CTU's 2013 Meeting Moments Campaign

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CTU's Meeting Moments campaign promoted the university's online MBA with a social media contest, thought leadership content, infographics, and a campaign hub on Facebook.

CTU's Meeting Moments campaign promoted the university's online MBA with a social media contest, thought leadership content, infographics, and a campaign hub on Facebook.

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  • All entries can be viewed at http://bit.ly/Z7cbIR


  • 1. Meeting Moments: 2013 Campaign Report
  • 2. Campaign Summary In early 2013, CTU revamped its Master’s of Business Administration program. The Meeting Moments campaign was one leg of a full-on national effort to build awareness of the updated program. Target Audiences: •Aspiring students: Build awareness of CTU’s rewarding, accredited and award-winning MBA program as well as provide thought leadership pieces from the university’s business faculty members •Students and alumni: Reinforce that CTU is an educational leader, providing them with a quality education that is based on the needs of today’s leading organizations This one-month integrated marketing initiative was housed on a custom tab within CTU’s Facebook page. It featured a social media-based contest – a first for CTU at the time – and thought leadership content from CTU business and management faculty members. Meeting Moments included paid and organic posts, email communications, and announcements within CTU student channels, such as the virtual campus.
  • 3. Campaign Goals As one component of the university’s national branding initiative, Meeting Moments sought to drive awareness of the updated MBA program through social media channels. Goals Metrics for Success Build awareness of CTU’s rewarding, accredited and award-winning MBA program 24 million impressions; 12 million unique impressions; 10,000 likes, 1,000 comments, and 700 shares on thought leadership pieces content CTU business and management faculty members; 3,000 new Facebook fans; 50 new blog subscribers Encourage sharing of meeting moments so community members can learn from others’ meeting successes or mistakes 150 entries on Meeting Moments contest ; 1,000 entry votes; 500 likes on entries; 200 comments on entries; 5,000 contest tab visits
  • 4. Contest Snapshot The Meeting Moments contest invited social media users to submit their best, worst, funniest, or inspiring meeting moments via Facebook application tab. Each submission needed to tie to business relationships and/or workplace environment interactions to qualify for prizes. The top three qualified entries that received the most votes received an iPad 2 with CTU-branded cover, stylus pen, and Moleskine notebook. Voters were able to vote once a day throughout the contest time period. Runners up, qualified entries that were not named grand prize winners, each received a CTU-branded Moleskine notebook.
  • 5. Campaign Challenge Challenge: Cheating Halfway through the contest, our weekly reporting allowed us to uncover that certain entrants were using third party tools to auto-vote on their behalf, dozens of times each day. Solution: Enforcing rules and changing approach for future contests Upon checking with our legal team, we confirmed that individuals who utilized the auto-vote function were violating the contest terms and conditions. As a result, those individuals did not qualify for the grand prize. We awarded grand prizes to entrants who received the most votes without using such third party tools. Upon further research, we discovered that individuals were able to set up these auto-vote functions because we kept our contest app un-gated, meaning entrants did not need to sync their Facebook profile with the app. We initially decided to have an un-gated contest so individuals would be more inclined to participate. However, after learning this, we determined gated contests moving forward would give us more qualified entries. To us, quality is more valuable than quantity.
  • 6. Campaign Results •Ran from March 4 – March 31 and obtained 33,767,990 total impressions, allowing us to increase awareness of CTU MBA program and drive engagement on MBA-related content. •Campaign posts received 16,001 Facebook likes, 1,115 Facebook shares, and 1,219 Facebook comments, showing that fans were engaged by more than the opportunity to win prizes. •On top of overall campaign engagement, the Meeting Moments contest obtained 231 entries which led to additional 3,800 likes, 275 comments, and 10,556 votes, resulting in more viral awareness of CTU’s MBA. •Campaign led to 82 new blog subscribers, who will now receive future CTU updates – outside of Facebook . This post alone resulted in 350K+ >> impressions and 2K+ interactions!
  • 7. Campaign Results Additional Metrics: • Uplift in fans on CTU Facebook page, outperforming non-campaign periods: 16% • Average number of likes per Meeting Moments-related Facebook post : 690 • Average number of shares per Meeting Moments-related post: 50 • Average number of comments per Meeting Moments-related Facebook post: 60 Our community interacted with every single piece of campaign content, which was designed to reinforce that CTU is an educational leader and leading MBA provider. When each individual interacted with contest content, their personal Facebook connections saw it - connections that may have been previously unfamiliar with CTU. This exposure extended awareness of CTU’s MBA program and thought leadership. 38,371 social actions x 220 avg. Facebook friends* = 8,441,620 word of mouth influence Category Achieved Success Metric total impressions 33,767,990 24,000,000 unique user views 16,780,704 12,000,000 new Facebook fans 5,174 3,000 Facebook likes 16,001 10,000 Facebook shares 1,115 700 Facebook comments 1,219 1,000 contest tab visits 15,724 5,000 Category Achieved Success Metric entries 231 150 likes on entries 3,800 500 comments on entries 275 200 votes for entries 10,556 1,000 CTU blog email opt in 82 50 Our hub on Facebook continues to house MBA thought leadership. >>
  • 8. Notable Engagement Campaign content included sharable graphics of funny meeting moments; videos of faculty members sharing their worst meeting moments; and thought leadership content. Engagement highlighted on select posts below.
  • 9. Notable Entries signifies grand prize winners who obtained the most valid votes on their entries. 231 entries led to an additional 14,631 interactions from CTU fans and non-community members. On average, entry received approximately 46 votes. Having entrants encourage their friends and families to vote on their behalf for the chance to win enabled us to further viral awareness of CTU.
  • 10. Integrated Communication An integrated communication plan was crafted to drive contest entries and create broad awareness of the CTU and its revamped MBA program. Ongoing efforts continue to make social media initiatives a part of the university fabric. •Emails and virtual campus announcements invited students to share their meeting moments. •Contest blurb and content appeared in aspiring student marketing materials and newsletters. •Campaign tab was revamped post-contest to better showcase thought leadership pieces from CTU’s leading business management experts. This permanent tab provides aspiring, current and previous students interested in learning more about the MBA program with access to the latest MBA content and the ability to connect with our Dean of Business.
  • 11. Integrated Communications • 3 grand prize winners received an iPad2 with CTU-branded case, stylus pen, and Moleskine notebook. 215 additional runners-up each received a CTU-branded Moleskine notebook. • All prizes were delivered with a note encouraging winners to share pictures of them using products on social media. ^^ Awareness of CTU (and MBA program) continues to increase as winners use prizes in their meetings and personal endeavors. ^^ Angela, one of the grand prize winners, shared this with the Facebook community and her personal network.
  • 12. List of Campaign Assets • Campaign hub: http://bit.ly/MBAatCTU • Meeting Moment sharable graphics • Phone mishap: http://on.fb.me/1kvjLbs • Wardrobe malfunction: http://on.fb.me/Ofnejw • Awkward goodbye: http://on.fb.me/1jFyaTX • Not pregnant: http://on.fb.me/1lE5tsQ • Falling over: http://on.fb.me/1j5gAaP • Ring tone rap: http://on.fb.me/1j5gVdP • @CTUBusiness on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CTUBusiness • MBA Program home page: http://www.coloradotech.edu/degrees/masters/business • Subscribe to Business Blog: http://bit.ly/1cVoXlD • Today’s MBA Degree: In Demand and Within Your Reach: http://bit.ly/1iMlxWh • MBA vs. Master of Science: 5 Questions to Ask Before You Enroll: http://bit.ly/1j5cBLA • Meetings that Changed the World: http://bit.ly/1mN5nQ3 • Own Every Opportunity with a CTU MBA video: http://youtu.be/Qg7Q1B5ukHg • Faculty Worst Meeting Moments video: http://youtu.be/vxTA0mkxe2g • Career-Changing Moment video: http://youtu.be/iZBV2HVqc1k • Worst Meeting video: http://youtu.be/JzcR9UqHyLg • Meeting Voice video: http://youtu.be/STJbU8Kgmjg • Meeting Mouthful video: http://youtu.be/nnJmrfeXQ0U • Meeting Blackout video: http://youtu.be/IlCN7nJ5FQg • CTU social media success video: http://youtu.be/Q1yVXGZKxQk