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T bone brochure en(1)

  1. 1. Make your company transformation ready. Using the leading transformation platform SNP T-Bone. SNP – The Transformation Company
  2. 2. SNP – The Transformation Company Today’s Challenge for Corporations: Transformation Readiness and Agility Why is transformation readiness the critical success factor for your business and your IT? Global competition, continuous technological review their business strategy periodically and be change and rapidly growing demands drive mar- ready to adapt it to changing conditions. When kets through increasingly shorter cycles of change. change comes, global leaders have to rethink and What sounds promising today can already be act fast. outdated tomorrow. To ensure competitive ad- vantages in global markets, corporations have to The speed of transformation can determine a company’s success and future viability. Only if your IT landscape is agile enough to enable rapid ➟ and efficient change processes can your business transformation projects can be successful. From a business point of view, transformation pro- and future agility and efficiency of crucial business jects are amongst the most critical, complex and processes. The complexity of mature system land- expensive programs that impact your organization scapes makes planning of necessary projects more and your process design. Transformation projects difficult. Key success factors are: set the course toward value chain optimization  Achieve business objectives  Prioritize necessary measures  Concentrate on the most important business processes or value chains respectively  Secure potential for standardization and automation  Careful planning to optimize workflows and minimize operating costs  Assured handling of schedule and resource planning  Comprehensive consideration of all necessary measures  Provision of a testing environment and required test data to observe the real-world impact of changes  Appropriate training measures and effective handling of change and service management requirements Corporations need a central entity that allows them to monitor their most important criteria periodically and identify necessary changes in their IT systems landscape rapidly and precisely.2
  3. 3. SNP – The Transformation CompanyBusiness meets IT:How to implement strategicchanges efficientlyWith the intelligent SNP T-Bone® software SNP AG offers a highly effective and innovative solution toimplement or adapt necessary business transformation processes securely, quickly and efficiently. ➟ Mergers & Acquisitions ➟ Splits & Carve outs ➟ Reorganization & Harmonization ➟ Upgrades ➟ Virtualization 3
  4. 4. SNP – The Transformation Company SNP T-Bone The Software Standard for End-to-end Business Landscape Transformation Management SNP T-Bone unites innovative software technolo- partners, SNP T-Bone has advanced to become the gy with long-standing expertise and combines the international software standard for transformation knowledge and experience from more than 1,400 processes. The technology platform stands out for transformation projects. Through continuous im- its long-term development and release strategy as provements and enhancements to the platform in well as investment protection through open stan- close cooperation with our technology and OEM dards and a transparent interface concept. Operational Develop Blueprint Develop Transformation Improvement Roadmap Design Execute Business Transformation Landscape Roadmap Comprehensive as-is Develop Enterprise & to-be Analysis Landscape SNP T-Bone is subject to a continuous ABB, Bosch, 1&1, EnBW, E.ON, Festo, Gaz- certification program in order to deal prom, GM, ista, Lanxess, Linde, L‘ Oréal, Lu- koil Oil Company, MAG, Miele, Phillip Mor- with business requirements. T-Bone is ris, Porsche, Roche, Sanofi-Aventis, Siemens, used by large and medium sized busi- Sigma-Aldrich, Starbucks, Trelleborg, Voith nesses around the world including:4
  5. 5. SNP – The Transformation Company Added Value for Your Business The Benefits of the SNP T-Bone Platform  Today, SNP T-Bone is the only standardized solution in the market that maps a continuous transfor- mation lifecycle management and integrates heterogeneous and mature structures.  SNP T-Bone offers a unique integrated transformation platform with an end-to-end transformation management concept focused on business critical processes.  With regard to process and cost optimization, SNP T-Bone as a holistic transformation solution enables you to determine and optimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of scattered IT system landscapes. How does SNP T-Bone differ from classic approaches? Effort ConsultingClassic approach Tool usage Tool development Strategy Analysis Blueprint Implementation Testing Time ConsultingSNP T-Bone T-Bone usage Tool development Strategy Analysis Blueprint Implementation Testing Time 5
  6. 6. SNP – The Transformation Company Business Strategy and IT go Hand in Hand SNP T-Bone Merge Consolidate Platform Structure Split Carve out Harmonization Process Governance Risk Scan Upgrade Playbook Compliance Planning Data Provisioning Analysis Virtualization Translation Processing Masking SNP T-Bone Software Platform Business Landscape Management SNP T-Bone actively supports every single step of your transformation. It enables you to master the en- tire transformation logistics – from continuous analysis of your corporate data and processes to careful planning and modular implementation. SNP T-Bone SystemScan Enables the systematic, process-based analysis of company structures to help you develop targeted transformation projects and scenarios. S NP T-Bone Analysis Analyzes, compares and interprets key data to help you effectively plan and develop transformation scenarios and their careful planning. S NP T-Bone IPP® Process Playbook Helps detect optimization potential for decisive key processes and introduces solutions for sustainable improvements. SNP T-Bone Planning Processing Enables the development and then the automated, controlled and transparent processing of transforma- tion programs.6
  7. 7. SNP – The Transformation CompanySNP T-Bone Transformation ScenariosOffers task- and industry-specific units containing software, methodology and predefined businesscontent for particular transformation scenarios and ensure the effective and secure execution ofthe transformation.SNP T-Bone Data Provisioning and MaskingProvides protected data to create lean systems for testing, quality assurance, training and development.SNP T-Bone TranslationEnables the automation of the entire translation process of ERP user interfaces and data.SNP T-Bone Governance, Risk ComplianceEnsures the continuous monitoring of compliance with rules and procedures within the transformationprocess and beyond.SNP Business Landscape ManagementProvides a holistic, tool-based consulting approach, including a structured consulting process and imple-mentation based on Best Practices, with the help of mature SNP software enhancements.The SNP Scope of Services An excellent partner network SNP Consulting The SNP Academy You use the know-how and You work with our We train your employees in our the experience of our reliable experienced consultants. SNP T-Bone Academy and em- and certified partners. power them fit to use the SNP T-Bone software independently.About SNPSNP AG is the leading supplier of software and helps its national and international customers tosoftware-related services for the transformation of successfully meet the rapidly growing pressure forERP systems. As an innovative and fast-growing change. As equal partner and consultant we placecompany SNP AG currently employs more than our experience, our knowledge and our ideas at200 employees at locations in Germany, Austria, our customers’ disposal.Switzerland, the U.S.A. and South Africa. SNP 7
  8. 8. SNP America Inc. 2010 Corporate Ridge Drive E-Mail: info@snp-ag.com Suite 700 Internet: www.transformation-ready.com Mc Lean, VA 22102, USA Phone: +1 703 883 9341 SNP – The Transformation Company