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Tiger sharks
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Tiger sharks


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Educational powerpoint on tiger sharks created for the class Using Computers in Education.

Educational powerpoint on tiger sharks created for the class Using Computers in Education.

Published in: Education, Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Tiger Sharks Hunters of the Deep
  • 2. Menu
    • What’s the Look?
    • What’s on the Menu?
    • Where’s Home?
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography
  • 3. What’s the Look?
      • Stripes
        • Young tiger sharks have dark blue stripes
        • The stripes fade to gray as they age
        • Received their name from their stripes
      • Fins
        • Caudal fin is sickle shaped
        • Large first dorsal fin
  • 4. Tiger Shark Anatomy
  • 5. What’s the Look?
      • Teeth
        • Heart shaped serrated teeth
        • Same on top and bottom
        • Perfect for their omnivorous diet
        • Ideal for splitting turtle shells
      • Size
        • Up to 26 feet
        • Average size 13 to 20
  • 6. Pop Quiz!
    • What makes the tiger shark identifiable when they are juveniles?
    • Stripes
    • Which fin is the caudal fin?
    • The tail fin
    • What is the average size of the tiger shark?
    • 13 to 20 ft
  • 7. What’s on the Menu?
    • Favorite Foods
      • Sea Turtles
      • Birds
      • Fish
      • Reptiles
      • Crustaceans
      • Marine Mammals
      • Even other tiger sharks
  • 8. What’s on the Menu?
    • “ Garbage cans of the sea”
      • Known to eat anything found in the ocean
      • Will often eat garbage
      • One tiger shark was caught with an entire suit of armor in its stomach
  • 9. Pop Quiz!
    • What is one of the tiger sharks favorite foods?
    • Sea turtles
    • Will tiger sharks eat other sharks?
    • Yes, even other tiger sharks
    • What is the tiger sharks common nickname?
    • The Garbage can of the sea
  • 10. Where’s Home?
    • Tropical and subtropical waters
    • From surface to depths of 460ft
  • 11. Where’s Home?
    • Near coasts at night
    • Open sea during the day
    • Often found in lagoons and harbors with turbid (muddy) water
  • 12. Pop Quiz!
    • Are tiger sharks found in tropical waters or temperate (mild) waters?
    • Tropical waters
    • How deep can tiger sharks live?
    • 460 ft
    • What does turbid mean?
    • Muddy, dirty, or cloudy
  • 13. Conclusion
    • The first challenge I faced was picking a creative background. I looked online at Microsoft Office online and found free backgrounds to download.
    • The second aha moment I had was the hyperlinks. I had done them before, but I could not figure out how to hyperlink to a certain slide, then I realized that I needed to change the setting to look within this document.
    • The third challenge I had was learning the animations. I was kind of scared because I had never used them before. My sister, Laurel, showed me how. I was pleasantly surprised that they were so easy!
  • 14. Bibliography
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