20131105 windows 8.1 presales training


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  • On the business side, this opportunity is true as well since apps are an increasingly important part of the all-up IT stack. You guys have a ton of experience to do a ton of work all up and down that stack and I’m thrilled to tell you about the opportunity on the app side to continue providing value to your partners.The app services market is huge. Last year, the total dollar amount was $37.4 billion. Not only that, it’s growing extremely quickly: 9.2%. A big part of that is tablet apps specifically. One in five businesses is building custom tablet apps. That’s something you should be doing both for business consumers and also for your line-of-business needs. To put it in context, we’re talking 7 billion people in the world, 85 billion apps downloaded last year. That’s a lot of apps and as you know, that number is only skyrocketing. Last year, one-third of all IT costs for businesses were associated with app support and development. Not only is that a lot of money, it’s a big opportunity and Windows 8 is going to be a big player in this regard. I’m here to tell you exactly how you can take advantage of that opportunity on Windows 8.
  • Add more microsoft app icons, skydrive, onenote, travel, etc郵局 – screenshotsDynamics – 多專案管理SAP – 銷售狀況企業內部的 Windows Store (切電腦,放video)Windows To Go
  • DirectX沒有畫在這張圖內
  • 20131105 windows 8.1 presales training

    1. 1. App 世代… 和企業 IT 支出的關係? $37.4 Billion 85 Million 9.2% 1/3rd * IDC, Worldwide and U.S. Custom Application Development Services 2012–2016 Forecast, doc #234645, May 2012. **IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020, doc #231720, December 2011. ***Gartner, IT Metrics: IT Spending and Staffing Report, Jan. 2012
    2. 2. Most things: ( & ) http://blogs.cisco.com/news/the-internet-of-things-infographic/
    3. 3. http://gigaom.com/2012/12/05/us-spends-35-percent-more-time-using-apps-in-2012-while-web-usage-drops/ 2012
    4. 4. 但是…有 66% 是「僵屍」Apps:
    5. 5. “Discover The Windows Store” 2012/11/27 Windows Store 上的 Apps 下載量為 App Store 的三倍 - 以排行 Top 300 的Free/Paid Apps 作計算 http://www.distimo.com/blog/2012_11_publication-discover-the-windows-store/
    6. 6. “Discover The Windows Store” 2012/11/27 Windows Store 上的 Apps 增加速度約為 App Store 的1.5倍 - 以 2012/10/22 ~ 2012/11/21 計算
    7. 7. 消費性應用 B2C (電子商務) 商業套裝軟體 企業內部應用 IT專案 管理入口
    8. 8. Apps 比網站好的地方: 1. 比較快,又省電: - 沒有HTML/CSS/JavaScript loading, browser overhead等,可精準調整呈現資訊 2. 發揮裝置的特性: - POS、離線使用、定位、照相、陀螺儀、即時通知, 3. 提供簡單直覺的UI控制項: - UI 控制項已優化;容易開發 網站比 Apps 好的地方: 1. 任何裝置上都可以看 2. 無需安裝,不需審核 3. 提供相同的使用者經驗 etc.
    9. 9. API Accessibility Live tiles and toast Data binding Input 8.1 Controls 8.1 HTML5/CSS XAML Speech synthesis Portable Geolocation Point of service Direct3D Direct2D Direct Write Local storage SMS HTTP Skydrive Sensors Proximity USB Playback Capture PlayTo Streams Backgroun d transfer Contacts Bing HID WiFi direct Bluetooth Canvas SVG WebGL Syndication Networkin g Appointments Azure Mobile Printing 3D printing Scanning XML and JSON Contracts PDF Xbox Live Application services Threading/time rs Memory management Globalization Cryptography Authentication Diagnostics
    10. 10. 開發 UX 設計
    11. 11. - Windows 平版優勢 + 商業應用 App - Windows 8.1 全新企業應用 APIs - 自行或委外開發及技術支援
    12. 12. - Windows 8 App 卓越工作坊”: http://www.microsoft.com/taiwan/promo/windo ws-store-app-labs/ - Windows Store 精采 Apps 下載: http://windows.microsoft.com/zh-tw/windows8/apps