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Social Media And Your Business

Social Media And Your Business



Created this deck to present to the eWomen Network, Portland Chapter. I am available to speak at any of your small business events, non-profits, foundations, etc.

Created this deck to present to the eWomen Network, Portland Chapter. I am available to speak at any of your small business events, non-profits, foundations, etc.



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    Social Media And Your Business Social Media And Your Business Presentation Transcript

    • Presented by Melody Stromquist
      Small Business Affinity
      Social Media and Your Business
    • Getting Started on Your Social Media Strategy
      • This presentation will be available free on LinkedIn. If you add me to your network, you can download it from my profile
      • Work sheet to get you started
      • Starter Resource list
      • S.O.S. Card. Help answer SPECIFIC questions for LinkedIn, FaceBook, and Twitter
    • Social Media Defined Today
      • Social media is basically a conversation.
      • It’s accessed via internet and mobile tools and used for sharing information and opening discussion
      • Social media comes in text (blogs, websites), audio (pandora.com), pictures (flikr.com), and video (YouTube.com).
      • Businesses also refer to social media as UGC (user generated content) and CGC (consumer generated content)
    • Optimizing While You Network
      • Any website that invites you to interact other visitors falls into the definition of a social media, like blogs, forums, bulletin boards, etc.
      • Your participation will build your business and your network
      • This is your opportunity to position yourself as an expert
    • eWomenNetwork.com is a social site
      Connect with the eWomen Network online
      Learn what other members are doing
      Receive and offer exclusive specials to members
      Add relevance to your professional position online
    • Your eWomen Network Profile
      If you are having trouble getting your profile completed on the site, fill out an “S.O.S” Card
    • I couldn’t say it better…
      “Social media offers new opportunities to activate…brand enthusiasm.” - Stacy DeBroff, founder and CEO of Mom Central
      “Email marketing [with nothing else] will lead you down a really bad road.” - Chip Terry, vice president and general manager for Zoominfo
      “New marketing is about the relationships, not the medium.” - Ben Grossman, founder and chief strategist for BiGMarK
    • The point is:
      • “In the absence of communication among your customers, advertising rules.” - Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group and 1to1 Media
      • “By creating compelling content, you can become a celebrity.” - Paul Gillin
    • Getting the Most out of Networking Today
      • Networking is about more than shaking hands and exchanging business cards
      • In the world of GOOGLING
      • Building a reputation/Positioning your brand
      • Networking online & taking those connections F2F
      • Example Tweetup
    • How does social media impact your business?
      Customer Service Opportunities
      Damage Control
    • How does social media impact your business?
      Alternate to traditional marketing ($)
      Audience can be incredibly focused and large (the world has shrunk)
    • Homework: Look at how this companies do it
      Tillamook Cheese
      Dairy Queen
      Comcast (comastcares)
    • What Dairy Queen Does Specifically:
      Reputation monitoring
      Customer service
      Platform for promotion for all things Dairy Queen
      Identifying and rewarding brand endorsers and evangelists
      Re-tweeting Dairy Queen follower’s tweets
      Follows back Dairy Queen customers on Twitter
    • Let’s see Comcast in action
      Go to: search.twitter.com
      In search box, type: comcastcares
    • Tweeters show up!
      Austin Blood Drive Tweetup More than Doubles Traffic at Austin Blood and Tissue Center
      July 4th, 2008 · Social Media for Social Good
    • Comedian Dave ChapelleTweetup
    • The Crowd
      A rumor started that Dave Chappelle was going to be at Pioneer Courthouse Square at midnight. The rumor grew. 5000 plus showed up. So did Dave at 1am. WOW
    • What does that prove?
      Social media is word of mouth on STERIODS
    • More important aspects
      Trends, Alerts, News (share what you know)
      -Example: Twitter
      Relevance, Presence
      How do your customers find you?
      Networking (who you know)
      Example: FaceBook, LinkedIn
    • Many ways to interact
      Social Bookmarking – sites such as del.icio.us, stumbleupon, searchles, the interaction is through tagging websites and searching through sites other people have tagged
      Social News - sites such as digg, reddit, the interaction is by voting for articles and/or commenting on them
      Social Networking - sites like Facebook , MySpace, Twitter, interaction takes place by developing a profile, adding friends , adding photos, developing or joining communities, having discussions
      Social Video and Photo - Youtube, Flickr, interaction takes place by developing a profile, uploading photos or video, sharing them with other users, comments and discussions around them
    • Things are changing quickly
    • Do you Blog?
      Lurk-visit other blogs and see what people are talking about.  Search for blogs using Technorati.com.
      Comment- Start commenting on blogs. Remember: ALWAYS BE POLITE!
      Create-From what you learned by lurking and commenting, layout and create your blog.  I
      Tip:“If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.”  This will help gain followers. 
    • Statistics
      Social media websites account for about 50% of internet traffic
      80% of company CEOs believe their sites offer a superior experience, 8% of customers agree
      Social media usage growth is over 25% per year
      Mobile subscribers with access to social networks is increasing by 30% annually
      56% of Americans surveyed feel they have a stronger connection and are better served by brands that they can interact with on social media sites
    • Social media is still selective
      Industry Standards
      Get permission
      Review social media policy for your company
    • So What is Linkedin?
      A business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking.
      As of February 2009, it had more than 35 million registered users, spanning 170 industries.
      To complete your profile 100%, you must include your professional experience and profile, upload an image of yourself, and receive 3 recommendations. 
      Use tabs from right to left and from top to bottom to maximize LinkedIn’s potential.  For example; search questions and answers section, and position yourself as an expert by sharing useful advice and information.
    • Let’s go
    • What to do on LinkedIn
      Sign up
      Complete profile
      Invite contacts
      Seek Questions
      Comment and Encourage
      Join Groups
    • Facebook FAN PAGE for BUSINESS
      Isn’t FaceBook for kids?
      More than 250 million active users
      More than 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
      More than two-thirds of Facebook users are outside of college
      The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older
      FB demo= (35+)?! Kids are leaving like in mass exodus!
    • FaceBook & LinkedIn = Who you know
      ……And who knows you
      Fan page=searchable= good for business
      Facebook.com (business fan page set up)
    • Twitter?
      Twitter is a free micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers).
      2.5 million users and growing!
    • http://twitter.com/hellomelody
      Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow anybody to access them. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, or external applications (twhirl.org).
      Go to www.search.twitter.com.  Select keywords to find information.  Setting up an account is easy. 
      Consider adding your Twitter Link to your blog or website so people can follow you
    • To Tweet or not to Tweet
      According to Mashable, 40% of Twitter content is “pointless babble”
      Tip #1: if you want a quality audience, provide quality content
      Tip#2, Tough love: if you follow for a specific reason, “unfollow” when content gets off track, or is not valuable to you
    • Let’s try:
      If you already have an account,
      Follow: rowdenkelly = Carol Kelly,
      Or search hashtag: #eWN, #eWNPDX
    • Twitter
      Four specific tones to be conscience of when creating content for Twitter:
    • Twitter = What you know
      Sign up
      Search, hash tags
      Share and connect (Carol Kelly, follow, me, search your customers, peers and heroes!)
      Frequency (tweeklater.com)
    • You need to know about:
      Wefollow.com (twitter directory)
      Tweetlater.com (schedule tweets)
      Use Twitter widgets like Twhirl or Tweetdeck
    • Twitter Over Capacity, the fail whale
    • Key words
      Pepper relevant key words in your communication
      Remember there is a new opportunity to connect with someone new every entry
      Use tools like: googleadwords, wordtracker, and
      Ask your best customers, peers and colleagues to suggest search terms they would use to find your services online
    • Manage data, create your best personal recipe
      Google analytics (embedded code on your site tells you where traffic came from)
      Social media buttons on your site and blog
    • Your web of communication to F2F (face to face)
    • Overwhelmed yet?
    • Avoiding the “social media time sink”
      Budget your time like you would your money
      Use the shortcut tools, widgets out there
      90 day commitment test
    • Worksheet
      Media Mix
      Examine Web audiences by site, demographic profile and behavior.
      Optimize your online profile using keywords
      Evaluate your competitors’ strategies
      Understanding Your Customers
      Follow consumer decisions and media usage
    • Worksheet
      Identify your target audience, where they go, and what they do online. Marketing ROI Understand your brand impact across online and offline media (where is your time/money best spent?)
      Stay True to Your Message
      Performance Tracking & Measurement
      Insight Strategy & Development Develop and execute a strategy that works for you
    • Tweetlater (tweet ahead, posted when you say)
      Flock (new browser with homepage that keeps all your activities organized)
      Ping.fm (manage multiple accounts in one place)
      Analyze Statistics (learn how folks are finding your website, manage your strategy) Tweetstats.com, google.com/analytics
      Igoogle (organize the blogs you follow)
      Favorite Bookmarking sites
      Tools to help you manage or cope
    • Starting your own social media strategy
      Traditional marketing still has a place in your mix
      Use the worksheet
      Refer to the resource list
      Contact an expert
      Have fun!
    • In closing
      Connect with your customer base - You can start interacting with your customers and develop a solid grasp of their needs and wants.
      Manage customer relations – Criticism allows you to respond gracefully to customer’s complaints and suggestions and shows you care about them.
      Establish yourself as an industry expert - By publishing articles and opinions on your website you gain more credibility on the site and more visitors
      Brand extention - Saturating the internet with useful and viable content about your industry which are rich in keywords brings more visitors to your site