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Interview tips



Presented by Kelly Savio.

Presented by Kelly Savio.



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Interview tips Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Interviewing Tips A Guide to Getting “the Good Stuff”
  • 2. Go in prepared Become an expert/do research But don’t be afraid to admit your limited knowledge and let them show off their expertise*) Think about question order (natural segues, logical order) Have good questions Print out confusing/potentially controversial stuff
  • 3. Warm them up Introduce yourself (Name, state your affiliation, briefly explain the story and why you’d like to talk to them)* Softball questions Build up to the juicy stuff Exception: Breaking news
  • 4. What’s in a name? Get it right Double-check it Use “military lingo” They spell it for you Show it to them GET IT RIGHT (Did I mention that?) Check for titles at this time
  • 5. Prep the questions ABSOLUTELY prep questions Number them Don’t plan spaces Give yourself some time to think/add Ask your colleagues what they’d want to know
  • 6. The questions themselves One word answers? Bad. Let them tell you. Try, “Tell me….”or “Could you explain….” Clichés are a dime a dozen Watch out for “duh” questions Go off-script when needed Don’t forget the basics: 5Ws,1H* Get lots of specifics/details*
  • 7. Recorders Not always Ask permission (with a spin) Record it Don’t erase it Keep it with your notes
  • 8. Look up from your notebook Look at the person Eye contact Observe their behavior Observe the surroundings Put it all in the notes Give them time to think (don’t be afraid of a pause/silence) Be aware of your intimidation factor and adjust accordingly
  • 9. Know your rights What’s public information? Who should you have access to? Where can you go? What can you see? What is a reasonable amount of time? Be thoughtful when exercising these rights.
  • 10. Off the record Controversial/Dangerous territory Is your name Woodward or Bernstein? Don’t do it
  • 11. Odds and ends Personal shorthand Right way to ask someone to slow down (use it!) Don’t take forever writing Read back for clarity No email interviews Be respectful… no matter what Leave, go to your “spot,” organize
  • 12. *Attribution Thisis where I mention that I borrowed a few tips from David Sheets (Phone: 314- 971-0073 Email: dsheets@post- Facebook: david.sheets Twitter: @DKSheets )