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Comm Presentation Transition






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Comm Presentation Transition Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Communications Department
  • 2. My Role
  • 3. My Role
    • Internal position and branding
      • Positioning of AIESEC within the members of this organization
      • Positioning of AIESEC for the members we want to attract
      • Positioning of AIESEC for the company AIESEC want to partner with.
  • 4. What Exactly is my Job ?
  • 5. What exactly is my Job ?
    • Members education on what is the AIESEC brand all about.
    • Gathering materials to run campaign such as I’m an AIESECer campaign.
    • Creating Online and tangible materials.
    • Newsletters.
    • Support other department processes (TM, OGX and ER)
  • 6. Achievments
  • 7. Achievements
    • Successfully manage to secure a few articles and photos of Local AIESECer to create article and posters for I’m an AIESECer Campaign.
    • Departmental rotation so members were educated on the AIESEC brand.
    • Projects and Income for UM was according the AIESEC way.
  • 8. Here are examples of I’m an AIESECer Materials of UM AIESECers
  • 9. MR. Wong Foo Cheong……our very own VPX
  • 10.  
  • 11.  
  • 12. Non-Achievments
  • 13. Non-Achievements
    • There are still misconception about AIESEC
    • People still do not know how to get involve in AIESEC and do not know the opportunity that AIESEC can offer them.
    • Unable to come out with materials for notice board and etc.
  • 14. Challanges
  • 15. Challenges
    • Getting I’m an AIESECer materials
    • Ability and creativity in terms of designing materials
  • 16. What I can do ?
  • 17. Suggestions
    • Standardizing presentation templates for presentation for any event and use correct branding.
    • Include footer in each presentation templates with details such as even name, website, etc..etc..
    • Updating board with more materials
    • Updating website with video and materials from other AIESEC entity to give a bigger picture of AIESEC to new members.
  • 18. Suggestions
    • Changing the application form for members….
    • Eliminating questions such as race, religion and etc and adding more relevant AIESEC related questions
    • Getting AIESEC Stakeholders to come out with video about why they choose AIESEC…..