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Great Memories From 2011 Trip
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Great Memories From 2011 Trip


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Unbelievable how time flies.! ONE YEAR !! Here is the planned trip .To experience the adventure again click on all links shown..Wow!!

Unbelievable how time flies.! ONE YEAR !! Here is the planned trip .To experience the adventure again click on all links shown..Wow!!

Published in: Art & Photos, Travel

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  • 1. A “Special Presentation” For
  • 2. Dear Volunteer, Welcome to your Special Presentation about your trip―Back To The kibbutz Reunion‖. In this presentation you will have thechance to experience all your senses:What are your senses?The five senses are: taste, hearing ,seeing, feeling and smelling.A picture is worth more than a thousand words. As you go through theslides there are plenty of links where you can click on and chose whichpictures you would like to see, including there are videos of a variety ofchoices, not forgetting all the explanations which come with the pictures.The greatest part of this unique presentation is that your sixth sensecomes out when you meet your old friends. The atmosphere will be soawesome and exciting filled with emotion as there is so much to share.We wish you a pleasant stay here and will see you at the ―KibbutzGathering‖ on Kibbutz Tzora on the 18th at 20:30 (Entrance is Free)Don’t forget Bob Dylan is having his concert on the 20th in Ramat Gan. Formore information please contact our staff that is if you want to go.
  • 3. Around the world, through the day and night on our return trip to Israel.
  • 4. On our way back tothe Kibbutz ReunionClick anywhere for lovely pictures of ELAL
  • 5. “ Shalom, This is your Captain speaking , We AreAbout To Land In Ben Gurion International AirportPlease Fasten Your Seat Belts!”
  • 6. Shalom Welcome Back To Israel
  • 7. 12th June, 2011On arrival with all that excitement about the flight you will be transferred toKibbutz Nir-Etzion Guesthouse near the Coast. Early in the Evening a strollover to watch the Sun Set over the sea which is very romantic and emotionalwhen you think of beautiful things in life as you watch Nature Performs its dutyevery day of our lives..After that romantic scene there is a ―Welcome Dinner‖ waiting for hungry soulswho haven’t eaten since they left home. Then there is a meeting with theorganizers.Click anywhere for list of guesthouse pictures around the country
  • 8. 13th June,2011―Boker Tov‖. Hope you caught up with your sleep and that have recoveredfrom your Jetlag as we begin with the famous Israeli breakfast with lots ofgreat food on the menu. We leave afterwards by coach to visit ―The OldCourtyard‖ at Kibbutz Ein Shemer. Click here for pictures what you willexperience.
  • 9. After that we continue to Caesarea’s Old City For more beautiful pictures around the old city please click here
  • 10. We Continue Our Trip To The Sea Of Galilee.Click on picture for more exotic scenes
  • 11. Before our climb by foot to the top you are requested to drink at least 1.5 liters of water. The weather is hot and a cap/hat is recommended.Arbel Cliff Overlooking The Sea Of Galilee>>Surprise Tour OnMountain Click on Picture then hover your mouse over<<<<
  • 12. Hope you survived the Trek up the mountain without blisters or any achesor pains as we head for the guest houses in the area near the sea. Are youhungry? Yes! When we are rested and fed, we will in the evening sailacross the lake with great musical backgrounds from the olden times. Click on Picture to listen to some of the greatest songs from the olden times. There are a bunch of videos which you can also watch while you enjoy the music.
  • 13. After that hectic exciting day that we had, we return to our guest housefor the night at Kibbutz Degania Bet.Click here for pictures where you will lay your tired bodies..How do we sleep? Click on picture to find the right methods and decide for yourselves.Tomorrow be sure that you slept well, because we have a lot to see anddo.Layla Tov
  • 14. June14th,2011 Safed―Boker Tov‖. After a feast of good Israeli breakfast we take thecoach to Sefad. Click on picture for more information andpictures about this Unique City Of SafedSafed (also spelledSafed, Zefat, Tsfat, Zfat, Safad, Safes, Safet, Tzfat, etc.).Wow! What a experience, a memory for a life time! We leaveSafed to the Northern Border Of Israel/Lebanon to hearabout the security and strategic situation.
  • 15. Click on PicturesClick on Lebanese flag forconflict pictures Welcome = Peace, Shalom Click on Israeli Flag for a strategic situation Click on Border Picture For more photos
  • 16. After that emotional experience from the Border we continue to Banias NatureReserve.It is possible to drink the water from the river! Take precautions when enteringthe water. Its freezing cold!! It’s worthwhile a dip.Click On BottomPictures For MoreInformation
  • 17. Later on we will now challenge you to see how you can cope with rafting.Tips:•Leave all personal items on coach or in safe box provided•If you want to take certain things, put them in a plastic bag before youenter the water.•Life Jackets must be worn throughout the ride.•On the ride have a break somewhere to chill out its awesome!Click on picture for spectacular scenes of rafting.
  • 18. Hope you are not to wet .Don’t Worry Be Happy! Its only water and the weatheris hot. We will drop in to the guesthouse which is not far away, grab somethingto eat, then head to the ancient Roman City Of Beit Shean to experience whatsurprises the city has for us in the night life. Click on picture for a exciting magic tour of photos of ancient city >> Overnight with pleasant dreams in Kibbutz Degania Bet
  • 19. Click on clock to hear beautiful sunshine music from your choice 15 th June, 2011 dzień dobry 좋은 아침 Good Morning bom dia おはよう buenos días доброе утро dobré ráno günaydın добро утро god morgenmaidin mhaith Goedemorgen, Guten Morgen buongiorno bonjour
  • 20. If we have forgotten to say ―Good Morning‖ in your language, apologiesfrom the bottom of our hearts but the intention is good. After havingbreakfast we will start our day travelling down the Jordan Valley(click herefor explanation) towards the Dead Sea.**For beautiful music please ask the driver to tune into 96.3 FM.(RadioJordan) broadcasting from Amman in English. News is in English**. Click here for history on the Jordan Valley Conflict
  • 21. You might feel the change while we make the descent to the level of -400 meters.Tip : Hold your breath, close your nose with your hand for a few seconds.If it possible and we have the time (hold thumbs) we will stop at the National Parkof ―David’s Stream and Waterfall‖. It’s a easy walk for the tired ones, fat orthin, small or big,You will also hear stories about tigers wondering about the area…Please abide by all instructions by the National Parks Reserve Click on picture for a explanation and photos of David’s Stream
  • 22. Tips before entering the Dead Sea:•Don’t dive into the water!•Walk into the water , sit down as you would on a chair then seethe surprise…its awesome!•Try the ―Mud‖ its fun and healthy especially for photo memories.•Click here for great muddy pictures.•Enter with shoes or sandals as there are plenty of rocks.•If you get salt into your eyes DON’T PANIC!! come out to thenearest shower and wash your face.•Have a shower afterwards.•Enjoy!!Be sure that someone takes pictures of this great experiencebecause you don’t have this opportunity to do this everyday.The following slide will have links to hundreds of beautifulpictures.WELCOME TO THE DEAD SEA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 23. The Dead Sea -400m Below Sea Level Click on picture for more informationClick on Map for Slide ShowClick on below link for history around theDead Sea area on picture for more beautifulscenes Is that you? Do you remember that time, if not Now is the time to experience the fun and excitement of lying and reading the paper on the water.
  • 24. Did you have fun with the Mud? We are sure you all did. We continue18km south towards Masada but click here for a surprise about EinGedi.We will now ―invade‖ Masada as we ascend by cable car and comedown via the Roman Siege rampart. Click on Picture for an unforgettable experience filled with loads of information, pictures, videos and plenty more..
  • 25. Who wants to ride me?Warning! I smell, so dress accordinglyI have plenty of water so if you are thirsty,Just ask and I will pee out some. Click on me to see the family before you dare to ride
  • 26. Now that you have officially been introduced to the ―Camel Family‖, we would liketo invite you to visit a Bedouin Camp of >> Kfar HaNokdim <<where the hospitality is one of the finest, warmest kinds in the world.For loads of pictures with explanations please click here to be customized to theway the Bedouin Tribe lives.Mamshit experience is awesome! and a must to see to find out more about the siteplease click here to enjoy the pictures.We close the day with a great campfire dinner and we sleep on mattresses. Hopeyou have sleeping bags. If not the authorities will supply them. Don’t worry.! Overnight in campground, sleep well ,plenty more places to see tomorrow Click on picture for campground information
  • 27. June 16, 2011 Click here to see if you can recognize your Kibbutz ! Click here to see if you can see yourself/ves—thousands of pictures!! Today we have a lot to see and do. High spirits and motivation is more than welcome including a good sense of humor. The coach will take us to the large crater and the desert oasis of Ein-Yorqe’am For pictures click here about Ein Yorqe’am –great scenes. Who is scared of caves and cavemen? Because we are going to discover what real caves look like as we move on to Beit Guvrin and Maresha .For pictures from Beit Guvrin click hereFor pictures from Maresha click here Click on couples
  • 28. David Citadel JerusalemWow what a trip! Now that we have seen and experienced what thecaves are, we continue to Jerusalem to watch the Sound & Light Showat the David Citadel.To end the day we check into the Park Hotel for the night and a goodmeal.In the meanwhile you can look at some pictures about Jerusalem soclick hereTomorrow we have a lot to see and experience.
  • 29. June 17, 2011Boker Tov!Today we have a long day (hope you have good walking shoes) as wewill visit just about all the major sites in the Capital. What we can dotoday, it will not be enough as there is so much to see.•Jaffa Gate•Old City•Down the Market Street•Jewish Quarter•Roman Cardo•Western Wall•Temple Mount•Via Dolorosa•Church of the Holy Sepulcher•Old Bazaar•Hummas Click on Pictures for more photos If afterwards when we return to the Park Hotel and you are hungry there will be dinner waiting for you. Sleep well .Tomorrow is D-Day.
  • 30. June 18,2011We leave by coach to Tel Aviv in the morning to explore some of theinteresting older neighborhoods in this vibrant metropolis. This city does notsleep as there is always something to do. It is not like many cities in theworld. The nicest thing about Tel Aviv, its safe even when you walk around inthe early hours of the morning.Click here to see some lovely pictures, videos, history, explanations andmore.For pictures about the old port click hereFor Jaffa Flea Market there will be time to shop for souvenirs click to have alook what you would like to take home with you. Have a look here for somelovely and beautiful itemsTip: It’s a custom to bargain the price- don’t be shy.
  • 31. June 18,2011We leave Tel –Aviv for Kibbutz Tzora ―The Farewell Event” 20:30 -24:00•The “Tekes‖(event) has a lot to offer such as good food, greatmusic show, dancing , sharing of pictures on big screen, blessingsand plenty more..• Reminder for the people who want to attend Bob Dylan’sConcert 20th June 2011 at the Ramat Gan Stadium should speakwith the staff members for assistance.Overnight at Park Hotel-Jerusalem.For any questions please approach our staff who will be willing to help.Thank You for coming..!Shalom LahitraotOur website is: