Lesson Plan Workshop for pre-service teachers of EFL in Chile. UAH 2014


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PPT used in our lesson plan workshop at UAH this evening.
5th year EFL Pedagogy students engage in putting together their knowledge about planning and rehearse the process.
English Pedagogy Program - UAH 2014, Santiago de Chile

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Lesson Plan Workshop for pre-service teachers of EFL in Chile. UAH 2014

  1. 1. 5th year students English Pedagogy / UAH 2014 Workshop Facilitators Carmen Cecilia Montes, Carmen Gloria Muñoz, Gabriela Silva, Pablo Silva, SaloméVilla, Mauricio Miraglia. Designers: Mary Jane Abrahams and all of the above June6th,2014 Images licensed by Creative Commons Input text by OUP JC Richards, Interchange 1.
  2. 2. https://todaysmeet.com/lessonplanworkshop What is it? What elements do you consider essential?
  3. 3. Now let’s get together in groups (facilitator gives instructions) Image by mauromirag at Instagram
  4. 4. Draft a lesson plan for 6th graders School in La Florida Private subsidized Class of 41 students 10:00 am – 45’ Use any format Use possible components agreed in your group Task 1 Imagesource:OUPInterchange1,JCRichards
  5. 5. Imagesource:OUPInterchange1,JCRichards
  6. 6. Task 2 Does a textbook tell you what you teach? Does it tell you how you need to teach? https://todaysmeet.com/lessonplanworkshop Image source: OUP Interchange 1, J C Richards
  7. 7.  Please address the questions in the cards you have just received  After you have agreed on your answers, use craft paper to post your group message on the walls (20 MINUTES)  Each group you will use 4 minutes to present their poster to the class.
  8. 8.  SET 1  What do I teach? What is “content” for me?  What’s the relevance of context in what I plan and teach?  Why do I need to plan?  SET 2  Is there a perfect format for lesson planning?  What are the essential components when I plan?  Do I need learning objectives? Why so? Why not?
  9. 9.  SET 3  What should the center of my planning be?  Who do I plan for?  Who is the protagonist of our lesson plan? Does this have any practical implications? Are there any pedagogical assumptions and implications?
  10. 10.  We share answers in the classroom and online! https://todaysmeet.com/lessonplanworkshop
  11. 11.  What have we gathered so far?  How much do we know?  When did you learn this? Can you think of moments in your career development?
  12. 12. Image by mauromirag at Instagram
  13. 13. Image by mauromirag at Instagram
  14. 14.  5th to 12th graders  Young learners https://todaysmeet.com/lessonplanworkshop
  15. 15. Lesson PlanWorkshop 5th year students English Pedagogy / UAH 2014