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Election of 1912
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Election of 1912






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    Election of 1912 Election of 1912 Presentation Transcript

    • Some images,text courtesy Ms. Susan M. Pojer
    • TR said that Taft, “had the most lovable personality I have ever come in contact with”Handing off responsibility to Taft in 1909
    • “I very keenly share your disappointment in Taft, and in a way perhaps feel it even more deeply than you do, because it was I who made him President” ~ T.R. “Roosevelt was my closest friend,” he said brokenly. Then he could restrainhimself no longer, and he began to weep. ~ Taft
    • Roosevelt and Taft brawl while Uncle Sam looks on in the British magazine Punch
    • TheRepublican Party &PresidentWilliam H. Taft
    • Keep theWhistl e Blowi ngTaft wasdetermined todefeat TR and preserve the conservativeheart of the Republican Party.
    • The GOP After the CircusTR  The RepublicanParty must stand forthe rights ofhumanity, or else it must stand for specialprivilege.
    • TheProgressive Party & Former President Theodore RooseveltPeople should riseabove their sectarianinterests to promote the general good.
    • Theodore Roosevelt atOsawatomie, KS: New Nationalism Big business requires big government.
    • The Anti- Third- TermPrincipl e
    • The “Bull Moose” Party:The Latest Arrival at the Political We stand at Armageddon, Zoo and we battle for the Lord! ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS!
    • The Socialist Party & Eugene V. DebsThe issue is Socialism versusCapitalism. I am forSocialism because I am forhumanity.
    • Growth of the Socialist Year Socialist Party Vote Party Total Socialist Labor 1888   2,068 2,068 1890   13,704 13,704 1892   21,512 21,512 1894   30,020 30,020 1896   36,275 36,274 1898   82,204 82,204 1900 96,931 33,405 130,336 1902 223,494 53,763 277,257 1904 408,230 33,546 441,776 1906 331,043 20,265 351,308 1908 424,488 14,021 438,509 1910 607,674 34,115 641,789 1912 901,873
    • The Democratic Party & Governor Woodrow Wilson (NJ) Liberal reformer, trust-buster, independent of party bosses
    • TheReformGoverno r of NJ: ItTakesTime
    • Both Reformers – fought for votes in the middle (Moderates) ConservativeLiberal Eugene Woodrow Teddy Pres. Debs Wilson Roosevelt William Taft (Democrat) (Progressive/ (Republican Socialist Bull Moose incumbent) Party Party)
    • • Women’s Rights• Civil Rights• Child Labor/Workers’ Rights• Protective Tariff• Big Business/TrustsReform Party Platforms:• New Nationalism – TR• New Freedom – Wilson ** both called for a more active government role in economics and social welfare issues
    • “dangerous egotist!”“FATHEAD!” “guinea pig brain!”
    • “Don’t interferewhen your enemy is destroying himself.”
    • In groups: – Develop your Platform – What are your views on the following big issues? • Women’s suffrage, Race relations, Trusts, Tariff, Labor – Each person in the group should be able to present ONE element of your platform to the class – Now…Let’s run your campaign and see if you’d win
    • An Actual 1912 Ballot
    • GOP Divided by Bull Moose Equals Democratic Victory! Wilson was the second of only two Democrats to be elected President between 1860 and 1932.
    • ¾ of Americans voted for parties of CHANGE – T.R. and Taft – 7 million – Wilson - 6 million – Debs - 1 million Wilson didn’t have a majority, BUT Republicans split the vote – WILSON WINS!
    • • Cartoon depicting William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt lying exhausted after the 1912 presidential campaign and saying, “Cheer up! I might have won.”• Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.
    • Election ResultsBy 1912, 100,000 fewer people had voted forWilson than had voted for Bryan in 1908.The 1912 election marked the height of theSocialist movement in America.
    • The nature of government was debated - The people WANTED the government to be involved in their lives!
    • As Big As a Balloon Tariff Reform
    • Conserva tion Issue: TheBallinger -Pinchot
    • The UnanswerableArgument for Suffrage
    • Never Again!Taft Abandons Support for Women’s Suffrage
    • TR &Women ’sSuffrag e: TheMilitan
    • Woman Suffrage Before 1920
    • Songs of the Sunny South
    • Lynchi ng& the Race Issue
    • Trying to Catch the Colored Vote
    • Mr. Lewis Gets His Share
    • Oh, That ThisToo, Too Solid South Would Melt!
    • On Uncle Sam’s Farm The Democratic party took control of the Senate for the first time in 20 years.
    • The GOP: AnExtinctAnimal?
    • For Further Reading
    • The Industrial Worker: I. W. W.The first American labor group to open itsmembership to all wage-earning workers, regardlessof skill, nationality, race, sex, or gender.
    • BIBLIOGRAPHY“1912—Competing Visions for America.”Ohio State University.http://history.osu.edu/projects/1912/HarpWeek/Elections. “Election of 1912.”http://www.elections.harpweek.com/