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How to use a variety of ICT tools - delicious, keepvid,, google apps etc.

How to use a variety of ICT tools - delicious, keepvid,, google apps etc.



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Useful stuff for explorers Useful stuff for explorers Document Transcript

  • Useful stuff for explorers<br />Teachers only day<br />Friday, 25 August<br />Delicious2Keep Vid2Google url shortner3Google groups3Syncing your phone with Google apps4Sharing a calendar4Adding a calendar4Creating a calendar invitation4Headers and Footers5Google chrome5How to log in to Google Apps5Creating Secure passwords6Tips & Shortcut keys7<br />Remember – the computer is your friend<br />659765-69088000Why to <br />The basics<br />
    • Because your bookmarks are stored online you can access them anywhere – home, school, dodgy internet café.
    • You can ‘tag’ or index them to help you find things later. For example I might tag a link about Bladerunner with ‘yr12’ ‘dystopia’ and ‘bladerunner’.
    • Anyone can view your bookmarks – colleagues, students seeking extension etc. View slide
    • Fancy stuff View slide
    • You can ‘follow’ other people who are interested in the same stuff you are and see what they’re tagging.
    • You can send links to other users who you think might be interested in them.
    • You can search within delicious, so you’re only getting things come up that other people have thought worth bookmarking.
    If you want to see what it looks like, feel free to check out my delicious page – or Deb’s - Make sure you have a look at the tags – teaching_tools has some interesting stuff.<br />How to do it<br />Go to to create an account.<br />Go to to install the bookmarks onto your toolbar.<br />Test it out.<br />441960-78168500Why to <br />The basics<br />
    • Even if the internet is misbehaving, you still have access to your youtube video offline
    • If the video gets removed from youtube, you still have a copy.
    • It saves the school money on data.
    • The less people using bandwidth, the quicker the internet goes.
    How to do it<br />
    • Go to
    • Copy the url of the YouTube video you’re wanting to download into the box
    • You’ll need to enter your internet username and password into the Java box which pops up, and click Run when it asks you to.
    • Select how you want to download your video – MP4 is your best option.
    • Make sure you save it somewhere you’re going to remember – otherwise it will default to the Downloads file.
    Why to use <br />863196-39687500The basics<br />
    • Shortens the address you put in a document so instead of typing into the web you just type
    • Stops links breaking over lines in emails – no more complaints that “the link doesn’t work”
    • URLs in printed documents are much easier for people to type in
    • If you’re logged in (and this can be your school google apps address), it will let you know how many people have visited your link – you can see if people are actually accessing it.
    How to do it<br />
    • Go to
    • Check sign-in in the top right corner (optional)
    • Paste the url into the box
    • Click shorten
    • Ctrl-C to copy
    • Ctrl-V to paste it where you want to.
    871220-13081000Why to use <br />
    • Easy way to create whole class mailing list.
    • Class emails are archived onto the groups page – makes it easy for students to find class specific ones.
    How to do it<br />
    • When logged into Google Apps, select Groups on the top left of the page (you may need to use the drop down arrow at the end)
    • Select Create Group
    • I suggest you use a format for your group names (I didn’t start out doing this, but think it’s a better idea. Eg. YR12MEDWB2011)
    • I reckon Restricted is the best idea for privacy settings.
    • When you come to add members on the next page, make sure you click on Add members directly.
    • Start typing a students name in the box, and their school email will automatically come up.
    • Remember you can email your whole group now by emailing Brilliant.
    4456232-20359400Getting your school email & calendar on your <br />Means you can easily send and receive emails when you’re out of school.<br />Lets you use your calendar outside of school – events you add on your phone will sync to your online calendar.<br />
    • Make sure you've enabled IMAP in your main Mail settings
    How to enable IMAP<br />57035707810500Sign in to Gmail.<br />Click the gear icon  in the upper-right and select Gmail settings at the top of any Gmail page.<br />Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.<br />Select Enable IMAP<br />
    • Open the Settings app on your device
    • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • Tap Add Account...
    • Tap Gmail
    • Enter your account information, being sure to use your full Google Apps email address
    • Tap Next
    • Tap Save
    More calendar stuff – how to share a calendar<br />In the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow next to the appropriate calendar and select Calendar settings<br />Click the ICAL button in the Private Address section at the bottom of the page, and copy the displayed URL.<br />Once you have this address, you can email it out to anyone with whom you would like to share the calendar. <br />Everyone who added the link will then be able to easily view this calendar within their own Google calendar.<br />How to add a calendar <br />Click the Add down-arrow button at the bottom of the calendar list on the left side of the page, and select Add by URL.<br />Paste the ICAL link into the Public Calendar Address box and then click Add.<br />School public calendar -<br />How to send an event invitation<br />You can easily invite other people to meetings with the event going directly into their calendars.<br />
    • Start a new email
    • In the To field, enter all the people you are inviting.
    • Click on Insert Invitation (next to the insert file icon).
    • Fill out the form with all the details.
    • Click ok, and click send.
    • The recipients will receive an invite in their mail box, but it will also appear on their calendars with a ? icon on it. They can click on this to accept or decline or equivocate about your invite, and you’ll get a response automatically.
    -71120-24384000Headers and footers<br />I try and teach my students to use these. It means when I print their work off it’s got their name on every sheet so I don’t lose bits. I’ve done it on this document to show you what I mean.<br />
    • In word, double click in the top margin of your page
    • Ctrl-R (this is me being obsessive, but I like the name on the top right – it’s easier to flick through a pile of papers. Plus my typing teacher used to make us do it this way).
    • Type your name (or whatever else you’re wanting to put there)
    • Double click somewhere else in the document to save
    Inserting the filepath into your document so you can remember where you saved it!<br />
    • In word, click Insert (the menu bar along the top)
    • On the toolbar click Footer (it’s about halfway across)
    • Select the Blank option (the first one)
    • On the toolbar, select Quickparts (left hand side) then Field
    • Choose FileName in the column on the left then make sure the box Filepath is ticked on the right hand side of the dialogue box. Click OK.
    • The field should populate with your filepath. If you change where the document lives, this will automatically change too.
    • Of course if you’re obsessive like me, you’ve used Ctrl-R to right justify that baby. And maybe made it a little smaller.
    Remember you can use the footers to put page numbers in too.<br />122809024955500<br />Why to use<br />
    • A quicker internet browser than Explorer
    • When you download something, it pops up in a footer at the bottom of the browser so you can easily see where it’s saving to. No more wondering where you’ve saved something to.
    • If you don’t like it, you can easily go back to Explorer or Firefox.
    How to do it<br />
    • Just google Google Chrome, and the correct link for your computer will pop up.
    • Follow the very easy instructions. Beware Explorer trying to stop you – keep an eye out for the yellow strip at the top of your browser window asking if you really want to do it. Trust me. You do.
    Just in case – how to log in to your Google Apps account<br />
    • Go to the intranet page and click the link
    • Your user name is as it always was
    • Your password is your old one, plus an extra letter back.
    • You’ll be able to change it once you’re in.
    Creating secure passwords<br />Suggestions for secure passwords<br />
    • A useless phone number. For example I can still remember my best friend at high schools phone number. Katja4898249 will work beautifully.
    • A favourite song or poem with a number attached – iceicebaby1990
    • A historical date or person – Versailles28619, Presley77, Archimedes3.141
    • An old address – 28Esplanade
    Secure passwords for real geeks<br />It is good practice to have different passwords for different things. That way if a password is compromised, the miscreants don’t gain access to your whole life.<br />I use a password management system so I have different passwords for different things, but can remember them all. It’s made up like this:<br />Word I remember + # + favourite number + first 3 letters of thing being passworded.<br />For example for Facebook, my password would be: cat + # + 29 + Fac or cat#29Fac<br />Secure passwords for super geeks<br />Use the above format, but type the letters the row above on the keyboard. So cat#29Fac becomes dq5#29Rqd<br />3650506-19093300Possibly teaching your grandmother to suck tips<br />Use a file naming protocol with students that has them putting their name on all their documents surname first. Eg. Webber, Melanie. That way when you file them in a folder it’s super easy to check whose is there and whose isn’t.<br />Word underlines all spelling mistakes (or things it thinks are spelling mistakes). Rather than running a complete spell check on a document, you can just right click on the underlined word and select the correct spelling.<br />When sending a group email out, if you BCC recipients and just put your name in the To box, people will only reply to you, stopping any irritating accidental reply alls.<br />If you Alt-TAB on a computer it cycles through all the open windows. Really quick way to check if students have something open that they oughtn’t.<br /> No matter what program you’re in, if you hold down the Windows flag key (by the spacebar), and E, an explorer window opens.<br />When you’re using the netbooks in class and you need to give instruction, get the students to turn them round to face you. <br />Useful shortcut keys<br />Ctrl-XCutCtrl-VPasteCtrl-CCopyCtrl-PPrintCtrl-IItalicsCtrl-SSaveCtrl-BBoldCtrl-RJustify rightCtrl-ASelect allCtrl-[Make selected text smallerCtrl-]Make selected text smallerTABMoves you between fields in a form (brilliant on the internet)SHIFT-TABMoves you backwards between fields in a formAlt-TABCycles you through your open programmesWindows key+EOpens file explorerCtrl & click on linkOpens link in new tabCtrl-TOpens new tabCtrl-WCloses windowWindows key + DCloses all windows and shows desktopWindows key + DHides desktop and restores all windowsWindows key + LLocks your computer<br />More?<br />Things you could have tried by the end of today’s workshop -<br />Downloaded a video from YouTubeTried out some new shortcut keysSet up your school account on your iPhoneInvited someone to a Google Calendar eventInserted a header or a footerDownloaded ChromeCreated your own Delicious and tagged your first websiteShortened a url (internet address)Created a Google Group for one of your classes (or your department)Added the WSC public calendarAccepted a Google Calendar invitationInserted page numbers or file path name in a Word document<br />Finally, my mother said that I had to tell you that if you’re on the internet and you’ve lost your toolbar you should try pushing F11.<br />