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Mc Cook Pod Vod Screencast

Mc Cook Pod Vod Screencast



This presentation is for a group of teachers at McCook Central in South Dakota.

This presentation is for a group of teachers at McCook Central in South Dakota.
It describes podcasting, vodcasting, and screencasting, and how it may be used in the classroom.



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    Mc Cook Pod Vod Screencast Mc Cook Pod Vod Screencast Presentation Transcript

    • PodcastingVodcastingscreencasting
      SD ESA2 and STAT21 Present:
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Why are we here today?
      Why do I care about podcasts?
      When will I ever use this technology?
      My students probably know all there is to know about podcasts and whatever, right?
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Let’s see what you think
      Click on McCook Central in the menu on the left
      It’s anonymous – I can’t tell who has voted and how
      Be honest, but try to be open minded
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Learning Targets for Today
      Learn what podcast, vodcast, and screencasts are.
      Similarities and differences between each of the technologies
      Learn some basic tools for creating these mobile broadcasts
      Find a way to integrate one of these technologies into your practice for this year
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • 21st Century Skills (NETS•S)for students
      Creativity & Innovation
      Communication & Collaboration
      Research & Information Fluency
      Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
      Digital Citizenship
      Technology Operations & Concepts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Nat’l Ed. Tech. Standards (NETS) for teachers
      Facilitate and Inspire student learning & creativity
      Design & Develop digital age learning experiences and assessments
      Model digital age work and learning
      Promote & Model digital citizenship
      Engage in professional growth & leadership
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • What is a Podcast?
      Podcast stands for Personal On Demand Broadcast
      Originally derived from the words “broadcast” and “iPod”
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • A podcast is an audio or video digital media file that is distributed over the Internet. A podcast is different from other video or audio files that you can download on the Web because a podcast can be subscribed to and automatically downloaded for you when new content is added.
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • A vodcast is a type of podcast (a video podcast)
      Video + On + Demand + Broadcast
      You can also
      subscribe to
      • Digital Storytelling
      • Project Based Learning
      • Tutorials
      • Illustrate difficult concepts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Vodcasts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Just as a screenshot is a picture of a user's screen, a screencast is essentially a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on his monitor.
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Screencasts
      A screencast tutorial: Creating dummy Gmail accounts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Podcasting in Plain English
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Podcast/Vodcast/Screencast directories
      Finding Casts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Finding Podcasts
      Use a Directory such as Podcast Alley
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Finding Podcasts/Vodcasts
      iTunes – a directory, podcatcher, music player, and more
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Finding Screencasts
      Use a directory such as screencast.com
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Creating a Pod/Vodcast
      Record footage (audio or video)
      Edit your podcast
      Compress your file
      Publish your podcast
      Promote your podcast (iTunes, newsletters, blogs, etc.) Let your parents and community know it’s out there!
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Audio Podcasts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Audacity
      Using Audacity to create a MP3 podcast
      Why do we love Audacity? Because it’s spelled F-R-E-E!
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • The LAME Encoder & Saving Your File
      Compress that file to an MP3.
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Vodcasts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Video Editing Software
      Movie Maker
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Compress Your Video – big files eat bandwidth
      Save to your computer – choose the broadband option
      iMovie lets you compress your video as well
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Create an RSS Feed (ask your local Techie)
      Some sites will do this for you! (youtube, teachertube, gcast)
      Publishing your Pod/Vodcast
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • GCAST
      Record, upload, mix & publish all in one site. FREE!
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Promote your PodVodcast!
      Submit your RSS Feed to iTunes, podcastalley.com, podcastdirectory.org, or another podcast directory
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Update your pod/vodcast on a regular basis
      Promote your podcast to parents, school administrators, the community
      Keeps people listening
      & watching
      Rank higher in the podcast directories
      Always abide by your district’s technology policies (re: names, faces, etc.)
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Curriculum Enhancement
      Promote Programs & Activities
      Research Tools
      Share School News
      Professional Development
      Archived Lessons (classroom recordings)
      Field Recordings
      Study Support
      Classroom Integration
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Rubrics for podcast evaluation
      Evaluating for use in class, or for evaluating student created podcasts
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Classroom Integration
      Curriculum Enhancement
      Supply reference information about a topic
      A lesson starter (background)
      Extension of a lesson (enrichment)
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Promoting Programs & Activities
      Sharing News & Information
      Recordings from live events (band events, interviews, speakers, sporting events)
      Student created newscasts
      Information can be shared easily with the community
      Classroom Integration
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Classroom Integration
      A Research Tool
      Collect podcast addresses or resources around a specific area of research (oral history, language or culture of a country)
      Create a podcast directory (post the directory to the school site or a class blog)
      Listening to podcasts and taking notes
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Classroom Integration
      Professional Development
      Archiving Lessons
      Educator Conferences (NECC, ISTE) all have conferences available in podcast format
      Record & archive lessons for later download
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Integrating Podcasts
      Field Recordings
      Study Support
      Record podcasts from anywhere
      Field notes
      Share observations while out in the field
      Virtual tours
      Listen over and over again to increase comprehension
      Very popular where there is large amounts of information to process
      MGoodwin ESA2
    • Integrating Screencasts
      Curriculum Enhancement
      Supply reference information about a topic
      A lesson starter (background)
      Extension of a lesson (enrichment)
      Place screencasts on a Website or wiki for students who may have missed or need a refresher
      Study guides
      Student created screencasts
      MGoodwin ESA2