Comenius Cultural Jigsaw: Barney bear goes to Turkey!


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Comenius Cultural Jigsaw: 2011- 2013 Woodheys primary school

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Comenius Cultural Jigsaw: Barney bear goes to Turkey!

  1. 1. ComeniusComenius ‘Cultural Jigsaw’‘Cultural Jigsaw’ Project 2011 - 13 Barney Bear goes to Turkey!
  2. 2. May 9th is Europe Day! So Barney Bear decided that it would be the perfect date to tell you all about his very special trip to Turkey!
  3. 3. Barney decided to visit Turkey, but he did not want to travel all by himself. He invited his good friends, Mrs Jones, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Eyden to go with him. Here they are at the airport before flying off to…
  4. 4. … Antalya in Turkey Barney looked at his map to see where it is…
  5. 5. The very first day of his visit was International Children’s Day. All the children in Antalya took part in a special parade through the town. Barney went to have a look… There were flags and bands everywhere!
  6. 6. There were huge crowds and lots of policemen, photographers and soldiers Have a look for yourselves!
  7. 7. Children danced and sang – it was wonderful to watch!
  8. 8. There were children from all the local schools, clubs and organisations. Barney loved watching them all! They are so cute!
  9. 9. At the end of the parade was a huge banner. It read, “All the children of the world are brothers and sisters”. “What a wonderful message”, thought Barney and his friends!
  10. 10. All that excitement made Barney very hungry, so he went off to have something to eat… So much to choose from!
  11. 11. He had already seen the cook preparing some delicious food…
  12. 12. In the end, he chose…. Some salad and pizza … …and a drink called Ayran, made of yoghourt and water
  13. 13. He just had room left for some lovely cakes and a cup of tea!
  14. 14. The tea tasted lovely, but it looked different from usual. “How do you make it?” asked Barney. First, boil water in a special container Put the tea in the pot Pour the water on top of the tea leaves
  15. 15. Wait a few minutes and then the tea is ready to pour!
  16. 16. It was time for a bit of exercise. Barney and his friends had a look at Antalya. First, they visited the old mosque
  17. 17. Then they had a wander through the market
  18. 18. Barney wanted to buy lots of things!
  19. 19. He had to learn how to ‘haggle’. That means trying to persuade the shopkeeper to sell something to you at a lower price Lots of people haggle over the price of Turkish rugs and carpets. They are famous all over the world, but they are very expensive!
  20. 20. It was very hot, so Barney and his friends went for a short trip on a boat… Antalya is a very ancient city. They saw the watchtower and the old city walls while they were sailing along.
  21. 21. “If I get hungry, I can always pick an orange”, thought Barney. There were orange, lemon and pomegranate trees growing everywhere!
  22. 22. He was still so very hot… “A waterfall would cool me down”, he thought, so he and his friends went to the famous waterfalls at Düden.
  23. 23. Barney and his friends couldn’t believe how clear and blue the water was!
  24. 24. Barney was amazed to see some camels in the nearby park! They offered to take him for a ride, but he thought they deserved a rest!
  25. 25. Next, they all visited Aspendos. This used to be a huge city even before Roman times. However, a major earthquake destroyed almost everything and all that is left of it now is this amazing amphitheatre.
  26. 26. Their day ended with a visit to the Garden of Tolerance, where a mosque, a church and a synagogue are next door to each other in a beautiful garden.
  27. 27. “Mrs Daniels would love this!” he whispered to his friends as they looked around.
  28. 28. Barney read the words written on the wall…
  29. 29. Next day, it was time for Barney and his friends to do some work! They went to visit our twin school in Antalya. Here’s what it looks like. Who is the man in the picture?
  30. 30. “Excuse me, but who is that man in the picture up there?” Barney asked. “It’s a very famous man called Atatürk”, answered one of the children. “You will see pictures of him everywhere in Turkey and all over our school.” Atatürk was the first President of the modern Republic of Turkey. Turkish people honour and respect his memory and consider him to have been a great leader.
  31. 31. It was quite true. There were pictures of Atatürk in every room in the school.
  32. 32. On the day Barney and his friends arrived, the pupils and staff gave them a wonderful welcome!
  33. 33. Barney and his friends were given cologne to clean their hands. Then they were offered a delicious piece of ‘lokum’ (Turkish Delight).
  34. 34. When they went inside school, Barney spotted a Peace Pole just like the one in our courtyard! The children had decorated pebbles to put around it.
  35. 35. “Please may we have a look around?” asked Barney. They saw lots of classrooms…
  36. 36. Barney especially loved their artwork!
  37. 37. The children were very friendly!
  38. 38. After their tour, Barney and his friends went to meet all the other teachers from the Comenius project.
  39. 39. Barney and his friends sat at a special table just for them. They did lots of work!
  40. 40. They put out some special food from England for everyone else to try. It was very popular and soon almost everything disappeared!
  41. 41. Later on, Barney took the time to have a walk around the neighbourhood. He saw some interesting sights! Some men playing a game A ‘simit’ stall
  42. 42. Carpets being hung out to air in the sun and lots of lovely roses…
  43. 43. “I must mention the electricity arrangements to our Year 6 Energy Team”, thought Barney. He liked the solar panels, but he wasn’t too sure about the electricity wires!
  44. 44. When he got back from his walk, it was time for some Turkish coffee and a little snack!
  45. 45. “Our trip to Turkey was fabulous!” declared Barney, “but I think I will probably remember the dancing most of all.” At the school…
  46. 46. and in homes and restaurants…
  47. 47. Barney says, “Hoşçakal – Goodbye from Turkey! We hope you enjoyed the trip!”