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Mellanox Analyst Day - October 25, 2013. Presented by Marc Sultzbaugh, SVP of Worldwide Sales

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  • Good morning – My name is Marc Sultzbaugh You can rest your brains now it is time for sales !
  • We continue to expand our global footprint to increase our ability to build Mellanox brand and have direct touch with our customers.
  • We have multiple ways we drive sales to our customers – first we have direct sales to OEMs, value added resellers and distributors, in addition we find great value in direct touch with key end users in our target verticle markets. Our relationships with the ultimate consumers of our products allows us to understand how we enable their business, as well as create pull for Mellanox solutions thru our partners.
  • So what are the macro factors we see in our key markets that will drive our growth in the coming quarters.First within the HPC market we continue to maintain dominate market share and see growth of Mellanox FDR as % of deployments. Our customers are already working with us on the next wave of supercomputers using EDR/100Gb in 2H of 2014 and into 2015. In addition, we see growth WW in hyperscale systems driven by national competitiveness, national security, the huge requirements of search, social media and the move to cloud for compute and storage.Our second largest market today is in Storage and appliances. Here we continue to see strong growth in both revenue and design wins. – new customers like Teradata are moving us into more and more enterprise datacenters, and new design wins at customers like EMC, NetApp and IBM, reinforce Mellanox as the leader in embedded storage fabrics.
  • We see additional drivers for us around the growth in Big data, data analytics, and general infrastructure updates by governments world wide. There are significant changes taking place in the ethernet switch market that provides a tremendous opportunity for us.Similar to other areas of the datacenter - customers are looking for alternatives to proprietary software stacks and the need for much better price performance than is available from traditional suppliers. So trends around Open Stack, and Software Defined Networks will be catylsts for new growth for Mellanox.
  • As we look at our opportunities by region - One of the most important factors in Mellanox success is the tremendous customer base we have. We are strategic to the T1 providers of server, storage and interconnect, and we are aligned with their initiatives around building solutions for hyperscale, cloud, big data and storage.
  • Asia Pacific provides us with the biggest upside in the coming quarters and we are investing in our sales and support channels to capitalize. One of the biggest drivers is the move of ODM’s like Quanta and Asus to become direct OEM suppliers to the web and cloud providers, in addition we see Huawei moving aggressively into the data center. These and others will be significant customers for us in the near future
  • In EMEA we are seeing strong signs of recovery, but especially in Russia, Germany and UK. We expect large HPC deployments in 2014/2015, and new opportunities in service providers.
  • As we have discussed one of the largest greenfield growth opportunities for Mellanox is in the ethernet switch market. We see many factors driving customers to deploy with Mellanox. I want to show you a few of the early adopters and why we win.The first is an research cloud in Asia Pac – key requirements were single network for compute storage and network, second was for high BW fabric with the ability to support wide variety of applications, finally customer preferred open source software stacks. Why did we win - Mellanox VPI capability, which enables the customer to configure the fabric for either Infiniband or ethernet depending on the workload was a key differentiator, in addition our leadership in driving open stack was a critical benefit, it was an very competitive and strategic opportunity and with our partner Dell were able to win against Cisco UCS offering
  • Next a large scale web2.0 and cloud provider in Asia, Here the customer knew they needed more that 10Ge, but the cost from current suppliers Arista and Cisco was way too expensive in both capex and opex.Mellanox ability to support end to end 40Gbe with a highly scalable solution and un precedented price/performance along with direct working relationship with the end customer allowed us to win what we believe will be a long term high growth light house customer.
  • Finally – a large research institute that had huge bottle neck to their storage even at 10GbE. Again they wanted to move to 40Ge but could not find the density and price points needed.With our Virtual Modular Switch and non-blocking TOR we were able to provide non blocking high BW e2e solution that beat out both Arista and Brocade.
  • So in summary why Mellanox – we are clearly in the heart of the macro drivers around explosion of data, – Mellanox interconnect solutions provide differentiation and unique price/performance that provide customers with much better ROI.Our ability to deliver e2e allows our customers to accelerate their time to market, and ensures a better customer experienceBeing vertically integrated – allows us to provide customers with a flexible engagement model, in ensures we control our own destiny, and customers appreciate and understand our level of expertise to solve any issues.Whilte we are certainly on the radar of large competitors who we do not take lightly, however we are fortunate to have customers that view Mellanox as a strategic alternative to ensure they have choices.
  • Mellanox's Sales Strategy

    1. 1. Mellanox’s Sales Strategy Marc Sultzbaugh – SVP of Worldwide Sales October 25, 2013
    2. 2. World Wide Presence Denmark Russia London Seattle Sunnyvale, CA Frankfurt Chicago Washington, DC Los Angeles Boston NYC Raleigh Beijing Korea Tokyo Israel Austin Shenzhen Taiwan India Brazil Australia Headquarter Sales office © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 2
    3. 3. Mellanox’s Push/Pull Strategy OEMs Distribution OEM Channels Solution Providers End-Users HPC Government FSI Web 2.0 Enterprise Cloud Mellanox End-User Sales / Business Development © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 3
    4. 4. Mellanox Growth Drivers  HPC/Hyperscale • Strong adoption of FDR InfiniBand (higher throughput = > ROI) - Increased $ per end-point • Increased number of Hyperscale Systems WW - Critical for national development and security - Required for social media and search - Mellanox viewed as leader in 40/100Gb/s • Increased sales of software, support and services - Better customer experience; increased $ per engagement  Storage Solutions and Appliances • Designs in development for years = now driving $$ • New customers like Teradata moving us into Enterprise markets • Storage Fabrics = Mellanox - New design wins with EMC, NetApp, and IBM with more to come © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 4
    5. 5. Mellanox Growth Drivers  New Market Opportunities • Big Data – - Compustorage = Faster Network • Virtualized Environments – - More VMs, wide variety of applications in cloud = more scalable network • Governments Investing in Infrastructure WW – China, India, Japan, Korea, South America • Changing Landscape for Ethernet Switch Market – - Customers demanding open platforms - Better price/performance © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 5
    6. 6. Market Summary Americas Server OEMs Storage/Data Warehouse Networking End Users End-to-End with Server OEMs, De-facto for Storage Fabric © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 6
    7. 7. Market Summary Asia Pacific Server OEMs Storage/Data Warehouse Networking End Users New Server/Storage Players from ODM to OEM Large Infrastructure Investment for Cloud © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 7
    8. 8. Market Summary EMEA Server/Storage OEMs Embedded Networking End Users Signs of Comeback, Strong Growth in Russia, Germany, and UK © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 8
    9. 9. Major Research Institute – OpenStack Cloud  Customer needs Controller Nodes • Converged traffic for storage, inter-node and TCP/IP • HPC and Big Data jobs on the cloud • Open Stack support OpenStack Management Services Horizon Dashboard Mellanox Neutron Plugin Adapter Compute Servers  Winning the customer • Maximize the number of Virtual Machines per server • Open source vs. proprietary – leadership in OpenStack VM VM VM OS OS OS Mellanox Neutron Agent OpeniSCSI with iSER (RDMA) Adapter Storage Servers Converged Service/Storage Network (40GbE/FDR) OpenStack Cinder iSCSI/iSER Target RDMA Local Disks Network Nodes Firewall Raid Adapter NAT DHCP Agent  Utilizing VPI solution • End to End 40/56Gb/s at much better price/performance than others 10GbE © 2013 Mellanox Technologies Management Network Storage Network Service Network Public Network - Mellanox Confidential - L3 Agent L2 Agent Public Network Adapter 9
    10. 10. Asia Web 2.0/Cloud Provider  Customer Wanted • Higher BW to scale-out storage >10Gb • Flat scalable network Virtual Modular Switch  Mellanox Provided 40GbE • 40GbE solution from End-to-End • Price / performance • Scalable solution 40/56GbE 1/10GbE iSCSIStorage TOR --- --- --- --- 40GbE 350 VMware Servers Per Cell 40GbE 40GbE 40GbE -------- -------- -------- -------- Servers © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 10
    11. 11. European Scientific Compute Facility  Customer Needs • Previous 10GbE network out of capacity • High performance access to 10PB storage with solution that could expand over time • 40GbE at scale and reasonable price point 40GbE Uplinks to Existing Network --------  Mellanox Solution 40GbE • Virtual Modular Switch (VMS) at TOR with nonblocking 10GbE to server with 40GbE uplinks • Highly scalable design to allow grow as you need architecture © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 10GbE 10GbE Servers - Up to 1,152 Hosts ConnectX-3 Pro: VXLAN NVGRE 11
    12. 12. Mellanox Growth Drivers Why Mellanox?  Growth of data is a given • Useful data must be available now • Interconnect becomes the key  Differentiated products • Non-commodity • Customers gain significant value  Vertical integration • Flexible customer engagements • Control our destiny • Customers rely on our expertise  Customers want choice • We stand on our own and will compete with anyone • Nice to have strong market leading customers that view us strategically © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 12
    13. 13. Thank You Thank You © 2013 Mellanox Technologies - Mellanox Confidential - 13