Pro Dev STEM Lesson Plan - Internships


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IDH 4905: Intro to Honors Professional Development STEM, Fall 2011 - lesson plan on internships

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Pro Dev STEM Lesson Plan - Internships

  1. 1. Guide 4: InternshipsNow that we have a better sense of what is needed for a dynamite resume andinterview, its time to start putting those skills to practice. Internships are becomingmore and more important, particularly in certain fields. The purpose of this module is toget you thinking about internship possibilities in your area(s) of interest. Iveintentionally planned the internship module for this week in order to prepare youfor Career Showcase, September 27-28 at the OConnell Center.Step 1:Use the Guide for this week to reflect on the class topics from the previous two weeks.Step 2:Log on to GatorCareerLink through the Career Resource Center. Create a profile, andthen click on "Events" to find the link to "Career Showcase Fall 2011." Search theShowcase database to identify 2-3 companies that you might be interested in meetingto discuss a potential internship.If you cannot identify 2-3 companies from the Showcase database, you can search forcompanies online as well. Pre-health students may have to do the 2nd option. Thinkabout health-related national organizations, non-profits, hospitals, etc.Here is a huge list of resources on companies in engineering and science.Identify the companies you find in the guide.Step 3:Add the company websites you identified in Step 2 to your Delicious account. Pleasealso post an informative annotation in the Notes section of your Delicious entry (a goodsummary letting us know what to expect from the resource), as well as the followingtags: PRODEVSTEM11 and INTERNSHIP. You will include the URL and annotation in theguide for this week.Step 4:Create an account on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional development-oriented socialnetworking site. It currently has more than 120 million members across the world.Tutorials and helpful info on using the site are located here.Fill in your profile information, particularly relevant information from your resume suchas education and experience.
  2. 2. Create a customized public profile URL and include it in the guide. This URL should beprofessional - usually some combination of your first and last name.Join the following LinkedIn groups: Network with the Gators, UF Honors Program, andat least 1-2 groups related to your majors. Engineers could join University of FloridaEngineering Alumni. Pre-health students could join The Student Doctor Network or theAmerican Medical Student Association.Now search for at least 1 of the 2 companies you identified in Step 2 on LinkedIn.Include your findings in the guide.Step 5:Create a SWOT analysis in the guide to prepare for a potential interview or meetingwith this company.Step 6:BONUS! Actually meet this company at Career Showcase next week. If you thecompany that interests you is not going to be at Showcase, contact the company abouta potential internship. Include proof of your contact in this forum. You can upload proofat any point before the last day of classes.Step 7:Save your assignment as "Guide4_LastName.doc" and submit it.