Couponing 101


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Couponing presentation given to student paraprofessional staff

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Couponing 101

  1. 1. Couponing 101 with Mama MelMoney In General• This is a mindset, one of which took me years to figure out• Experience has told me that if I plan every dollar in advance, it’s much more freeing and I can confidently make that purchase I had planned on making the whole time• Get rid of the unnecessary – I still allow myself some luxuries, but for the most part I am not brand picky any more – get rid of clothes, books, movies you don’t want by selling or donating• Be ok with thrift stores and yard sales – again, depends on the items, but do you really need to buy new?• DIY – OMG I love DIY!!!Basic Couponing Tips• Start Small• Focus on one store at a time and gradually progress• Make a Plan• Make sure you have printer ink• Use sites to prepare your list – they do the work for you!• Be patient – you’ll need to take your time with this• Don’t ever buy anything online without looking for a discount code againStack Stack Stack!• Target is the place I’ve found so far where this works best. Use Target Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons, and sales to get things for super cheap.• This also works really well at CVS, Walgreen’s, and Kmart• Plan ahead with your CVS and Walgreen’s trips especially. With proper planning, you can get Rewards dollars on things you already have coupons for – sometimes making them free. Try rolling your Rewards dollars into subsequent weeks too. (Make sure to have the same amount of coupons as you do items at Walgreen’s though – i.e. cheap filler items).• Price Match at Wal-Mart – oh buddy does this work well! Online Coupon Sites
  2. 2. Coupon Odds and Ends• Coupons are regional – if you are out of town on a Sunday, make sure to get the local paper. You usually find coupons that we can’t normally get here in Lafayette.• If it’s a coupon you may even potentially use – keep it! I’ve found killer deals on products I normally wouldn’t buy – but if it’s free, then why not?!?• I cut everything out of the paper so that I can share coupons with friends, or donate somewhere local or overseas (WalMart, military bases, etc…).• If you’re cutting multiple inserts, stack like pages together to cut out at the same time – saves time!!• Those annoying sales ads you get in the mail every Wednesday – keep them! There’s coupons in them!• When printing coupons online – logos mean nothing as long as it says “Manufacturer Coupon” at the top.Basic Budgeting• Start now – I’m serious!• Limit your credit card use• Do whatever possible to buy that tv, couch, car, etc… outright• Be honest with yourself – this was probably the hardest part of the process for me• With larger expenses, plan ahead. Christmas and Birthdays come at the SAME time every year. My Favorite Couponing Sites Couponing Databases