Christmas in the uk

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  • 2. NATIONAL HOLIDAYS Christmas Eve 24/12 Christmas Day 25/12 - DAY OFF! Boxing Day 26/12 - DAY OFF! New Year's Eve 31/12 New Year's Day 01/01 - DAY OFF!
  • 3. FOOD Turkey Mince Pies Sausage Rolls Christmas Pudding Chocolate Log
  • 4. Christmas Cards In the UK, we send Christmas cards to our family members and loved ones. At school, children make Christmas cards for their parents and teachers.
  • 5. Nativity Play In most primary schools, the children perform a Nativity Play for the parents.
  • 6. Pantomimes Christmas Pantomimes are very popular. Most families will go together and watch a well known children’s story performed on stage by famous actors and actresses. Popular stories are Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
  • 7. Carol Singing Children (and some parents!) knock on doors in their neighbourhood and sing carols to their neighbours. Popular carols are: Silent Night Away in a Manger White Christmas
  • 8. Build a Snowman It often snows in England at Christmas. The games we play in the snow are: Snow angels Snowballs Build a snowman
  • 9. Advent Calendars We count down to Christmas by opening a door on our Advent Calendars every day. Chocolate calendars are the most popular amongst children.
  • 10. Christmas Crackers We pull Christmas crackers at the table on Christmas day. Inside there is a paper hat, a joke, a prize and a fact.
  • 11. Mistletoe Traditionally, we kiss underneath the mistletoe. For English people this is different, as usually we just shake hands.
  • 12. Christmas Eve On Christmas Eve we: - Put presents under the tree - Go to a Christingle - Leave mince pies for Father Christmas On Christmas Eve night, Father Christmas visits houses and leaves presents for good children.
  • 13. Christmas Day On Christmas Day , we exchange presents and eat a big dinner with family. There is also the Queen’s Speech on television and Christmas films.
  • 14. Boxing Day On Boxing Day , people play or watch sports. Football and horse/dog racing are very popular on Boxing Day. The name ‘boxing day’ comes from the day after Christmas when people would give left-overs to the poor in a box. People also eat their second Christmas Dinner!