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  • 1. Poston 1Melissa PostonENG 101Professor Bolton18 February 2013Limitless: Trouble with your mindIn the film Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays a role as Eddie Morra, a man whose life hasgotten out of hand. He struggles with writing his new idea of a novel, while in the meantime hisgirlfriend Lindy dumps him for being out of hand. Eddie ends up running into his ex-brother in-law, who is a drug dealer; he tells Eddie about a new drug they discovered that will let himexplore his whole entire brain. When Morra began taking the drugs, he began miraculouslygaining knowledge. His ex-brother in-law is murdered by a Russian, who is also after him for thedrugs.He becomes well-known and starts working for a billionaire, Carl Van Loon. Whilesucceeding in the business, Lindy falls in love with him again, but she didn’t know he was ondrugs. His ex-wife finds him and tells him that he needed to stop taking the drugs becauseitwasslowly killing him, when Eddie misses a pill, he became really ill. At the end of the movie, hestarts making more pills but without the bad stuff in it. The film demonstrates how people wantto expand their knowledge but also demonstrates how people misuse medication for wrongreasons. However, I do agree with wanting to increase knowledge, but I also disagree withchanging who you are and killing yourself to do so.I totally agree with people wanting to become smarter. But can medicine actuallyincrease your knowledge? The first scene shows how Eddie is lost in his novel and has no cluewhat to write. However, once he takes the pill, he will not have that problem anymore.According to the film, “They say you can only access 20% of your brain, with this you can
  • 2. Poston 2access all of it.” Even though no one yet has discovered this kind of pill or made this kind ofpill, it could make humans lives easier. If everyone was able to access all of their brain, I thinkour country would be better off, speaking for how people would straighten out the mess we are inand getting us back in order, there would also be a downfall to that. Medication has been aroundfor a while and has helped so many people for different reasons, like the physically challenged,the mentally challenged, the emotionally challenged and even for basic sickness. Every personhas some kind of medication to keep them going for periods of time. We all are hoping todiscover new ways to increase our knowledge, so that we can do more. I believe someonesomeday will figure out some way to do such a thing.Despite my agreement on becoming smarter, I have to disagree with taking medicine forno apparent reason. In the film, Eddie is addicted to this medication, but when he stops taking it,he gets really ill, also other people die and gets sick after they stop taking it, who has taken thepills. People every day die from taking medicine that was not prescribed to them. We rely onmedicine to make us feel good and to take us away from the stress that we have, but in themeanwhile those drugs are killing us slowly without us even knowing. Camilla Haw and KeithHawton states, “In psychological autopsy studies, substance (drugs and alcohol) misuse ordependence has been reported in 19-63% of suicides” (86). For example, I used to have very badknee problems, and every day I would come home and take medicine until it started slowly goingaway, but the next day I would have this awful headache when I woke up. This goes to show thatwe over use medication for no good reasons.While disagreeing on the misuse on medication, I also disagree with changing whosomeone is to make them self-smarter. The film shows that when Lindy and Eddie starts datingagain, Lindy can tell that he is not the same person he used to be. Also when the pills wore off,
  • 3. Poston 3he had no clue what he was doing and where he had been. A lot of people, who use drugs, don’thave a straight mind of what they’re doing or what they have done. After taking drugs for longperiods of time, it changes who that person really is. And even when a person stops takingmedication and drugs they are not always going to be the same. Although in the film, we do seethat medication can have some good outcomes but also have some bad outcomes.After all, to me, I think Limitless isn’t worth watching because it makes no sense forpeople trying to kill their selves to get smarter over a period of time. Even though it givesviewers several things to think about, like would someone be willing to change themself orwould someone be willing to take the chance to see how the medication works. While I disagreewith changing and killing yourself, I agree with wanting to expand the human mind.
  • 4. Poston 4Works CitedHaw, Camillia; Hawton, Keith. “Problem drug use, drug misuse and deliberate self-harm”Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. Vol.46. (2011): 85-93.Academic Search PremierLimitless. Dir. Neil Burger. Perf. Abbie Cornish, Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro.A ROGUE. 2010. Film.