don’t show Windows Store. We’ll get to that in a moment
  • Now that you have seen what the new Windows looks like, let’s talk about the platform.
  • Top apps help draw customers to the platform, much like anchor stores draw customers to a mallThe Windows Store provides the visibility you need for your apps to succeed.
  • 平版呢?上市1年1個月,總計近10%一億台,三個月前的數據
  • DirectX沒有畫在這張圖內
  • Blend for Visual StudioBest support for creating beautiful interactionsNot just for designers.Best tool for styling controlsBest tool for custom animationFree with Visual Studio.
  • Visual StudioThe world’s best IDE and development toolsThe developer’s homeEverything you need to build the apps that make the world go round
  • The performance tools in Visual Studio are unparalleled in their capabilities.Want to test XAML or HTML UI responsiveness? We can do that.How about JavaScript function timing and memory usage? Yup.CPU sampling and network usage? We have that too.We can even tell you how much energy your app is using, so that you can optimize it for the best possible performance and power consumption on portable devices.
  • Internally at Microsoft, we’ve used HTML/JS to build out a number of key experiences delivered with Windows 8.1. Here are just a few of them.
  • In addition to core OS experiences like PC Settings, the new search, the contact card, device companion apps and the lock screen camera, we’ve built a number of the core platform apps using XAML.Calculator, Alarms, Skydrive, Photo/Camera, OneNote, Lync, Maps, Movie Moments, Help and Tips, Reader, Sound Recorder, Windows Scan, Solitaire, Mahjong and more.This covers both C#/XAML and C++/XAML. Most of these are C++ and XAML. Some also integrate DirectX (in a moment)
  • http://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Channel9Taiwan
  • 免費vs. US1,500 on iOS/Android聯合發表會
  • When we first launched the Windows Store, some people thought the 80% revenue share might have been a limited time offer to get people on the platform. For Microsoft, it was about a point of view. We wanted to do everything we could to return the successful business that is Windows back to developers. These are foundational principles that have been carried forward to the 8.1 Windows Store redesignWe run a live service, the Windows Store, at scale.Hundreds of millions of app downloads since launch.Top publishers in global markets are joining WindowsCustomers are using a diverse range of devices and form factorsThis is big money .. Big money… Use an example of the math to make it stick… In the apple model, if you had $1M in sales, you would get $700K If on Windows, that would be $17.5K + 780K… == 87.K difference.. If you sold five 10 millions, the difference is $997500 … Making 10 M in revenue is not that hard given there is 500M users!!! At a price of $4.99, you would need to sell to less than 0.5% of the Windows customer base to make $10M..
  • 25,000


  • 1. Windows 8.1 App Windows 8.1 developer training 蔡孟儒 (Raymond) 台灣微軟 資深技術推廣協理
  • 2. Enables the latest generation of hardware Significant platform and UX improvements Enhancements for the next wave of App innovation Continuation of Windows 8/RT
  • 3. Personalized start and lock screens Apps share the screen Rich, integrated search driven by Bing New live tile sizes, including large Live tile on install Deep SkyDrive integration
  • 4. There are over 100,000 apps in the Windows Store including top apps like Hulu, Netflix, Twitter and
  • 5. 100 millions + 10 millions = 1 1 1/3的競爭者 (Apps # on iOS/Android) (Apps # on Windows 8/Phone) http://www.netmarketshare.com/operating-system-market-share.aspx?qprid=10&qpcustomd=0
  • 6. iOS 及 Android 平台上皆已超過 100 個萬個 Apps 但是…有 66% 是「僵屍」Apps: Windows Store Apps 的下載率則超過9成 (聚光燈效應 & 新藍海市場)
  • 7. Many core Windows 8.1 experiences built on the same technology New search, contact card, device companion apps, lock screen camera, and more
  • 8. API Accessibility Data binding Live tiles and toast Input 8.1 Controls HTML5/CSS XAML Portable Geolocation Direct3D Direct2D Direct Write Local storage SMS Skydrive Sensors Proximity Playback Capture PlayTo Streams Backgroun d transfer Bing Canvas SVG Syndication Networkin g Azure Mobile XML and JSON Contracts Xbox Live Printing Application services Threading/time rs Memory management Globalization Cryptography Authentication
  • 9. API Accessibility Data binding Live tiles and toast Input 8.1 Controls 8.1 HTML5/CSS XAML Speech synthesis Portable Geolocation Point of service Direct3D Direct2D Direct Write Local storage SMS HTTP Skydrive Sensors Proximity USB Playback Capture PlayTo Streams Backgroun d transfer Contacts Bing HID WiFi direct Bluetooth Canvas SVG WebGL Syndication Networkin g Appointments Azure Mobile Printing 3D printing Scanning XML and JSON Contracts PDF Xbox Live Application services Threading/time rs Memory management Globalization Cryptography Authentication Diagnostics
  • 10. <DatePicker Header="Select a date:" CalendarIdentifier="JapaneseCalendar" DayFormat="{}{day.integer} {dayofweek.abbreviated}" /> <TimePicker ClockIdentifier="24HourClock" MinuteIncrement="15" />
  • 11. CalendarIdentifier Orientation
  • 12. AreTransportControlsEnabled="True" • IsFullWindow="True"
  • 13. 8.1
  • 14. Unity3D 4.2+: 免費 Windows 8/8.1 及 Windows Phone 模組
  • 15. 4th October, 2012 …ShiVa 2.0 with that in mind. We are constantly working on new engine ports. In the near future, you can look forward to Direct X 11, Windows 8 Metro … Appcelerator appMobi {!} Autodesk Scaleform Exit Games Photon Server Cocos2d GameSalad Creator MonoGame ShiVa 3D Havok Physics Fortumo Mobile Payments Ogre Rendering Engine Scirra Construct 2 SharpDX SlimDX Unigine Engine http://blogs.msdn.com/b/windowsappdev/archive/2013/03/22/developing-windows-store-games.aspx Audiokinetic Wwise Epic Unreal Engine 3 Firelight Technologies FMOD Havok Vision Engine NVIDIA PhysX ShiVa3D Yoyo Games GameMaker
  • 16. 免費 Windows add-ons Unity Labs! 實地轉置+技術支援 學生 & 新創公司免費!
  • 17. Unity Labs-
  • 18. http://Services.WindowsStore.co m
  • 19. 70% for new apps 80% once your app makes $25,000
  • 20. - 下載 Windows 8/8.1、免費開發工具、範例程式: http://dev.windows.com - 新創公司? http://BizSpark.com - 還是學生? http://DreamSpark.com
  • 21. http://BizSpark.com Microsoft BizSpark 是全球的方案,完全免費! 只要符合底下資格:  公司成立小於5年  年收入小於一百萬美金  以開發軟體產品或服務為公司的主要營業項目 軟體 能見度 技術支援 軟體 • 3 年的 MSDN 訂閱服務 • 每個月 NT$4,700 的 Windows Azure 優惠 • 一年的 Windows Phone App 及 Windows 8 App 開發帳號 技術支援 • 2 個 MSDN 專業版訂閱等級的中文技術支援 • 教育訓練 提升能見度 • BizSpark Connect. • 台灣區的行銷資源