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Informative writing
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  • 1. Informative Writing
  • 2. Your goalsTo inform, aka present informationTo do so in an unbiased manner To use resources that are reliable and scholarly To be clear and organized
  • 3. The Golden Rule: Omitting youropinion does not give you permission to be boring
  • 4. Some interesting topics from previous classesHow the significance of zombie movies has changed over the years; metaphoric meaning and social significance
  • 5. China: Electronic Recycling & the Environment
  • 6. Is multi-tasking physically possible?
  • 7. Is addiction agenetic disease?
  • 8. PurposeTo inform To raise awareness To educate
  • 9. Audience
  • 10. Pre-read on your topic Formulate questions
  • 11. Keep your focus narrow!
  • 12. Helpful resources for organizing, backing up and (sometimes) citingwww.zotero.orgwww.evernote.comwww.dropbox.comwww.delicious.comwww.diigo.com
  • 13. Organizing your notes…
  • 14. Using Index Cards or Post-It Notes
  • 15. TheDetailedOutline
  • 16. Lists and Notes R eF fa lc et cs t i o n s
  • 17. Organize YourNotes to AddCoherence to Your PaperLike ideasgroupedtogether.
  • 18. StructureIntroduction paragraph with thesisstatementBody paragraphs with supportConclusion with unique and engagingrestatement of thesis
  • 19. Organization can also be logical.By date or time By order of importance
  • 20. Spatially according to how things fit together in physical space; i.e., where one thing exists in relation to anotherExamples:The US’s place in the world marketThe revitalization of King Street in Lancaster City
  • 21. Categorically I. Red Wines A. European EBy Definition X Bordeaux Burgundy A Chianti M B. Californian P Cabernet Sauvignon Pinot Noir L ZinfandelBy Theme E II. White Wines A. European Bordeaux Burgundy Mosel B. Californian Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Riesling
  • 22. ContextuallyBy compare and contrast or historical vs. contemporary I. Cost of Tuition A. Two-year B. Four-year II. Quality of Education A. Two-year B. Four-year III. Educational Programs A. Two-year B. Four-year
  • 23. Support: Use a variety of types
  • 24. ToneConfident Academic Professional
  • 25. Careful of word choices that might indicate opinion or stance
  • 26. REMINDER:Keep youropinion toyourself!