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  • 1. 9th and 10th Grade-
  • 2. It’s almost time to take the FCAT 2.0! Here are answers to some important questions and reminders to help you do your very best.
  • 3. How long is the test? The FCAT 2.0 will be 140 minutes. Good News!The test will be broken into two days and two 70 minute sessions.
  • 4. Will the test questions be multiple choice or written response?The FCAT 2.0 has only multiple choice questions.
  • 5. Will my test be paper/ pencil or on the computer?• 9th grade students will take a paper/pencil test.• 10th grade students will take a computer test.
  • 6. What type of questions will be on the FCAT 2.0?1. Vocabulary2. Reading Application3. Literary Analysis4. Informational Text/Research Process
  • 7. What are vocabulary questions?*Context Clues*Word Relationships*Analyzing words and phrases*Multiple Meanings*Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words
  • 8. What are Reading Application questions?*Author’s Perspective, Author’s Bias, andAuthor’s Purpose*Main Idea*Cause and Effect*Summary Statement*Relevant Details (Conclusions/Inferences)*Text Structure and Organizational Patterns chronological order, arguments/support, text features
  • 9. What are Literary Analysis Questions?*Literary Elements Plot, Setting, Characterization*Character Development Protagonist, Antagonist*Character Point of View*Descriptive Language tone, imagery, irony, alliteration, onomatopoeia,allusion, satire*Figurative Language simile, metaphor, symbolism, personification, pun, hyperbole
  • 10. What are Informational Text questions?*Text Features charts, maps, diagrams, sub-headings, captions, illustrations, graphs*Validity and Reliability of information synthesize, analyze, evaluate, drawing conclusions
  • 11. What strategies should I use before reading?• Read the title and subtitles• Make predictions before reading• Preview Pictures, Charts, Maps, and Graphs
  • 12. What strategies should I use while reading?• Active Reading Strategies• Underline/circle important facts/main idea• Text marking/margin notes• Visualize, create brief 3-4 second visuals• View all pictures• View and analyze all charts• React and connect to real world/personal• Re-read sentences and/or portions of the passage that are unclear
  • 13. What strategies should I use after reading?• Circle key words in the question to highlight exactly what is being asked• Mark out obvious wrong answers• Place question marks next to possible answers• Look back in the passage to find the correct answer• Circle key words in the answer that prove it is correct
  • 14. How can I get additional practice for the FCAT 2.0? Login To Any Computer At School or Home WWW.USATESTPREP.COMYour teacher will provide you with additional login information.
  • 15. GOOD LUCK!ShOw what yOU KnOw!