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  • 1. Introduction to the Inca Empire
  • 2. Do Now: In Warm-Up Box 3 use the word bank to fill ineach of the blanks (write the whole paragraph on yourwarm up along with the answer)There are three ______________ groups Word Bank of people we have learned about. The Olmec are an example of a  Rainforest ____________, and spread their culture  Human Sacrifice to the Maya and the Aztecs. The Maya  Cultural Hearth lived in the _____________ and practiced ________________ farming.  Mesoamerican The Aztecs lived on  Polytheistic __________________. They grew their  Slash and Burn crops using ____________________ or  Chinampas rafts from growing plants. All of these people were ______________and  Lake Texcoco believed in __________________.
  • 3. Entrance Procedure Essential Question: How was Inca society both similar and different to our own way of life? Look at the two pictures below. Make a list for each picture with all the words that you think of when you see the picture.
  • 4. Essential Question and Big Goal Essential Question: How was Inca society both similar and different to our own way of life? Big Goal: Often, the movies we see and the books we read present people in a generalized way. Today we are going to continue learning about ancient Latin American civilizations and how advanced these societies actually were. 21st Century Skill: Global citizenship
  • 5. An Overview of the Inca Empire Discovery Education video: Peru’s Past (5 minutes) Copy down three things about Inca society you find interesting or surprising in your journal Share-out!
  • 6. Group Work: Foldable!Inca Empire Government  Create the foldable to the left!  #1 Summarize each of the categories in your own words on the foldable.  HINT: Focus on understandingOrganization Farming bolded words in the reading.  #2 After summarizing, draw a picture to remind yourself of the information you read  #3 Write one sentence describing why this part of Incan life was important.
  • 7. Class Share-Out!! Then, Time to Practice!! Work with a partner on Life in the Inca Empire to use primary sources to make connections about what we just learned! Raise your hand if you have any questions! You will finish this as a homework assignment…so work hard while you have class time!!
  • 8. Quick Assessment!! Answer the Questions on the back of your sheet to quiz yourself!