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Dpm sapphire 2012
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Dpm sapphire 2012


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SNP – The Transformation Company SNP T-Bone Data Provisioning & Masking Melvyn Scofield© 2012 SNP AG 05.2012
  • 2. Agenda  Introduction  Challenges & Solution approach  Features and Benefits  TDMS vs. DPM  References© 2012 SNP AG
  • 3. Introduction to SNP and test data management  SNP is the leading provider of software for SAP® transformations (splits, mergers, consolidations, …)  Software: SNP Transformation Backbone (T-Bone)  Experience, know-how from over 1400 successful transformation projects worldwide  Extensive track record in SAP® test data since 2005  In Business Since 1994 with offices in US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa© 2012 SNP AG
  • 4. Challenges of test data management  Manual process and work effort  Full copy - Huge systems  Time to deliver  Test systems not current and rarely updated  Hard to protect sensitive data  Poor data quality in development systems© 2012 SNP AG
  • 5. SNP Solution Approach  Task automation  Flexible and fast data provisioning  Selective, intelligent sub setting  On-the-fly masking / scrambling© 2012 SNP AG
  • 6. Feature highlights  Flexible and intelligent selection criteria for sub setting  Rich set of predefined, customizable scenarios  Robust, scalable platform engine for fast data migration  Parallel processing and optimum utilization of the hardware  User friendly interface for configuration and monitoring Automation Flexibility  Consistent scrambling at field level – on the fly during transfer or on existing systems© 2012 SNP AG  Direct data transfer using SAP® RFC or file interface
  • 7. Solution Architecture 1 4 5 3 2© 2012 SNP AG
  • 8. Data masking features  On-the-fly masking on field level during data transfer  Defined using simple rules through customizing activities  Option to define complex rules as function modules  Masking rules are applied before any data leaves the production environment,  Ad-hoc masking option for existing test environments© 2012 SNP AG
  • 9. SNP T-Bone Data Provisioning and Masking – Benefits  Easy to setup, learn and operate  Fast ROI through  small, lean test and training systems (Hardware)  less effort for refreshing systems (post processing)  reduced effort and time for deployment of changes  Faster development with better data quality  Better QA processes with most current data  Secure and compliant data provisioning© 2012 SNP AG
  • 10. Competitive analysis: TDMS vs. DPM Sender Receiver Source Target Data Central T-Bone  Inflexible scenarios  Flexible, intelligent combination of selection criteria  Slow - Data transfer via  Fast - Direct data transfer central system  Limited to small data volumes  Handles huge data volumes© 2012 SNP AG  Rigid UI design  User friendly flexible interface
  • 11. Selected DPM customers AXA DZ-Bank Hornbach© 2012 SNP AG
  • 12. Summary  SNP T-Bone Data Provision and Masking is:  A proven, solid solution  Based on vast experience  Best-in-class data subsetting and masking  Built on a solid foundation – the SNP T-Bone platform  Saving you time and money – give it a try !© 2012 SNP AG
  • 14. Backup slides© 2012 SNP AG
  • 15. Project Examples Customer Customer Requirements Benefits Telco Provide actual and scrambled test  Fulfillment of data protection laws data for offshore resources in a fast  4 data refreshes per year instead and efficient way of 1 Industry Build up a small training client with  Improved quality of training productive data for PM employee  Time & cost reductions training for system refreshes Retail Build up a system with 10 training  Reduction of storage usage clients which should be refreshable  Time & cost reductions overnight with 0.3% of the original data  Flexibility volume  Improved quality of training Industry Build up multiple clients out of one  Weekly refresh of 12 training clients source client for training purposes  Refresh (restore default & import new data) of training clients over the weekend -> fast runtime© 2012 SNP AG
  • 16. Use Cases  Building sandbox systems and project systems  Regularly Refresh of QA systems  Provisioning test data for developers and colleagues working in support  Provisioning selected test data for processing support incidents  Converting names of logical systems on-the-fly  Flexible test data reduction – ensures quality of software and projects at low cost and with minimum effort  Migrating across different releases  Scrambling of data that needs protection in non-production systems  Performing "post ex" scrambling of existing SAP® clients  Save and reuse of data extracts© 2012 SNP AG
  • 17. Possible Scenarios  Build sandbox, training and project systems  Regular refresh of QA systems  Provisioning of test data for developers  Provide selected test data objects for processing support incidents  Performing "post ex" anonymization of existing clients  Regression testing© 2012 SNP AG
  • 18. Content Scenarios  Transferring master data and transaction data of a client without reduction  Reducing transaction data according to time-based restrictions (SAP® ERP)  Transferring master data without transaction data (SAP® ERP)  Selecting master data and transaction data from the following areas using business- object-related approach:  SAP® ERP  IS-U / IS-T  FS-CD  FI-CA  CML, CFM, Retail  Saving "data containers" in flat files to restore fixed system statuses over and again© 2012 SNP AG
  • 19. Contact: SNP America Inc. 2010 Corporate Ridge Drive – Suite 700 McLean, VA 22102 Melvyn Scofield Sales Manager Western Region Phone: +1 619 300 2298 Email:© 2012 SNP AG 19