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Melvin Cureton Resume

  1. 1. Melvin J. Cureton Jr. Anderson, SC 29624  (864) 642-4564 SUMMARY Highly motivated SharePoint/.Net Developer looking for an opportunity to be a valued and long term asset. More than 9 years of experience in desktop analysis/support for a major manufacturing corporation. Strong background in user training, support documentation, operating hardware and software. TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming Languages: VB.NET, T-SQL .NET Skill Set: .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0ADO.Net 2.0, 3.0 Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005 Operating Systems: Windows 2k3, XP, 2K, Linux, I5-AS/400 Software: WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, InfoPath Forms, Visual Studio 2005/2008, SharePoint Designer, MS Office 2003/2007/2010, Active Directory, MS Exchange 2003/2007 SetFocus, LLC. Anderson, SC 8/09-10/09 SharePoint Masters Program Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the towing providers of a fictitious construction company called Acme • Created an intranet solution based on SharePoint Server 2007 that included the following functionality: o Branded with a unique design. o Provided the ability to share sales decks amongst the company’s sales people where a sales person may customize a presentation based off of existing content. o Established a shared calendar on the company’s intranet site that integrated into outlook. o Established an area to publish the company’s monthly newsletter that was readable by anyone in the organization; contributed by authors and reviewed/ published by editors.
  2. 2. o Created a shared area for contacts utilizing a custom list and the Microsoft application template for contact management. o Created a dashboard that would show the company’s president the status of total dollar amount of un-invoiced Purchase orders, total dollar amount of unpaid invoices, total PO amount that have been submitted. o Created a weekly report for the accounting department that shows outstanding invoices with their age and the PO that they are related to depicting various totals - total outstanding, total outstanding over 30 days, total outstanding over 90, and total over 120 days. • Extended the intranet solution to the extranet o Created different sites for the company’s different towing providers with custom look and feel. • Developed InfoPath 2007 forms allowing programmatic submission to a MOSS Form Library initiating workflow processes as below: o Created an invoice form for the company’s towing providers and setup a workflow using Visual Studio 2005, manifest.xml and feature.xml that would check the amount that the providers charge per mile to tow and route it to accounting for approval depending on business rules. o Created a purchase order for the company that gets submitted to its towing providers when a towing call is established along with relevant information about the call and pre-calculated cost based on the distance to be towed and on the vendor’s rate. Generated an email to the designated company official with information identifying which towing provider should be notified. • Configured the document library to notify Tow providers on the status change of their invoices. • Implemented Content Management to allow publishing content out to its providers. The portal page had a main area that content is published out to along with a list display of news items that have been published to a list inside of the site. Designed and established a SharePoint application to support the creation and management of Acme Inc.’s SharePoint Solutions. • Created a single SharePoint site for this project • Created a Developer Knowledge Base to capture important knowledge about SharePoint and solution development • Created a custom site template for new Solution Sites to make it easy to create new Solution sites. • Created a custom List Definition to display all Solutions.
  3. 3. o Created functionality that, when enabled, prevents users from deleting any solution items from this list. o Created functionality that allows a user to provide detailed information about a solution • Created a Change Management Requests list to track all change management requests (ie requests for Bug Fixes and Solution features). • Created a Change Management Request Form in InfoPath 2007 to allow managers to submit feature requests for a solution to the Change Management Request list. • Developed and deployed a custom web part to create new Solution sites using a user-specified template. Upon successful creation of a new Solution site, also add a new item in the Solution list. • Developed and deployed a custom web part that displays all of the created Solution sites in a grid view. Users can delete a solution which will remove not only the item from the Solutions list but also the related sub-site. • Created a dashboard site that presents Solution information using the native SharePoint Search functionality. • Created a custom web part that allows users to perform custom keyword searches and presents the results in a display grid. • Backed up and organized all of the project files for disaster recovery PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Nutra Manufacturing Greenville, SC 10/99 - 6/09 Client Technologies Technician II (7/07 - 6/09) • Maintained a small deployment of Blackberry 8830 with BES 4.1. • Troubleshot/Maintained client-side telecom/Lan wiring. • Spec/Ordering of desktop computer equipment. • Monthly IT related utility/service bill review/approval. • Received/archived/delegated service/change requests for the department. • Wrote and maintained a custom web application that managed all CGMP classes and training information. o Windows 2003 Active Directory Authentication o ASP.Net 2.0/VB.Net o ADO.Net talking to a SQL 2005 DB
  4. 4. o Only Stored Procedures used o Primary/Foreign Keys, Cascading deletes, Triggers, Scheduled jobs o Views, Custom functions, multi-table queries/updates o Employees information imported via stored procedure from I5 DB2 DB • Wrote and maintained a custom IT inventory management web application o Windows 2003 Active Directory Authentication o ASP.Net 2.0/VB.Net o Web service for mobile client access o ADO.Net talking to a SQL 2005 DB o Only Stored Procedures used o Primary/Foreign Keys, Cascading deletes, Triggers, Scheduled jobs o Views, Custom functions, multi-table queries/updates • Wrote a Windows mobile frontend that view and update information in the inventory management database. o Application was written for the Symbol/Motorola MC9090 WM5 device o Used the Symbol SDK for access the scanner and other Symbol specific hardware. o Windows 2003 Active Directory Authentication via the web service o VB.Net CF 2.0 o Used web service from inventory app for data manipulation • Wrote a Windows application that pulled and processed weight information from a midrange system. o VB.Net 2.0 o Communicated with scale via a serial RS-232 interface o Communicated with midrange system via network file access o Application took in raw serial data and formatted the information according to system specific parameters.
  5. 5. • Wrote class used to print barcoded labels to network enabled Intermec EasyCoder 3600 series printers. o VB.Net 2.0 o Communicated via standard TCP/IP network protocol. o Labels were created via IPL native code o Class could print many different labels and associated values Client Technologies Technician I (10/99–7/07) • Setup/maintenance/ troubleshooting of all PC (hardware and software), RF Equipment, and any other related hardware/software. Some server related troubleshooting and from time to time helped the network administrators with projects or just when extra help is needed. • Supported all phone (desktop and mobile), pagers and PDA’s (Blackberry). • Maintained documentation on procedures and systems. • Added/Maintained user access and security. EDUCATION ITT Technical Institute Greenville, SC Associate of Applied, Electronics Engineering Technology- Overall GPA 3.33 • Honors 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Quarter 3.5 GPA ADDITIONAL EDUCATION/TRAINING • Microsoft Course 2261: Supporting Users Running Windows XP • Microsoft Course 2262: Supporting Users Running Apps on Windows XP • Microsoft Course: 2559 Intro to VB.Net Programming with MS.Net • Microsoft Course: 2310 Developing ASP.Net Apps using Visual Studio.Net • Microsoft Course: 2389 Programming with Microsoft ADO.Net • Cisco Course: ICND CCNA Course