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  • 1. ACCEY winery is looking to establish the firstwinery in Baguio, Philippines. The winery will belocated along Legarda Road which is a major stateroute for individuals traveling to Baguio. We will beproducing our limited edition for this comingValentines day, Swarley. The winery’s sustainable competitiveadvantage is that we are seeking to attract youngergeneration wine consumers through internet savvymarketing techniques which will consist of a flashywebsite that allows sales of wine through theinternet. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 2. I. HISTORY ACCEY Wine Company wasrecently formed. The owners have beeninvolved in product development andtesting and are now ready to formalizetheir relationships and beginproduction and marketing. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 4. II. GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE COMPANY ACCEY Wine Company imports wines ofcharacter from producers who represent the best oftheir regional and local cultures. Our producers’wines reflect the authenticity and excellence thatcomes from generations of experience in thevineyard and in the cellar, together with anunwavering focus on quality. Respect for natureand distinctive regionality, and an effortlesscompanionship with food and friends – these arethe hallmarks of the wines we import. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 5. III. VISION ACCEY Wine Company is committed tobeing the wine industrys most trusted andrelied-upon partner, providing best-in-classproducts, exceptional expertise and apassion for quality and customersatisfaction. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 6. IV. MISSION & OBJECTIVES As a global industry leader we focus on long-term business success through the production anddistribution of premium wine products andservices, while always embracing our companyobjectives to:• Develop long-term partnerships with our customersand suppliers.• Consistently meet our customers expectations withour service and product quality. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 7. V. MISSION & OBJECTIVES• Work with honesty, integrity and respect at all times.• Continuously improve our best practices to maximizeenvironmental, social and economic sustainability.• Embrace change and encourage innovation.• Offer our employees a challenging and rewardingworkplace that inspires loyalty and success.• Seek excellence in everything we do.• Respect the environment and communities within which weoperate. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 8. VII. ORGANIZATIONLance Agcaoili – PresidentLance, retired, was an Executive VicePresident & Chief Financial Officerof the world’s leading cruise line, SeabournCruise Line where he was extensively involvedon the boards of numerous governmental andprivate organizations specializing in businessinnovation and development. This experiencein strategic business planning will be theguiding force leading the management team. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 9. Owen Yamon– Vice President & WinemakerOwen is Vice President and Business Leader of aworld-class casino-resort, Solaire Resort & Casinoin the Entertainment City of the Philippines andhas eighteen years of experience in consulting. Hehas developed his winemaking skills the last twelveyears learning and gaining hands-on experiencefrom commercial winemakers, professional wineconferences, technical courses and fieldexperience. He has achieved numerous awards innational and regional wine competitions. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 10. Patricia Ebalde– Marketing and BusinessOperationsPatricia began her career in the hotel industryduring her five-year tenure at the inception ofHotel Investors Trust in which she served inseveral executive hotel management positions,including director of Operations. Patricia’sexperience with Hotel Investors Trust, and hersubsequent experience, has provided her withthorough knowledge of hotel and casino financing,development, acquisition, operations andmarketing. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 11. Joan Cordel– Trade Sales ManagerJoan, retired, past president of SandsChina, largest leading developer, owner andoperator of multi-use integrated resorts andcasinos in Macao. And she was once the Presidentand Chief Operating Officer of Holiday InnWorldwide, President of Days Inn of America, andPresident of Americana Hotels. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 12. Janyne Casiano-Distribution andWarehouseJanyne, retired, worked before at OceaniaCruises, world’s only upper premium cruiseline as Executive Vice President of PassengerServices. She also became the cellarmanager at Gosbecks Road. Her current roleinvolves looking after the vast range of wineshere in our cellars and dispatching ordersthroughout the Philippines. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 13. VIII. PRODUCTS & SERVICES ACCEY Wine Company will provide distinctive richwines to progressive wine consumers. With the rapidgrowth of progressive wine drinkers looking for somethingdifferent. We will create a visceral wine experience offeringunique wine varietals best suited for the upcomingValentines Day this February. ACCEY Wine Company plans on producing a limitededition of Black-labeled pink wine, Swarley. This wine willappeal mainly to our secondary market but as the primarytarget market drinks more wine they will appreciate itsflavors. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 15. INTRODUCTION: PRODUCT Romance and wine tend to go hand inhand, whether its a fancy Valentines Day dinneror trying some of Cupids chocolate paired up withwine. You may also find yourself presenting aunique wine as a gift itself. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 16. Valentines Day is a great excuse to sample this sweettreat. Not only does it bring the days color themes to thetable in a vibrant rendition, giving that "built-in" rose food-pairing versatility, this wine will pair well with anassortment of Valentines Day dinner options.This sparkling bright pink wine from Italys is sweet andsubtle with the lush flavors of ripe raspberry and juicystrawberry.Stunning from start to finish and priced for everyone toexperience, create a truly romantic mood and a memorableevening for your valentine this year with the Black-labeledpink wine, Swarley! ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 17. *Customers who purchase one or more cases ofwine at one time will receive a 5% discount ontheir overall purchase!
  • 18. IX. CAPITAL STATEMENTStartup funding Startup expenses to fund 550,897.00 Startup assets to fund 210,000.00Total funding required 760,897.00Assets Non cash assets from start up 100,000.00 Cash requirements from start up 155,000.00Total funding 255,000.00Capital Total planned investment 1,500,000,000.00 Loss at start up 210,000.00 Total capital 1,499,790,000.00Total funding 1,500,000,000.00 ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 19. IX. CAPITAL STATEMENTRequirementsStartup expenses Legal 30,000.00 Interior refit 100,000.00 Expensed equipment 300,000.00 Initial marketing 25,000.00 Opening salaries deposit 80,000.00 Supplies for month 90,000.00Total start up expenses 525,000.00 ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN
  • 20. X. PHILOSOPHY Ultimately, everything a person seeks is ameans to feel happy and fulfilled. The enjoyment ofwine, nearly always accompanied by food andfraternity, offers a very simple yet wonderfullymysterious route. The philosophy of ACCEY WineCompany is to model and advocate wine as anavenue to mindfully enjoying life. To that end wewill strive to make our work a civilized, principledand compassionate part of our daily lives wherewine reminds us that one needn’t look too far for areason to be happy. ACCEY WINE COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN