EDA with SAPO Broker
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EDA with SAPO Broker



Using SAPO Broker to build Event Driven Architectures

Using SAPO Broker to build Event Driven Architectures



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EDA with SAPO Broker Presentation Transcript

  • 1. EDA with SAPO Broker and Perl Pedro Melo <melo@simplicidade.org> 30 Jul, 2008 - Lisbon Perl Mongers Tech Meeting
  • 2. EDA • NOT: Economic Development Administration • NOT: European Defence Agency • NOT: Electronic design automation • Actually: Event-driven architecture
  • 3. EDA • Everything is about events: generation, consumption, processing • Works great with loosely coupled systems • Very asynchronous in nature, someone triggers an event, eventually someone process the event
  • 4. Make Money Fast • Loosely couple systems means you don’t have to say you’re sorry • A new system does not usually require touching older systems • Need more power? add more consumers/ processors
  • 5. SAPO Broker • Keyword Bingo: a MOM using P2P Agents, providing basic PubSub and Queueing • Key fact n.1: distributed - no single point of failure, no “head” nodes, no “ultra-peers” • Key fact n. 2: in production for the last 2/3 years at SAPO
  • 6. SAPO Broker • Implemented in Java, but bindings for Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP, C out of the box • SAPO::Broker module included in the SVN • Soon Net::SAPO::Broker and AnyEvent::SAPO::Broker at CPAN • Basic publishing also possible with HTTP POST or file system (UDP since today)
  • 7. Distributed P2P Server 2 Server 1 Server 3
  • 8. Distributed P2P Server 2 Server 1 Server 3
  • 9. Distributed P2P Server 2 Server 1 Server 3 Server 4
  • 10. Distributed P2P Server 2 Developer Laptop 1 Developer Laptop 2 Server 1 Server 3 Server 4
  • 11. SAPO Broker Channels • Offers three types of “channels” • Topics • Queues • “Topic as Queues”
  • 12. Topics • Standard Publish/Subscribe • Someone publishes message, every subscriber receives copy • Drops messages for slower consumers
  • 13. Queues • Processes queue requests • Several workers consume requests • Each requests goes to one worker • System does not provide return channel for response, make up your own
  • 14. Topic as Queues • Twist on normal Topics • Several worker processes subscribe “as one” to a topic • Notifications will be delivered over all workers, each event goes to only one worker • Excellent for heavy processing on busy
  • 15. Topics are just strings • No hidden magic, no hierarchical organization • But you can add your own • SAPO uses /sapo/<system>/<other>/ <levels>/<here> • You can subscribe with RegExp though :)
  • 16. Wrap up • EDA systems are easier to scale • Loosely coupled systems are easier to manage • SAPO Broker is a stable MOM for building EDA with Perl • The distributed nature of SAPO Broker makes it better at using all your cores
  • 17. Thanks!